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  1. How are they getting my income info? Trump won't show us his taxes so how is my household income public info?
  2. The bank is the actual victim as they are the one suffering the loss. No one legit is going to call you and ask for your credit card number. Or your SSN. Just a life lesson.
  3. If you are dumb enough to give your credit card number to someone who called you then you might deserve some fraud. Either way you are never responsible for fraud on your credit card.
  4. Should I be worried that the company I'm booking with told me my deposit would be charged in dollars? Which company got in trouble for undeclared income?
  5. We are doing a Baltic cruise and air becomes available soon. We usually fly non stop so I'm not sure when I would need to claim my baggage and clear customs because we aren't doing non stop this time around. We will be transiting through Heathrow and continuing on to Copenhagen. On the way home we will have a lay over in JFK. Do I have to get my luggage and go through customs on my lay overs or just at my final destination? TIA.
  6. We are doing the Baltics next summer and my in laws just decided to join us. My FIL is slow to get around so we've decided to do a private tour of St Petersburg so we can see as much as possible. SPB Tours gave us the best price. Has anyone used them for a private tour?
  7. Thank you for this info. I never got my last booster before heading to college and when I was pregnant they tested my immunity and said after I gave birth I needed to get a booster and I never did. We are heading to Europe next summer. When I get my physical over the winter I'll ask for the booster.
  8. This doesn't bother me. We are cruising next summer with the in laws and our cabins are close together but not next to each other. This way I'll be able to make sure I'm banging on the right door.
  9. Is the fresh squeezed juice actually fresh squeezed? Celebrity claims their extra cost juice is fresh but it's actually frozen.
  10. Thanks. This should work for my husband, myself and my FIL. MIL might be on her own as I'm not even sure what she drinks.
  11. I will be sailing on the Sky in June. Bellinis are me and my husband's go to drinks so I'm sure this will be a popular spot with us. We are sailing with my in laws and usually my FIL and I run and get drinks for ourselves and our spouses. Does Bellini's offer drinks other than bellinis? My FIL is a beer and wine drinker. Are there any other bars nearby incase Bellini's doesn't have what we all need?
  12. I'm handling a book for my in laws and my FIL is a veteran. I know he needs a copy of his discharge papers but what is the process of providing them to Princess? Is there a special email address he needs to send a copy to? How much is the credit? We are doing an 11 night cruise. Thanks in advance.
  13. I just did a deluxe balcony for June 2020 on the sky on Tuesday and I chose the room.
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