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  1. Getting closer but still not enough to get us to drop sip and sail. Maybe if there is a price drop.
  2. I used a TA for my next trip because they gave me a pretty good OBC. I've refared a couple of times. The only downside is I have to call them and wait on hold for a while because they don't staff a lot of agents and then hold while they call Princess. I usually save those calls for while I'm doing the school run.
  3. We are doing the same cruise in June. Someone on here recommended Hotel Tiffany for us and we booked directly through their website to get the welcome goodies. Everyone in my party seems to agree the hotel looks nice and the price is good. We had a little difficulty finding a hotel that slept 3 at a decent price. Breakfast is included in the price.
  4. To add to this question- Is the German buffet at lunch or dinner? Is it listed in the Patter that it is going on? This is the one specialty buffet that my family would want to catch and would be willing to miss the MDR for it.
  5. I've never gotten an upgrade but I don't want them. I want the cabin I book. My next cruise is marked no upgrade because we have an aft balcony on the Baja deck of the Sky which has a bigger balcony. My in laws are a couple of cabins down the hall. I check my cruise personalizer every day to make sure Princess hasn't jacked my cabin.
  6. They offer refundable options. Just have to ask for it. And why are you shouting?
  7. Thanks everyone. I apparently needed to click through to the next screen for it to show up. No banner showing up like on the last sale.
  8. Thanks everyone. I feel better knowing that others don't feel like our layover is too short. We are flying in a day early so we aren't worried about missing the ship. Our main concern is meeting up with the in laws who get in a few hours before us and may be waiting at the airport for us to arrive.
  9. I'm on the 6/8/20 sailing of the Sky and I can't tell from the website if it qualifies for the new promo. I probably need a price drop and the promo for it to be worthwhile to drop sip and sail. TIA.
  10. We are flying from Charlotte to Copenhagen through Munich on Lufthansa. Originally our layover was an hour and 35 minutes. A few weeks ago it changed to an hour and 20 minutes. There is another flight around an hour later to Copenhagen. We are meeting my in laws in Copenhagen so we want to get as early as possible. Will we be able to make our connection? Prices have gone up since we booked our tickets. If we try and change our flight out of Munich will be have to pay the higher fare? We are using Princess' EZ Air.
  11. Warnemunde. We aren't going to Berlin so we are just going to stay there and Rostock. We want to see how authentic our local German restaurant is.
  12. We are doing the Baltics on the Sky. Do they list the Bavarian Buffet in the Patter? We will be in Germany but the restaurants I'm finding are all seafood and my husband wants traditional German food. Is this a lunch or dinner thing?
  13. Everybody keeps reporting their airfare goes down and mine just keep going up.
  14. I have my in laws flying Delta economy and they have seats assigned according to the Delta website and if I go to the EZ Air to see the seat map those seats aren't available. On the EZ Air it isn't showing their seat assignments. We are in business class and our eat assignments are showing in EZ Air and we are on the same flight home as the in laws.
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