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  1. I emailed my TA yesterday because the price had dropped on my cabins. I told her if she needed to cancel and rebook not to do it because I have EZair booked and it is significantly more than when I originally booked it. She emailed me new confirmations a couple of hours later. I had BSE booked and thought I would lose the specialty dinner but the OBC was greater than the specialty dinner. My new confirm has the lower price, OBC and specialty dinner. I don't see the dinner in the personalizer and can't remember if I could see it before.
  2. I like San Pellegrino at meals with a lemon slice. I can go through a big bottle just myself at meals. The little bottles are fine I'll just need someone to get me another half way through.
  3. This isn't a Princess thing. It's a bank thing. Princess just gets a fee for endorsing the product they don't actually control the rules.
  4. My summary shows my perks are compliments of my TA but they're actually paid for by me buying the plus package.
  5. That's not gifted. You paid extra for the plus features.
  6. My husband had a hernia for forever that he only took care of because he needed a vasectomy and wanted a reason to have it done under general anesthesia. He cruised and lived life without any issues. He's a scaredy cat when it comes to anesthesia so that's why he didn't address it sooner. Apparently the fear of an awake shot to the nads outweighed his fear of general anesthesia.
  7. There's a small pharmacy down the street from me that has signs up and down the main road a good couple of miles along the road that is advertising travel testing. We have a tight turn around because my son finishes school on Thursday and my husband has to pack him and drive him home and be home by Friday afternoon to get tested to fly out Saturday morning for a Monday cruise. We also have to find time to reunite him with the dogs and have him spend some time with them before getting them to the kennel at 7pm on Friday. I have a feeling like they're going to trash half of his room instead of dealing with it or end up packing into the night and driving home and putting the car in the garage to deal with after the cruise.
  8. Domestic first class isn't true first class to most people so don't get too excited. Just like Euro business class isn't business class. It's the long hail flights that matter the most.
  9. I was tracking flights for my cruise next June and the day my booking window opened my preferred flight wasn't offered so I booked a different flight. Eventually the preferred flight popped up but at a much higher price than what I already had booked. Usually business class is the highest class offered on international flights. I've occasionally seen a Lufthansa flight from my airport have business and first class but it's a rarity.
  10. I have a cruise booked that leaves on a Monday and we are flying out on Saturday morning too early to schedule a test before flying out. We could get the test done Friday afternoon and still be within the 72 hour window when we board on Monday. It's still a good ways away but I don't think countries and cruise lines are going to drop the negative test requirement. I could change our EZ Air reservations and fly a different less desirable airline for basically the same price and we'd leave Saturday night.
  11. What are ice tea infusions? I love fresh brewed iced tea. I have the drinks package so none of it costs extra for me.
  12. I'm seconding this because I don't drink grocery store tea. I mainly drink stuff I buy from Canadian tea companies and never bags. I'm actually currently banned from buying any more tea until I drink what I have. My birthday is soon and I asked my in laws for cash so I can buy some more of a tea that I love but have run out of and I was thinking about adding on some bagged tea for traveling.
  13. So you'd have to specify you want the name brand?
  14. There's amaretto on the list but no brand.
  15. I'm placing an order for some tea soon and am wondering if I should place an order for some tea bags too since I tend to like high end tea. What brand and types of teas are served in the IC? I'll be on the Enchanted next June but I know no one has sailed her yet but what is usually served on her sister ships?
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