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  1. I'd take it from you and give you dollars but my husband is a currency collector. My husband grew up in central NY and says that getting Canadian quarters was normal and places would accept them.
  2. That sucks because I'm not really happy with the price of my June 2020 Baltic sailing. I am happy with my cabin though. Hopefully I can pick up sip and sail at no charge.
  3. What is the 3 for free promo? I currently have no promo or any perks for a June 2020 sailing of the Sky. I would love the sip and sail but don't want to pay more.
  4. This happened to me and I thought I had done something wrong when I booked.
  5. I like the one that leaves out of Amsterdam because I love Amsterdam but I actually have the Sky Princess booked for June of next year as a graduation gift to my son.
  6. I usually book directly with the cruise line but just discovered a TA that gave me a huge OBC. I don't expect the TA to give me any information. I do all my own research. I don't work and my husband considers one of my wifely duties is to plan his vacations. He picks the itinerary and pays for it and shows up and I do all of the rest.
  7. We are also on the Sky. Knowing my husband we will be at the dock as soon as they allow boarding so we will be immediately going to sign up as soon as we board. We've done the free kitchen tour a couple of times on Celebrity so I'm sure we will find this interesting.
  8. OMG. You had the fabled Captain Kate and she didn't show up. I'm absolutely booking this as soon as we get on board. We don't sail until June 2020 so I've earmarked this year's Christmas cash from my parents for this. They try and demand we spend the money on a physical item so every year we come up with some ridiculous experience to spend the money on and text them pictures. Last year we did a helicopter excursion to an Alaskan glacier.
  9. How big would you say the bags are? We usually only travel with carry ons and one big checked piece.
  10. Thank you. If it is on a sea day then we will most likely do it. Right now our OBC is drinking money so I'm hoping for sip and sail to free up the OBC. Ours is refundable so if we don't spend it I don't have to worry about blowing $450 at the shops. The bridge visit might be enough to get my husband to splurge even if I don't get sip and sail. We are celebrating our son graduating high school so he might be in a giving mood.
  11. I was reading the robe thread and someone mentioned the Ultimate Ship tour. I googled it and got the basics. I think it is something my husband would love to do but there are 3 of us so it would be $450. We have a healthy OBC so if I manage to pick up the drink package when the sip and sail sale happens I might splurge on the tour. Has anyone done it? Is it worth the money? Is there an age restriction because we have a 17 year old? When do they usually run it because we have a port intensive cruise? TIA.
  12. We will be on the Sky next year. Will we get a card? My husband collects the cards to keep to remember the cruise.
  13. Do they usually run sales like this every year? We have a Baltic booked for 2020 and it would be great if they ran this sale next year. I tried suggesting we go this year but apparently we can't cancel our Disney trip because we are dropping by my in laws 2nd home in FL and they already bought their airline tickets.
  14. Was trying to transfer a booking to a TA this week. I don't have a printer so I emailed the form to my husband to fill out and scan back to me. Apparently you have to physically sign the form which he didn't do. I ended up rebooking with the TA and cancelling my original booking because it was turning into a hassle.
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