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  1. No, in the past there was no corkage fee on HAL for wine enjoyed in cabin and there was no limit on the number of bottles that a passenger could bring onboard. Fees only applied if a bottle was brought to a bar or dining venue.
  2. I believe those are only perks in the Neptune and higher suites. Not in Signature Suites.
  3. No, there weren't any issues with HVAC. I just like to have a fan when I sleep. The air movement and white noise have just become a habit.
  4. Both people in the cabin receive the bonus days. If you are paying for another cabin the people who stay in that cabin receive the bonus days, not you.
  5. Here is the reporting criteria: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/gilist.htm
  6. That's a good point. Norovirus is much harder on the very young and the elderly.
  7. I enjoy your posts so much! It is so fun to read about all of your adventures in each port. I love that you find something fun and interesting to do everywhere you go and I look forward to your post each day! Thank you!
  8. Yet Carnival has far less incidents of Norovirus than HAL over the last several years. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/gilist.htm#2019 HAL is doing a good job this year but their record is not great.
  9. Family visits only. No "veiled tourism" as of May 2nd. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/17/politics/pompeo-us-cuba-enforcement/index.html
  10. Sea42


    I like a nice breeze when I sleep so the fans work nice for us. We've had no problem getting one on our first day by asking our room steward. If you are on a cruise in a warm weather region, the cabin can get quite warm if docked with the sun on your side of the ship. Even with the drapes closed. So having a fan is a nice way to make things more comfortable when returning after an outing in the hot sun.
  11. What a wonderful idea! I hope you all have a wonderful time! There were plenty of outlets. We each had a phone and I had a separate camera and laptop. And as you can see in the photo we also requested a fan for the room. There were enough outlets to charge and use these things.
  12. The Signature suites are great. We've sailed in them twice. Once was a 3 week cruise on the Noordam where having the extra room was wonderful. The other was this past summer on the Eurodam. It was a short Alaska cruise but we had our teenage grandson with us. He is adult size and slept on the fold out sofa. While I wouldn't want to share that space on a 3 week cruise it was fine for a week. The 2 bathroom sinks and showers were very helpful. There was enough storage space for each of us to have our own closet section and drawer space. This picture will give you an idea of the space in the cabin with the bed folded out.
  13. Thank you so much for including your pre-cruise experiences in your thread! You've convinced us we really need to go back to Europe and visit Portugal! Safe travels!
  14. No, it's more like Macy's advertising a red sweater and after purchase, giving you a blue one. It is still a sweater just not the particular color you wanted.
  15. I'm still using mine from our visit to the South Pacific in January! Just so you know, the oil will become solid in colder temps. I have to put mine on our heating vent while I shower so that's liquid by the time I'm ready to use it. While the bottle was still full I could squeeze the oil out and it would melt in my hand, but sadly there is not much remaining in my last bottle 😥
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