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  1. Our AU/NZ cruise, which we booked in Feb 2020 for Jan 2022, is still being sold here in the USA. Whose putting money down on that cruise???
  2. 4 or 5 days of cold weather is not my idea of fun when looking at a Caribbean cruise. We've only been on 2 and I much preferred sailing out of San Juan. Nice, balmy weather from day 1.
  3. I'm curious, how does this help you find your cabin any better than the numbers that are already there?
  4. We booked with a non-refundable deposit in January of 2020 for a January 2022 cruise. We are allowed to moved that deposit to another cruise, that would also be non-refundable, at any time. I'm sure our 1/22 AU/NZ cruise will be canceled, and at that time we will be allowed to apply our deposit to our July 2022 cruise or receive a refund for our "non-refundable" deposit.
  5. We currently have 2 cruises booked. I give the January 2022 AU/NZ cruise a 99.9% chance of being canceled so my next possible cruise is to Norway, July of 2022. I am cautiously optimistic of that ship sailing🤞🤞🤞
  6. They would not be violating HIPAA. Your healthcare provider would be if they supplied that information to Delta without your permission.
  7. That is fantastic! We just don't have that here on a national level. Our hospitals for the most part belong to various private systems. Many systems offer the patient access to their records through online portals. Of course, that's not very helpful if you're unconscious and alone in the ER!
  8. The difficulty here in the States is that we don't have a national health care system (with the exception of the elderly, low income and military veterans). Each sate does things in different ways. Our vaccines are reported to a state database here in Wisconsin but, to my knowledge, that information is not passed on to the federal government.
  9. That's all well and good on your end but does nothing to protect the information others have stored about you. They may be hacked or sell the information they have. Your prepaid debt card was bought by you or issued from your bank. The info you send over a VPN goes somewhere and has whatever details you provide. You may have your visor down but the cameras see your license plate, know who your car is registered to and that leads to your driver's license photo. Doctors and hospitals sell our aggregate data (not naming individuals) yet data mining companies may have enough other information
  10. Google (or similar) already knows where you go and when, if you use a smart phone. If you use a computer of any type, for any reason, these companies know every site you've ever looked at and when. Even if you never use a computer or smart phone many companies sell your information to the big tech and marketing companies. What you do in public is most likely caught on some type of CCTV. We long ago gave up privacy for convenience.
  11. As the ship is brand new there won't be anyone who has sailed on her yet. However, her sister ship the Nieuw Statendam has similar cabins. If you are asking about deck 4 if you google "4142 Nieuw Statendam HAL facts" you will find pictures of a cabin that is partially obstructed on that ship.
  12. Our AU/NZ cruise in January 22 is not likely to happen but I do have hope that our July 22 Norway cruise will happen. The money set aside for AU/NZ will most likely go to a land trip to Spain & Portugal in the fall of 22.
  13. It's possible that your local library system offers this service for free. This is the list that our library offers for magazines (you must be logged in to see the newspapers available): https://wplc.overdrive.com/collections/featured/4
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