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  1. It was $8 on the regal in Feb. Money well spent.
  2. When you purchase for a day onboard it’s $20
  3. Everything seemed up and running to us. We had a bungalow and it had all the usual amenities. Buffet was up, water running in the bathrooms. They were handing out bottled water for no cost but that’s a plus. Didn’t have any other drinks so not sure about ice.
  4. I’ll be there Monday and can update then
  5. Thanks! The cases I got are similar, and I tested it in a big bowl with no issues so I’m sure it will be fine.
  6. Same for me in Pennsylvania. Just need to work or live in the state.
  7. What kind of case did you use to bring your phone into the water? I got one of those bag type ones and have an iPhone XR so it should be fine but I’m still paranoid!
  8. Great great review! Can’t wait to be on the regal in a week and a half! Do you happen to remember what the prices were going to be for the medallion accessories? It looks like it says $45 on the necklace you have a picture of. I was hoping they’d be a little cheaper than that but might splurge on a bracelet.
  9. Ours came today too! I had them sent to my parents’ house though since there’s usually someone home there.
  10. https://www.etsy.com/shop/lemonblvd?section_id=23074956 They were super easy to edit. Took maybe 5 minutes
  11. We did a similar thing to others for Disney for my nieces. Rang the doorbell in the middle of the night with a box that said open immediately in Disney font and a note from “Mickey.” Inside was balloons, ears and t-shirts. Could definitely be adapted to a cruise. My parents and I are taking them on a cruise in 2 weeks so I found fake customizable boarding passes for a cruise on Etsy and my mom put them in gift boxes with gift cards to get mani/pedis before we go. They got them on Christmas along with a beach bag, sun hats, waterproof phone cases etc.
  12. I’ll be on board with you on the 24th! Says our medallions will be in on Tuesday edited to add: ours were ordered on 1/28
  13. It’s working on my dads reservation so I don’t think it’s that. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  14. It is my 2 nieces in the room with me and they’re both minors so it won’t let me sign in as them. I’m going to try and call one more time, if not it’ll let me gift it to myself.
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