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  1. I've sailed on Anthem.....not quite an Oasis...but still pretty big....the only time it ever felt crowd was right after a show and you all had to walk from the theater to somewhere else at the same time. Other than that.....sea days by the outdoor pool looked messy....but we always swam in the inside pool to keep from getting a sun burn and it was almost empty.
  2. Sailing in star is different than anything else you have done. You don't worry about reservations....when you talk to your Genie via email tell them what/where/when they will take care of it all. The cabanas in the suite area at Labadee don't show up in the cruise planner, you book them as well when you talk to the Genie. Cabanas at CocoCay are still kind off a grey area since right now there isn't a suite specific area and everything can be booked in planner. I am hoping when South Beach Coco Club opens with the over water cabanas that is what will become a suite first area that you can book through Genie/Conceirge What room are you in on Anthem...we've Star there twice....if its one of the loft suites....they are quite a walk from the elevators 😉
  3. We had a thread...it 'looked' over all okay. But was reported to smell bad because of fish and seaweed. Will take sometime for it to truly be perfect again.
  4. Only time CK ever seemed like it was 'crowded' (but still not full) was on the last sea day of our last cruise. Every other time we where there for breakfast or dinner (at 6:30) it wasn't even half full
  5. It's also been my experience on Anthem when standing outside of CK politely waiting for the host/hostess to return from seating the previous people....other people will arrive behind you and push past and simply go in and seat themselves. Happened twice to us...so I actually don't know what the protocol is supposed to be. But I can tell you they always have a host/hostess there...even on embarkation day they were there by about 11am if you want to pop right up and see about reservations quickly/early
  6. I never tried...just assumed. I see now that it is turned off. I can't image why. 😉
  7. It is not associated with Cruise Critic...meaning that poster left this interface (which they could have sent me a message on), used google, and then fired off an email using a free web based email address from GMX.com to a random email address. Since my domain is a family photo archive I'll assume they enjoyed looking through my photos to confirm they had the right person.
  8. I've gotten there at 10 twice...ship usually starts boarding between 10:30 and 11:00 and they board based on classes / arrival time. Worst case seems to be is after parking, checking in, you sit around for an hour and let the excitement build. This is what it looked like about 10:20 last time out and once they start boarding it goes right quick
  9. I have used the name dodgestang online for 25 yrs. I own and maintain a domain under it which I run my own email server on. I have a link on my home page that goes to the admin box for my site which is where this arrived from. The illusion of anonymity online is just that...an illusion, so I make no effort to hide who I am. A simple google search of my user name would have turned this up.
  10. that's a feature I didn't know existed....it only shows last 5....not very entertaining at all.
  11. I've run discussion forums on auto-centric topics online for nearly 2 decades plus FB groups...so I am used to hate mail by now and usually just ignore it....but.....only I get to point out how ugly my kids are darn it everyone else needs to keep up the polite societal pretext 😉
  12. Some people are just grumpy. I suppose I'm a little disappointed then to know that I wasn't specifically singled out. 😞
  13. Not sure what I did to deserve this....but this was received to a personal email address not associated with my account here. I share openly in case anyone received such troll communications. This came from an email address I will be happy to share with you in PM if you would like to investigate further and determine if it can be used to track the member who was nice enough to reach out to me. It probably won't help since it is a USA.com email alias which is one of everyone's favorite spam provides
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