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  1. I imagine it is hard to cook lobster for 1600 at the same time 😉 Is it one of the reasons I actually ordered the lobster from chops on a non formal night. 1. It is more than just the tail 2. It isn't cooked at the same time half the boat wants tails
  2. Sorry...I must have missed this was a short sailing
  3. Wait till lobster night in MDR.....last time I was there they had Lobster and Prime Rib on the menu....they brought us both of them when we asked 😉
  4. Suite Sun deck is usually not crowded so plenty of comfy seats and a nice view of the bridge
  5. The only negatives I have been able to assemble for Anthem are 1. If you have Aft suites....it is a LOOOONG walk to the elevators 2. Crowd flow being forced down the main atrium after major show lets out can be a little congested with few alternatives to get around it
  6. My kids 7-8 and 11-12 (age changes between visits) have been to cococay twice Aug 18 and Dec 18 (before any of the 'perfect day stuff opened). All we did was a Bungalow one trip and a cabana the other trip (which had snorkel stuff they used for 20 minutes). They swam in the water all day, lounged on floating mats, tried to catch fish with their hands and basically had the time of the lives doing nothing other than being on the beach for a day. And we live in MD with a beach house in Ocean City NJ..so it isn't like they've never been in the ocean before 😉
  7. Hopefully never. We love this boat. We love the room we always stay in. Been on other 'newer' boats....they are more like a NYC hotel than a cruising experience. It isn't the newest, the biggest, but to us...it's the best.
  8. you can see the steps for the front row cabanas....I believe the back row have fewer steps
  9. the boxed lunch at the bungalows was lack luster when I had it in August of 2018. the buffet at the previously refereed to as 'suite' cabanas (the only ones they had) but now called Chill Island Cabanas was wonderful the ocean (beach) at the bungalows stayed shallow the ocean (beach) at the Chill Island Cabana get deep enough for real swimming and led out to nice snorkeling area
  10. Stay in your suite ;). Order drinks, sit in the hot tub, watch the waves go by 😉
  11. Well maybe with indy being so much bigger things are different. In my experience On Grandeur no one ever manned the ice cream machine. On Anthem it had an attendant a couple of times at peak time but other than that was also unmanned.
  12. Cruise ship design 2025....all the insurance regulators are finally satisfied.....giant domes on the water with no outside space 😉
  13. Royal Suite Hot tub....based on the photos...I would say 2 comfy, 4 if you are 'close' 😉 My 12 and 8 yr old have split a RC sofa beds many times (Royal Suite Grandeur and owner's loft on Anthem) and never complained that it was uncomfortable. In fact...they say it was more comfy than the pull out bed at the beach house 😉 Ice cream is 'usually' self serve, but sometimes they have someone working the machines during high demand times RC has a 'stated' policy around deck chairs...I've never seen the staff move anything however. With that said...I've also never had a problem getting a seat....but.....we usually get to the pool just before they open it for the day, swim for a couple hours, and then go do something else.
  14. You can catch fish with your hands at CocoCay 😉 As for San Marteen...I have a post in the San Marteen port forum asking the same question...recommendation for a fishing charter. I was going to go out when we hit Bermuda, and there are a lot of nice looking private charters available on the types of boats I like (40'+ sport fishing Ocean and Vikings) but all I can find in San Marteen are smaller center hulls.
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