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  1. Sorta.....you have to walk down a sorta long pier and then catch the tram
  2. Yes I know. Just weird....you would think being not guilty in a criminal case of capital murder would insulate you from a civil case of murder 😉
  3. The Law is weird...I seem to recall OJ won the criminal case....but still lost in civil court....which never made any sense to me.
  4. I agree this is a travesty. Only Karens are allowed in here 😉 On the other hand.....glad to hear it all worked out and the OP saved some money.
  5. We did Customs 'on ship' on Anthem going into Boston one sailing......Genie asked us when we wanted to go, then came and got and walked us past 3000 lined up people. I thought we were going to get lynched 😉
  6. Joke from South Park focusing on the absurdity of some of Cochran's arguments that helped get OJ off the hook. As for why they would want 'all the angles'......it's just like Football man....one angle will look one way, one angle will look another way. It will just help the defense team try and add more crap into the air to try and obfuscate things.....it doesn't matter if this angle show something conclusively...look at all these other angles where you can't see anything.....we have more videos that show nothing, so we can't rely on just the one angle that shows something.
  7. My tip....inlet/lagoon side if you are going in non-summer months.......the water is warmer because it is warmed up by the rivers. We were there in August and you can physically tell when the tides changed (aka water temp drop when the tide went from rolling out to rolling in)
  8. I'm a wine drinker....will drink a bottle of nice wine with dinner every nite on the cruise. I buy the drink package because of the discount on bottles that usually is where my break even is....then beers and mixed through the day plus coffees are gravy to me. I may drink too much 😉
  9. No worries....I didn't realize you only wanted opinions 😉 Having been on several RC ship and walking past open windows frequently....and sometimes sticking my whole head out....it is impossible NOT to know it is open. There is a temp delta right near it, visual indications through the larger frames, often times a breeze.....the idiot even stuck his head out before....he done f'ed up but we live in a society where no one is responsible for their own actions....if you succeed you didn't do that on your own and if you fail.....it wasn't your fault... Man I"m grumpy today ;). What will April get here so I can sail away and relax
  10. All you have to do is follow along.....the video seems pretty cut and dry to me..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaPnhlQCkOg Video stills.....and then discussion how once lawyers get involved....everything breaks down.....I mean...."I did not have se ual relation with that woman"
  11. When I book I often request a specific room (I book through Casino)....if it is not available they will waitlist me and if it becomes available call me......the difference being I can pay for the upgrade 😉
  12. If I see an excursion I am interested in....I book it the same day I first get access to cruise planner.....then I can check up on over the coming months and rebook it if/when there is a price change ;). This way I am on the one I want. For example....we are going to alaska in August...I'm already locked and loaded for helicopter to the gracier and dog sled ride 😉
  13. There is usually two shows....family friendly and adults only....adults only is usually at like 10 or 11
  14. Honestly.....if I was a TA and I had booked someone one a cruise and they expressed even the smallest of interest in a different sailing because the current one got chartered...I would reserve my client a room that fits their requested profile as quickly as possible to make sure if they settle on it they don't end up in a lower category and upset by the whole thing. But then again...I'm not a travel agent....I don't even book with a travel agent...I just call RC and book what I want...and pay more than everyone else 😞 (i kid...I kid)
  15. Been on Anthem twice....going a third time in Dec 2020. I only have 2 complaints about Anthem 1. If you book suites in the back.....it is a long walk from the elevators 2. In many sections of the ship, it is easy to forget you are at sea since you can't easily see outside. This is considered by some a 'feature' of this class of ship, but I much rather prefer looking left and right and easily seeing water while on a cruise. We always get to terminal between 10am and 10:15am.....and are on boat within 20 minutes.
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