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  1. Not all Izumi have hot rock cooking....but they also have wonderful Ramen 😉
  2. We sailed through bad weather while in 8500.....it isn't really that bad and if the movement is too much you can retreat the centrum 😉 or do what I did....take some Dramamine and go to bed. Woke up 8 hours later fully refreshed and in smooth seas!
  3. We sailed Grandeur in Dec '18 just before Christmas. Solarium pool was open for kids on the cold days. We had some seas on first sea day south....but we lived 😉 Muster was inside because of the weather
  4. I'm surprised it takes that long 😉 Have you seen the Cabana prices? And they aren't sitting empty
  5. Tenders are sooooooo last year now that the pier is open 😉
  6. 13 Months ago when we were at CocoCay last.....we sailed in on the Grandeur in the RS. This netted us at the time.... 1. First onto the first tender off the boat 2. A reserved cabana for suite guest if we were willing to pay for it (which we did) plus the suite BBQ which was shrimp, lobster, steak etc... Since then I have been told none of that happens anymore and there is no reserved suite area. It is first come/first serve on all rentals. So I watched my planner like a hawk waiting for CoCo Beach club to open up reservations and snagged an overpriced over water cabana the day it showed up for our next sailing in April which will stop there.
  7. There's always ebay 😉 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=grandeur+of+the+seas+model&_sacat=0
  8. Yeah Boleros isn't 'sit and chill' music....this was the slowest they got.....
  9. Live acoustic at the pub. Joyce Kuo was doing it the last time we were on the boat and she is an amazing guitar player Terrible photo though 😉
  10. How many people are you sailing with that you need 2 cabanas?
  11. Sailing the Royal Suite on Grandeur, got into Miami later than planned, did not have RC excursion but had planned to go to Aquarium so asked Concierge to get us off the boat ahead of RC excursions and he accommodated without issue. We were first ones of the boat, walked out of port, jumped in uber and got to aquarium just in time for when the sea lion show started.
  12. Bungalows used to be on south beach (we rented one August 2017) With the changes to the island around formal opening of Perfect Day and the new South Beach club....the bungalows kinda went away. In my cruise planner I see Water park Cabanas Chill Island Cabanas South Beach Cabanas (which show as being in the same location as the old South Beach Bungalows we rented before so I suspect a branding/name change - and they also show as 'sold out' for the last 5 months so may just be off the market entirely) South Beach Day beds Lagoon Cabana Beach Club Cabana Beach club over water cabana
  13. My 7 (girl) and 11 (boy) loved their first cruise....and everyone after it. Lotsa time in the pool, sampling all the good food, going to new and exciting places. They loved it (as did we) so much that we spent quite a lot of time sailing between August 2018 and now....(4 trips) and they have shown no signs of not liking it....we have 2 more trips already planned for April and Aug 2020
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