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  1. We had 5 ships when I was there in January and I agree this was the worst part. Not terrible, just crammed. Once we got away from the port, there was no worry about too many people.
  2. As others mentioned, yes there is one on board, the only "discount" you will see if the lack of tax. Otherwise, I would suggest since you are getting there a few days early, head over to the Outlet malls near Universal Studios. There is a Kate Spade store there where you might find better deals.
  3. The first time we went, we went over to the French side and did parasailing at Orient Beach, while there, we took in the...uhhh...natural views. The second time we went, we first walked in the port city and went to the Yoda Guy Museum, then rented a car and went to Maho Beach to watch the planes land.
  4. St. Marteen is one of my favorite places in the world. I cannot wait for them to get back to 100% You will love it there, it has an upscale island feel.
  5. I have been on Oasis Pre-revamp, and Harmony twice. Personally, I love Harmony, but I would rather do Oasis just for the entertainment options. I am with @John&LaLathe shows are just better on Oasis... I mean, a chance to see CATS three time in one week? YES PLEASE! With that said, I do not mind Fine Line on Harmony, I think it is fun. The food options seem to have gotten better on Oasis as well. Then it all comes down to the ports of call. I have done the Western Caribbean on Harmony and I loved it! Both Labedee and Coco Cay are fun, if you are looking for beach days, that sounds good to me!
  6. buy now, and you can get buy one get one half off!
  7. YES PLEASE!!! The only problem... Cruises are WAY to clean to have a WaHo! But think about this... You are giving directions, instead of saying the"Boadwalk" You get to say, " Go to the Waffle House, keep walking, and there you are, the aqua theater!"
  8. If that is the case, I would say that makes up for the Casino/ Alcohol. The Cathy family are really nice people who do care for their employees... sure I do not agree with some of their stances, but they generally are very nice. Then again, I am from Atlanta, and there are 3 things that we will defend until the end... Chick-Fil-A, Coke, and Waffle House.
  9. Ben Franklin would tell you... "Nothing is free"
  10. Thank you! She is pretty awesome! The monkeys really were awesome! You could barely feel them on your head. It was overall a fun experience!
  11. Not trying to beat you down about this, and I hope you do not find it as such... But Royal does not lose out on money with the KSF. They use Royal Math which as many people here will tell you, is just plain impossible to understand. Think of it like the drink package that they do by one get one half off... The Average price of the UDP is $60, but when you get on board, they up the price to $80 but include the aforementioned deal. That means it would be $80 for one person and $40 for the other person... which means it would cost $120 for both (or $60/person) otherwise known as the original price that they offered, just packaged in a pretty bow. I know the KSF (because I have taken advantage of this) is not really a full deal, because on those cruises, we as the parents are paying more.
  12. I will take watching a sunrise/sunset (depending on what side of the ship you are on) over watching someone changing in the room across from me because they "forgot" to close the drapes.
  13. Much like a cruise, I have forgotten what day I am on, other than we were in Roatan. A few notes before we hit the pictures. In my opinion the actual port itself is Meh. There were 3 ships on our pier (with another at the Carnival Pier) so it was very crowded. Also, the port is under construction which made it feel much smaller. The island while BEAUTIFUL was also under a lot of construction. We decided to go to Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout for our outing in Roatan... BEST CHOICE EVER! We had to make our way through the port and we got our own personal driver for the day that took us to the hangout. Let's get to the pics! At the port we had: Harmony, Liberty and MSC (Tendered) All in the Port. Look at Harmony trying to hide behind the trees. Silly girl... A view while stuck in traffic. My wife holding a sloth! Me holding a sloth. They were much more soft than you would think! To this day, if you ask my daughter what her favorite part of the cruise was, she will tell you: The Monkeys. So I promise you... she loved this... okay... she cried the whole time, but the memories are there! The monkey is stealing my wife's hair tie. He was successful! The meta-picture. Me taking a picture of my wife taking a picture of herself and a bird, with me in the background taking a picture of her...that was easy to follow right? Along with the Moneys and Sloth, we were able to go out and snorkel! Did you know along Roatan is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world? I stayed behind with my daughter and let the wife snorkel. #GirlDad The water was a little too choppy for us to go beyond the reef to the good snorkeling areas, but the water was still crystal clear! When we were done with the hangout, our driver took us on a tour of Roatan (we could go anywhere we wanted) We decided to go to the West End and see where Roatan chocolate is made. While there I also bought some Hot Sauce that uses the Mutton Pepper. It is a sister pepper to the Habanero, but is more sweet and taste better. We got back to the ship, dropped the daughter off in the kids area and we had Dinner at Chops. Service was great and the food was amazing and plentiful! I would say the Mushroom Bisque might be my favorite soup ever, and the best thing I have on the ship. After dinner, we walked around a little bit and just enjoyed each other's company. Tomorrow we are in Cozumel, and that is an adventure.
  14. Be sure to bring cash for the massages! The email to you is poorly worded. You will get a refund to your paypal account and you will be required to pay the masseuse in cash that you need to bring.
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