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  1. And I love Wonderland as much as I love Cats... okay, not THAT much, but Wonderland is such an amazing experience!
  2. Just remember, only one of the ships can you see the greatest show to ever sail the 7-seas! CATS! That is reason enough to sail on Oasis! (This thread has now been turned into a Anti-Cats thread!)
  3. We usually cruise twice a year, and I do not see that changing due to the virus. Unless family planning changes, we will probably stick to two a year!
  4. The Royal Caribbean Blog has an updated (as of this morning) list of where all of the ships are currently sitting. Most of the Oasis class are sitting around Coco Cay.
  5. I am buying some now, and some later. That way IF the price does continue to drop I can still buy at the lower price. I am not just buying for the benefit, I am buying for the brand, I believe in RCL and I know that the stock will rebound. I will not sell when it does, I am in it for the long haul.
  6. Thanks! That is exactly what I am looking for!
  7. Hello! With the current state of the RCL Stock price and having the ability to buy, I recently purchase 100 Shares of the RCL Stock. I heard that I will get some perks if I have 100 or more shares, can someone confirm or elaborate on said perks?
  8. YOU take a taxi from just outside the port, and yes, the resorts pays the taxi driver.
  9. The food was served as a normal meal, first the chips, then the tacos. They did not have snacks, but I also did not ask for anything, the lunch was VERY filling! The picking up to go to the resort was a little difficult, but still easy. Just find the area where all of the Taxis are and ask someone who can take you AlmaPlena. The pickup back to the ship was even easier. The driver was waiting for us in the driveway at our desired time.
  10. Most of the clorox wipes do not do anything against these kind of viruses. What you should invest in, are the Hydrogen Peroxide wipes. It has been proven to kill Noro-virus and OTHER viruses in that vain.
  11. We had 5 ships when I was there in January and I agree this was the worst part. Not terrible, just crammed. Once we got away from the port, there was no worry about too many people.
  12. As others mentioned, yes there is one on board, the only "discount" you will see if the lack of tax. Otherwise, I would suggest since you are getting there a few days early, head over to the Outlet malls near Universal Studios. There is a Kate Spade store there where you might find better deals.
  13. The first time we went, we went over to the French side and did parasailing at Orient Beach, while there, we took in the...uhhh...natural views. The second time we went, we first walked in the port city and went to the Yoda Guy Museum, then rented a car and went to Maho Beach to watch the planes land.
  14. St. Marteen is one of my favorite places in the world. I cannot wait for them to get back to 100% You will love it there, it has an upscale island feel.
  15. I have been on Oasis Pre-revamp, and Harmony twice. Personally, I love Harmony, but I would rather do Oasis just for the entertainment options. I am with @John&LaLathe shows are just better on Oasis... I mean, a chance to see CATS three time in one week? YES PLEASE! With that said, I do not mind Fine Line on Harmony, I think it is fun. The food options seem to have gotten better on Oasis as well. Then it all comes down to the ports of call. I have done the Western Caribbean on Harmony and I loved it! Both Labedee and Coco Cay are fun, if you are looking for beach days, that sounds good to me!
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