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  1. 1) I read actual science such as scientific, peer reviewed journals. Not conspiracy theory websites. 2) I have 2 family members working on one of the RNA vaccines so first hand knowledge.
  2. Where in the world did you get that? Seriously, where did you find that little tidbit? This is exactly how conspiracy theories start. A person with no scientific knowledge hears the word RNA and all of a sudden spreads rumors that something is going to permanently alter your genetic makeup. Those that do not follow science all say AHA and further spread the conspiracy theory until the unscientific believe its truth.
  3. Absolutely, I will be getting the vaccine as soon as it is deemed safe by my personal doctors. The risks of dying from the vaccine after being extensively tested in 3 phased trials are far less than the risk of dying from covid-19. I also am a firm believer that the due to the world wide consequences of this pandemic, it should be required to cruise, go to school, fly, vacation, especially schools and cruising with mass people in close quarters. And no religious or personal exemptions, only medical exemptions by recognized medical personnel that are licensed to prescribe medications. No exemptions from the local chiropractor or other health professionals.
  4. We went to a Harry Potter trivia on our first cruise on Carnival. My 20's kids were Harry Potter enthusiasts and thought it would be fun. The group next to us had 4 people. 3 on their phones, 1 writing. They would each take a question and then give the answer to the writer. So, someone took 1, another took 2, another took 3, then the first person was done and took 4 and so on. Nobody stopped them. A ton of people were on their phones. Then you scored your own cards. People were writing in the answers as they announced the correct answers. Amazingly, half the room got all 17 questions correct and some of the questions were super, super obscure. We have never been to another trivia game. It was not trivia, it was how fast you could google.
  5. Yup, they would fall into the same category as anyone else that chooses to look down on someone they feel inferior. Like any bully, it is all about their insecurities. There is a huge difference between being proud of accomplishing something vs being an entitled jerk. For the purpose of the OP's original discussion of CA/Suite status vs everyone else, that could be proud of achieving a C&A level, your years of hard work to be able to afford a dream cabin, or even achieving that savings goal to enjoy your dream cabin. Just because people walk different paths in life does not make one better than another. But there are entitled jerks all over the ship. People in balconies can snub those in interiors. It is not just CA/Suites vs the ship. PS...We will be on our 3rd sky suite coming up, all Oasis class, yet have never stepped foot in CK. Is it really better than the MDR? I have never found a problem in the MDR and love the people and servers there, so am kind of hesitant to try CK. But everyone talking about filet night has me thinking about it.
  6. Our favorite cabin for exactly the same reason. The people watching is very entertaining. I actually feel sorry for the people who think their C&A status makes them superior to someone else. The only difference between their pinnacle and our low level is that we have different vacationing preferences. They prefer the comfort of familiarity and doing the same vacation over the years. Many people love that; going to the same cabin, beach, cruise line multiple times a year. We prefer changing it up a bit with cruises, safaris, hikes, bikes across continents, camping, lounging at beaches. We will never achieve any loyalty at any business. It is just personal preference, not a status symbol to be flaunted. Both preferences are perfectly fine. Most of the long time cruisers we have met have been wonderful, kind and very helpful with tips. Unfortunately, are a few bad apples that think their cruise ship living makes them superior to others. But in every facet of life where someone looks down on someone they determine inferior, that is on them and just proves their insecurity in their own lives.
  7. It may pay to give Royal a call. I was waiting for an FCC under CWC for a cruise I canceled. After many different calls and having even resolutions move it to another department, I was told it was fixed and my FCC would arrive within 10 days. 10 days, no show. I waited 30 and called again. Low and behold, my FCC had been issued at the 10 day mark but I never received an email. I went back and checked every post in my spam for 3 weeks. Then checked my trash in case I mistakenly deleted it. No joy. But, the wonderful rep, although she couldn't resend the email, was able to give me the certificate numbers of the credits. I could have been waiting forever for an email to show up. So call. Sometimes they don't send the email. Now waiting for the Cruise Planner refunds. Sitting at almost 90 days.
  8. Since the virus was probably not in the US in December (first diagnosis in US was 1/20/2020,) her doctor is most likely correct. Covid does have a range of symptoms, more and more being discovered as the researchers learn more about the disease. It may look like they are all over the map, but because it is a novel virus, they are on a steep learning curve. For instance, in the beginning, it was thought to just be a respiratory virus. Then autopsies started showing blood clots throughout the body, thus now the use of blood thinners in hospitals. Research now shows it is not just a respiratory virus, but that it attacks multiple organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. It does usually start out respiratory with a cough and flu-like symptoms. But even now, some asymptomatic people are showing heart damage and other unseen organ damage. But flu like is not the flu.
  9. It is not the flu. It does not have many different strains like Influenza A and Influenza B. It is SARS-CoV-2 While there have been multiple mutations discovered, most of the mutations will not affect its ability to react to a vaccine. Think viruses like Chicken Pox, Measles, Polio, all viruses that can be controlled by a vaccine. At least as I have been assured by close relatives working on one of the vaccines. Flu shots may seem like they don't work all the time but that is mainly due to the fact that there are many different strains of influenza. The pharma companies have to decide which strains to include in the flu shot a year in advance in order to be able to manufacture enough for the next flu season. Sometimes they get it wrong and a strain appears that is not in the vaccine. But again, SARS-CoV-2 is NOT an influenza, it is a SARS virus.
  10. Are you sure that those people hadn't been tested that day? I have faith in Fauci to stand up to the government's reckless handling of this pandemic. He has served 5 presidents successfully so has the experience to navigate the political minefields on both sides. Dr. Redfield not so much. Especially since he caved on the school reopening guidelines and allowed non-medical to rewrite the school reopening guidelines and politicized it. He doesn't have a great reputation anyway, as his nomination was opposed by the Center for Science for Public Interest based on previous scientific misconduct and his propensity for religious advocacy in response to a public health crisis among other reasons. No surprise he put out a technical survey to the masses of pandemic illiterate on what the cruise lines should do. I will no longer believe anything the CDC says, he really destroyed the agency's reputation, and will only cruise when there is a safe vaccine and I know my family is protected. Luckily I have family members working on one of the vaccines, so I can get real information about the efficacy of a vaccine instead of some politicized bull. JMHO - yours might and probably does differ.
  11. When did Bill Gates go to med school? Although Windows and Microsoft is hard to distinguish from epidemiology.
  12. Covid-19 is not the flu, it is a completely different animal. Comparing a potential covid vaccine and a flu vaccine is apples to oranges. Do you get polio or measles or whooping cough or tetanus or rubella or meningitis or measles or small pox after being vaccinated and keeping up with boosters? Yes, there can be very, very rare breakout infections, but these vaccines are pretty darn effective, even wiping out small pox and polio is on the verge of being wiped out. Crossing fingers the covid vaccine will be as successful.
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