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  1. https://www.resortforaday.com/destinations/nassau-bahamas-day-passes/ We used this company on Freeport and were very satisfied.
  2. What are the individual ticket prices? How does that compare to the price of the cabana? How much value do you put on a guaranteed spot to sit with couches and chairs and gather with a lockable area for valuables vs the abundant chairs and umbrellas available? Will you feel obligated to stay in the water park for that money and not explore the beach and the pool to get your money's worth? Will this bother you later? What is the per person rate and how does that compare to other excursions you would be willing to take? For us, a cabana was clearly worth it when we adde
  3. Royal Caribbean: D6 Carnival: You sunk my battleship
  4. I am not so sure of that. People not living in the US (Europe, Asia, Australia) travel all the time to cruise from other countries with no qualms. It wouldn't be much different if US citizens had to travel to another country to sail the Caribbean. Freeport is only 86 miles from W. Palm Beach. Not exactly a big hurdle to overcome to make it easy to get there with a high speed ferry.
  5. You do realize that there is still a pandemic out there in the real world? The current vaccinations do protect you from most of the variants, but data is not clear on some of the newere variants. For instance, the B.1.167 variant is showing to be more contagious and early studies are suggesting that it has the ability to evade some of the protections and antibodies provided by the vaccines. Until more studies can be done on the vaccines' effects on this variant, the global health world is going to proceed more cautiously. They are stating they need more targeted sequen
  6. Then they can sail out of the Bahamas. The cruise industry, if forced, can make other arrangements and people jonesing to cruise will follow. Build the port and they will come. Right now the cruise lines have large infrastructures already built in Florida so obviously prefer to stay in Florida. But they can start building infrastructure elsewhere if necessary.
  7. The whole, "If you follow health protocols, you are too scared to live" mantra is really getting old. There is psychology out there that says that the ones who proclaim so loudly that they are not scared are the ones who are really terrified of the virus. They have to keep constantly proving to themselves that they are not scared of the virus, so proclaim loudly and frequently that others are scared, but look at me. There is a long history of requirements of US citizens that are not communist. There is Supreme Court ruling that the good of the group is more important
  8. Not if it was through the CLEAR Health Pass. I just added it to my CLEAR profile. CLEAR, since they also do security in the airports, does a little bit more research than just uploading your card. You can link your health records and also link to thousands of labs which will send the results of any Covid test directly to your CLEAR pass. https://www.clearme.com/healthpass CLEAR has kiosks in many airports, stadiums, and concert venues where you just use your fingerprint or retina scan and it either clears you or says you are not cleared. No revealing of any
  9. There is hope. Fauci said in an interview yesterday that it is probably time to ease up on indoor mask requirements. Hopefully the CDC will listen to the experts. Sunday on ABC News, Fauci was asked whether it's time to start relaxing indoor masks requirements. Fauci replied, "I think so, and I think you're going to probably be seeing that as we go along, and as more people get vaccinated." "We do need to start being more liberal, as we get more people vaccinated," he added. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be updating its guidance almost in real time
  10. My crystal ball, which has an approximately 99% error rate, says that Royal is in the process of developing plan B if either DeSantis wins his no vaccine political fight or the CDC remains a big no for July sailings. If either happens, RCL just moves Navigator from Miami to Nassau. IT, in all their glorious accuracy, mistakenly published the backup plans and then pulled them the same day after realizing their mistake.
  11. You also have to figure into that 5% the possibility of adults that have medical exemptions being allowed to sail. (Are they allowing medical exemptions for the Nassau/Bahamas sailings?) That would reduce the number of slots for children even further. 5% of Oasis's capacity is approximately 270. If you figure 1/3 of those slots are taken by those claiming medical exemptions, that leaves only 180 slots for children on a "family" ship. If a family typically averages 2 children, that is only 90 families with children that would be able to sail on Oasis. If I had young children, I wo
  12. Canceled all mine for this year. Between the still mandatory work quarantines of the children (all are vaccinated) and other stuff, I will wait a bit to book for 2022 till things shake out a little. But I will have to eventually book something or lose the FCCs I am sitting on. Eagerly awaiting the summer 2023 release because I will be all over that one on day 1. It is getting boring not being able to log into my cruise planner and having some cruises sitting there to check prices on daily. My spreadsheet skills are going to dwindle away!
  13. If you think this virus cares about the color of the state, then how do you explain deep blue California? They currently have the lowest covid rate in the country by far. Far, far lower than Florida. And yet blue NY, NJ, and CO have some of the highest rates. I don't think it is liberal vs conservative. The virus really doesn't care who is governing.
  14. I canceled everything I had including my August cruise out of Port Liberty. Although there are members in my party who won't sail this summer no matter what, I am still kind of bummed because it seems there may be a glimmer of hope for July and August as things seem to be progressing rapidly. Previously, I had heard the theaters were shuttered until at least labor day. Maybe I will go relook at 2022 and use all these FCCs!
  15. 👍 I just read an article that said NYC is opening up completely, including the theaters, by July 1. Such good news for everyone there.
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