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  1. We will not be doing final payment on our August Oasis cruise. I figure if it looks like it is still a go in July, I can always rebook last minute. Lots of cabins still available now. With mounting complaints of delayed refunds, I am not going to hand over money unless I know 100% the cruise is a go. We are looking to rebook same cruise next summer.
  2. It is just you. As stated, there are very few non-covid exposed patients, so not many that can utilize the ship, thus not being used. And no, nobody is crying wolf.
  3. We have a cruise scheduled for 1st week of August. Unless there is a miracle between now and May 10th and the scientists have a proven vaccine, we will not be making final payment. With every summer event being cancelled such as the Olympics and Wimbledon, the odds the ship will sail is 50/50 at best. I am not handing over thousands and thousands in this economic uncertainty, especially with all the complaints of delayed refunds for the currently cancelled cruises. Especially for a product that is a huge maybe. I have already cancelled all our cruise planner purchases like our drink packages, coco cay beach club, etc. This was awhile ago and still haven't seen a refund. Money will go back into the cruise budget and will rebook for 18 months out (anticipated vaccine completion.)
  4. Much easier to use your knuckle or elbow to push the elevator button than hire another 40 staff as mentioned above. And then go wash your hands. If anything comes out of this global shutdown, it shold be that everyone learns how to actually wash your hands enough. I guess you could remove the theaters and turn them into more main dining room space in order to space out the tables. But then people will complain about lack of entertainment. Where are all these extra staff going to sleep? From the back stage tours we have taken, the crew is already jammed into tiny spaces. Perhaps take another deck of inside cabins to house them? But then there are less cabins for paying customers, so the other cabins will have to go up in price. And there will be fewer of the lower category cabins so it will put the cruises out of budget for the budget conscious cruiser. Proper hand washing takes care of most of the concerns.
  5. On our med cruise last summer, they were already manning the self-serve ice cream stations. There was an employee making the cones for everyone. I can't see them staffing each station in the Windjammer unless customers are willing to pay an increase in their cruise fares to pay for extra staff. Not sure how they can control people coughing or sneezing in the theaters? Everything else, there needs to be some personal responsibility: Wipe down machines yourself before you use them. Everyone I know does this at the local gyms. You can't monitor everyone and you can't trust someone wiped it down. Pools and hot tubs are regulated with chemicals to kill bacteria. Whether one thinks that is sufficient or not is up to each cruiser. I am not sure how they monitor that every person showers before entering? More staff again? Public and private pools can't even do that. It is up to the consumer to decide whether they want to enjoy the pool or hot tub. Same with steam rooms. For every person who thinks they are germ tanks, there is an equal customer that would be incensed that they are removed. Personal responsibility. Never use water fountains anywhere. They are the germiest things around. Pack a water bottle that you fill in your cabin before you leave. I personally think what they are doing is better than most land based buffets, gyms, pools and other customer based venues. I agree more wash stations are a good idea as is more stringent requirements of washy washy upon entering. But again, personal responsibility. If a customer doesn't trust the Windjammer, there are plenty of other options to get food.
  6. I am booked on Oasis for August 9, so in the same boat as you. I called yesterday to book the same cruise but next summer. Since we were a week after the Cruise with Confidence deadline they would not let me move the deposit, I would lose the normal $100 per person. However, they recommended doing a hold till the 31st before I have to pay the deposit. She said since things just happened yesterday, there is a chance they will extend the cruise with confidence terms sometime this week. Wanted to book when the prices were decent and the cabins I wanted were available and before everyone with FCC starts booking. If they don't extend it, I am just going to pay the deposit on the new cruise and wait it out till May when final payment is due on the August one to see if they change it. If they don't, I will be out the same $600 as I would if I cancel it today.
  7. Dr Fauci is actually saying exactly what you refer to as the "doom and gloom" people are saying. While there is anecdotal evidence that seems positive, there needs to be clinical trials and testing to make sure that it is an effective solution. Nobody knows yet what will happen 4-5 weeks after someone took the medicine. Fauci said late last week that while it is a safe drug for the approved uses, NOBODY knows yet what the long term effects it has when using it with Covid-19. Caution needs to prevail. Being positive, but realistic that it is still in the testing phase and there is not clinical evidence it works, is not doom and gloom. It is being realistic. Touting an unproven therapy as something that will work is irresponsible and gives people false hope. Let's see how the NYC trials go. One can absolutely be hopeful it will work yet still realistic enough to admit it is as yet unproven. Cautiously optimistic is reality. Isn't Dr. Oz the one that had to pay out $5.25 million as a settlement for making false claims about a diet supplement and other drugs? Take anything he says as something he can profit on whether it is real medicine or not.
  8. we repriced once with a $300 OBC late last year. It took 2 days for it to disappear and a popup to appear to pay for the stuff I had used it for. But yours sounds different since she tried to remove it. Maybe you won't lose it 🙂
  9. Hard to say. A service animal is an animal trained to do a job. An emotional support animal does not do a job just provides support. As mentioned above, smaller dogs like this are often diabetic alert dogs or seizure response dogs. They can also be psychiatric service dogs trained to alert to various things like a PTSD panic attack, hearing dogs, or allergy detection dogs. There are many types of service dogs that are actually trained to do a job and are completely different than emotional support dogs. If this dog was yapping or seemed untrained (service dogs are highly trained in both obedience and in their job) then it can be assumed it is a fake emotional support dog. Since this dog does not have any baby clothing on and there doesn't seem to be a stroller close by, it is hard to tell. Although lack of a collar without rabies vaccination tag and licensing/identification would have me guessing emotional support which can be just as valid as a service dog. Not everyone takes advantage and claims Fluffy is an ESD.
  10. Both groups of passengers were mingling together all day on the Island. Seems to me that if there was a possibility of cross contamination, it would be from the passengers, not the crew.
  11. Makes me wonder if we will start seeing less large group activity, especially around crowded pools, out of an abundance of caution right now.
  12. Love many cities in Italy, but for a port to see in a day, Naples was our favorite. Loved the view off the back of the ship when we docked. But I think what really made the port/day so special was the tour guide we had.
  13. I want to bring my drone. Can I fly it on the ship?
  14. We are one of those crazy people that spent money on an overwater cabana. And we purchased tickets to the water park. The per person price of the cabana is less than the per person price we paid for some of our excursions in the med. And with 3 sea days with no excursions vs the one sea day on the med cruise with lots of excursions and off ship spending, we are money ahead with just getting the cabana. It is all relative. We are comfortable with what we paid. So apparently we are not very, very concerned. You asked for advice. Make note that Royal Caribbean is a for profit company. Their goal is to make a profit. They can't make a profit by keeping prices low enough for families AND by including everything. Be glad that the prices are ala carte otherwise your cruise price would be much higher if everything was included. This way, you can pick and choose what you want to spend. It is Capitalism 101. You have the right and ability to voice your opinion via your pocketbook. We choose to cruise less and spend more on extras per cruise. Some people choose to cruise more and spend less on extras. Just a choice. Neither is wrong
  15. Convenient for us to have all the costs already paid before we board the ship. We have two cabins of our kids and we don't want them to have to worry if Mom and Dad are going to get mad if they order one more drink or smoothie or premium coffee. Convenience of not having to settle a bill. Convenience of ordering orange juice in the morning, downing multiple sports drinks, without having to think about what is going on a bill. Convenience of ordering something else if we don't like the drink. Last cruise, I ordered a drink in the MDR and it was just awful. I ordered the wrong drink in the Solarium. I didn't feel obligated to drink them just because I paid for them and just ordered something else instead. One of the kids likes to taste test lots of different drinks. I prefer they don't feel obligated to have to finish them because they are going on our bill. I want everyone to be able to order what they want (they are responsible drinkers,) when they want without having to worry about a bill at the end of the cruise. Convenient for me to overdose on lattes without guilt. I also like the idea of having the fridge stocked in the cabana at CocoCay. WE find it way more convenient to have a mindless vacation :), no budgeting, no worries. Your mileage may differ.
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