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  1. Have an awesome time! We did! 🙂 Videos a little shaky … The teens made it lol I will blame them! vactionneedsnarator.mp4
  2. We brought my daughters friend who was there before the changes and he was pleased to see them. He said the carpets in common areas looked fresh and everything looked like it had a slight facelift so to speak. He said he also noticed the way the plate the food is different now as well! Everything looked pretty fresh!
  3. It was great, the shuttle picked us up and they made handling our luggage super easy! Their free shuttles run throughout the day. We had a big van and were only charged $60 for 4 days 😄
  4. I spoke to Mary on carnival she told us 11:30 was a good time however we seemed to run into an issue with port parking and are needing to go to the convention center. I'm not sure how the free shuttle works or if there is a certain time it leaves I'm googling that at the moment before I bother Carnival again lol 🙂
  5. Thanks guys! I am debarking with Faster To The Fun out of long beach and appreciate most of my questions have been asked and answered with a Message board search! Super helpful info!
  6. I have to be honest anyone who treats staff badly in front of me for no apparent reason shouldn't have any issue with me saying very loudly "WOW THAT WAS RUDE" because I absolutely will. I will also let management know how well their staffers behaved toward someone who was acting like a hot mess and let management know I commend them for keeping their cool. ❤️
  7. I was wondering the same! We are going a few weeks after you but will have video and pictures of everything in the common areas but not until after your trip sadly . My daughter wanted to do a walk through tour so that's what we plan on doing.
  8. I know this is an older post but thank you for it!
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