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  1. "That's just being selfish" is a political statement that is used to try and shame folks that you disagree with. Celebrity will not sail until they feel things are safe. Florida is opening up and people are enjoying life again. If you don't feel safe, stay home. That's your prerogative. Wishing you a Bon Voyage!
  2. What, Me worry? I volunteer to sail as soon as the cruise lines are ready. I choose not to live in fear. (Oh boy, I'm sure I'll be in trouble after this post.)
  3. Hoping we can catch a possible Trans-Pacific from the West Coast. I know from reading your posts on Trans-Atlantic, POSH, or port side cabin out, starboard side cabin East bound return. I'm guessing this is true as well on the Pacific trips. Your fabulous insider knowledge will be appreciated. Not many Trans-Pacific posts lately, tell us about your fabulous experience.
  4. Well dang, thanks for the updates on Alaska. I guess we'll have to stay home and enjoy Florida's beaches. The struggle is real.
  5. SeaCruise has the most interesting and insightful comment about ordering stores for the ships. This makes sense. However, ship chandlers will amaze you with how fast they can grub up a ship when money is to be made. Celebrity has cruises scheduled departing from Seattle. During these times it's very believable they could get a waiver on the Jones Act requirements for a foreign port stop. Again $$, money talks. Trump Administration has no love for the current leader of Canada. For transparency, I have a September 4th on the Solstice out of Seattle, If it sails, great. If it doesn't, I will sail in the future with this great cruise line. I've had a March 28th and an April 12th cruise with Celebrity refunded in full. My original May 17th, will not sail, But we have hopes for a Fall departure with future cruise credits. I wish all of you the best and look forward to lifting a toast to you soon on a Celebrity cruise. Bon Voyage, Bill
  6. March 28th Equinox, received full refund to credit card on Wednesday, 4/29.
  7. Good News, was looking forward to meeting Jim & Lain on the March 28th Equinox. Received the refund to my credit card for fees and cabin on Wednesday 4/29. Look forward to catching up with you in the future. Hope to meet Bo as well. I know he has stories to tell. Until next time, Bon Voyage Bill
  8. Many of us would feel better about the whole drama, if Celebrity would issue some updates on how cruises they cancelled are being refunded. Cruise lines can project the cost of adding a lemon slice to your drink, so we know they have the ability to forecast projected refunds. How about a cancelled cruise date time line with a projected refund date? I understand that refunds must be serviced by cruise line accountants. I'm sure a lot of out of work accountants in the South Florida area would be glad for the extra work even on a temp basis. The longer this drags on without comment from Celebrity, the higher the distrust level grows with passengers cancelled through no fault of their own. Lack of comment suggests that the cruise line executives are already boarding the life boats. Meanwhile, my Long Island Friend, Ronkonkoma is a lovely area and I always enjoyed shopping at Stew Leonard's when I was working in Fire Island last year.
  9. JIm, thanks for accounting explanation. It makes sense and helps explain the delays. As Bo say's, Bon Voyage.
  10. I had a cough and went to the Doctor. The Doctor said, "You put the lime in the coconut ...
  11. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32853/this-venezuelan-patrol-ship-sunk-itself-after-ramming-a-cruise-liner-with-an-reinforced-hull
  12. Booked for Alaska 9/4 Solstice. If they cancel, I will look for something else. We will get through this. Called Celebrity on Sunday 9/29. Ashley the agent that spoke with me was most helpful. She didn't rush and she helped me check 2 other bookings that were cancelled by the cruise line. This experience is new for all of us, including Celebrity. I'm so grateful we are working with a quality company. I look forward to seeing you all, and raising our champagne glasses in a toast to the future aboard our next Celebrity cruise. Capt. Bill, Retired Merchant Mariner
  13. Richard Revnes was the CEO President of Royal. A giant in the cruise industry in the 80's n 90's. A gentleman.
  14. Keep Hope Alive! I worked with an IED explosives expert. His outlook, "We will address this problem, and Drive On!" My take, "We will address this problem, and Cruise On!" Keep Hope Alive!
  15. Ships at the Tampa Bay Sea Buoy anchorage 3/23/2020 at 1600. Screenshot from Marine Traffic.
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