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  1. Was working in New York Harbor that day as captain of a hydrographic survey boat, Potomac River. We answered the Coast Guard call for All Boats to respond to Manhattan. We assisted with the evacuation of lower Manhattan that morning, carrying boat loads of people from lower Manhattan across the Hudson River to Jersey City docks. Later that day and for the next two days we transported first responder's and supplies into the North Cove Marina next to the fallen towers.
  2. No USA sailing till October 1st.
  3. A good reason to enjoy sailing on smaller ships. I like the older ones. The Oasis seems a bit busy and crowded. I see NCL has a roller coaster and someone has bumper cars. Geez, I guess I'm over the hill but this seems stupid. Hoping to wish all Bon Voyage soon.
  4. I called Madam Cleo at the Psychic Friends Hotline. She said October 5th on the Equinox is Golden. She also recommended a strong bet on Red at the roulette. Cruise On!
  5. Not sure if this has been posted already. But during these uncertain times a little light fare might be just what's needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYh0GVrd5Q
  6. Perfect, I heard Captain Francesco Schettino is looking for a new ship. God's gift to the marine salvage companies.
  7. Please don't tell Captain Francesco Schettino.
  8. Kindness. A smile when you know they are working so hard and it's tough to provoke a grin. That moment when you've made a human connection with your cruise staff and it extends deeper than their providing professional service to guests. A great sunset. Being spritzed by a summer rain squall on the veranda.
  9. Thanks, this is why this is such a great site. I love all your comments and the fact that you took time to share. Would have enjoyed some more Princess in the mix but happy for all of your opinions. Most Awesome See You soon. Bon Voyage.
  10. My apologies, headline should have read "there," not "their." Please don't hate. A great "common sense," message. Hope to see you all soon. Bon Voyage.
  11. We have very bright, smart people running our cruise lines. Richard Fain's latest video.
  12. Great, informative article. The cruise lines are run by smart people. They don't want to kill their passengers or their business. Did not know about the revenue goals for the medical department. This is unfortunate. You can by insurance from the cruise line that may cover some expenses. It's usually over a $100 and sometimes more. It's only good for that cruise event. I bought an outside policy from a travel insurance company. It covers my wife and myself. It cost about $500 for $5,000 coverage cancellation coverage for a year and higher amounts for medical stuff & emergency evacuation, etc. I think it's a better deal and hope to never need it. Wishing you pleasant cruise dreams. Bon Voyage.
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