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  1. and yet, as the poster right before you suggests the OP never tried to get any kind of compensation while on board. I can see where the post-cruise customer service might be coming from. The OP was able to utilize 17 GB of bandwidth, at the speeds available on a cruise ship that's actually a decent amount of usage. Honestly, if I have any idea I want to try watching Netflix on a cruise I'm going to download the content I want to watch so I can watch it offline. Netflix allows that, and it would make for a MUCH better experience. I realize Netflix isn't the only complaint, but there's a way to improve the experience with a little planning ahead.
  2. In case you haven't noticed, airlines are in turmoil right now. Depending on who you ask, you might even be told you'll be lucky to get to your embarkation port on time. With flights being cancelled left and right, rescheduled at the last minute, etc., any plane flying is going to be packed full. They'll get two people on one flight but trying to get four on the same flights might be a challenge, complicated even more in the event your original flight is cancelled. The only way to absolutely ensure that was to book you in the same cabin as her. At the very least, I hope NCL refunded the fees charged for the TWG. Others on the board received a letter or notification of some kind that their TWG was being cancelled and the money refunded.
  3. To you, I guess. It's been there quite a while. A really cool idea/feature though!
  4. You have to be at the topic listing for the NCL forum section. It's not easy to see, 4th line under the bolded "Norwegian Cruise Line", at least in my desktop browser on my Mac.
  5. Just browse the forum, go back a few pages and skim the topics. Open and read the ones that interest you. I can assure you that most of your questions can be answered by doing that. At the top of the page is a drop-down where you can select your ship name, when you do that it will pre-fill and execute the search to find all threads referring to your ship. Flights - you get what you get.. There's even someone doing a "live" thread from that ship!
  6. I mean, that's only one letter away from sounding like the person is afraid of convents (CLOISTER has several meanings related to convents and monasteries). I believe the person you quoted was looking for 'claustrophobia' but it did take a minute to get there...
  7. Look at the internet packages on the website, there's a price listed and under it there's an on-board price listed. https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/internet-packages
  8. For 4 simultaneous devices on the top tier plan. Single device plans are $35 per day, $25 if you don't need streaming or VPN. Price is higher on board.
  9. Pedantic, but that's not technically true. Southwest DOES have destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean/Bahamas. For the purposes of your cruise, Southwest is not a viable option. To expand on my previous comments about having your TA book or assist with the airfare - when I did my Spring 2019 cruise my TA booked my flights for me, and when I booked my Fall 2019 cruise the TA I used quoted me prices with airfare to compare to using NCL's flight promo and if I had wanted to self-book the flights she could have done that for me.
  10. I would think any travel agent could assist you in booking airfare, even if they primarily book cruises.
  11. I think that depends on the room, but keep in mind this is a different class of ship. Just showed the pic as a "this room is listed as a queen that can be split but the bed seems to be a king" comparison. I DO know someone that had a balcony on the Joy (sister to the ship this pic was from) that did have a sofa that turned into a bed. Those are rooms that sleep 4 - 2 on the main bed, one pullman from the ceiling, one on the sofa made into a bed.
  12. @febtober this is a pic I took on the Bliss in a standard balcony cabin. draw your own conclusions as to the size of the bed advertised as a "queen"
  13. For this, or even for booking with NCL and trying to sort the flight situation out a travel agent may be your best option. See if you can find one that does a lot of cruise booking and has a relationship with the cruise line and you are likely to get some extra perks. Sorry, we can't name TA's on the forum.
  14. A few things - "Unlimited" is time, not data. Yes, data is a factor, but they count you based on time. "With streaming" just means they open the ports needed for streaming services. IS it actually faster? Maybe, but it's the same uplink. When were you online? This is a factor. As somewhat noted by another responder - if you were on during a peak time then you were sharing with 3,000 other people, it's not going to work NEARLY as well as at home. Where the cruise was may also impact internet speed. Some have reported unreliable connectivity during TA cruises.
  15. I've been trying to figure that out myself after reading a couple threads recently. I've been in balcony rooms on the Bliss and Joy, both standard balcony rooms which are listed as having queen size beds. I have a queen bed at home, those beds felt more like king size...
  16. I'll just note that it's REAL easy to find video tours of cabins - 'norwegian gem oceanview cabin tour' in a Google search will get you videos you watch and draw your own conclusions. The one I saw was of 8612, sleeps 3 and showed a single pullman bed. I just saw another that toured 5598, a room that holds 4.
  17. You might find some info here - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  18. I believe this means that if you have the BookSafe travel insurance from NCL they will also cover the flights and hotels arranged by NCL if you need to cancel for some reason. That is NOT an assurance that they will get you to the ship.
  19. I guess you didn't read the post I linked above, from a former engineer on cruise ships, where he said there certainly ARE situations involving clogged waste pipes that can result in days of work to resolve the issue.
  20. and someone who DOES know, @chengkp75, related a story in the other thread on this topic about a couple situations that resulted in several days of effort to clear a clog and restore service. Maybe he can relate it here as well, or people can go read it in the other thread linked below (linked directly to his post)-
  21. The pool deck is open real early. I'm not sure if there is actually a time after which you are allowed into the water. There's no lifeguard so it's not like you have to wait for them to show up. The adults-only area is Spice H2O, there's no pool per-se, it's a "water feature" and I think at least one hot tub. Correct on what you're allowed to order. They will verify that you're using the free-at-sea meal, the host will be able to see that you have a balance of at least one when you present your card before being seated. They will confirm again at the end of the meal and will ask for card to "charge" it. The "dress up or not" is usually on a sea day. As for specialty dining dress codes - Le Bistro and Ocean Blue are the only two that request men wear slacks and a polo or better, the rest are a 'come as you are' but you can certainly dress up if you wish. Each of 3 nights is a different show, each covering a different era in their music. There MAY be nights with two shows (I don't have my dailies from my March trip handy). Plan to be there EARLY for the show if you want a seat. I stood at the back of the room for one, beyond the back end of the bar in the hallway leading to the crew access door. It's a fantastic vibe though! I think they do a theater show also (and they may on a longer cruise) but there's nothing like seeing them in the Cavern Club, a space DESIGNED for a Beatles show...
  22. I mailed my renewal May 17 and had it back in 5 weeks.
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