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  1. wait, what?? If you hear someone unaffiliated with you talk politics you interrupt or interject to the point of ending THEIR conversation? weird.
  2. I have NEVER taken an aerial tour like this for the EXACT reasons you outline - and I'm just a know-nothing tourist! Just in recent memory, I think about a tour plane that crashed in Alaska several months ago in an inaccesible area where the victims's bodies remained for weeks. The helicopter tour in NYC that ended up with the helicopter submerged with the passengers unable to unstrap themselves. I remember being in Charleston, SC with a boy scout troop - they wanted the kids to go up in a small helicopter for a tour of the bay - i wouldnt let my boy go. The troop leader said "he has a greater chance of dying on the interstate on the way home" -- yeah, I know ... statistics. But he has ZERO chance of dying in a helicoptor b/c he wont be in it!
  3. another problem we had is that we had a list of included beverages in the various beverage packages. My wife and the other ladies we were with like sparkling wine / champagne. We specifically upgraded to the Elite package b/c the only sparkling included in the SBP was a low end prosecco. The elite included Chandon (yuck, but better than zonin prosecco) and Nicolas Feuillatte. However, the price for a glass of chandon was $16 and they were "out" of the Nicolas Feuillate. We didnt know that until my wife ordered a glass of the NF and I saw the the bartender pour a prosecco. 🤔 We did eventually talk to the beverage manager who confirmed that the Chandon was in fact included b/c the price was $13, not $16, they just had not updated their menus. HAL could use some work when it comes to beverage packages and communication overall...
  4. ewwww... why not tell guest services so they can clean/refill it?
  5. good review. Also, good note on the non-alcholic drinks counting towards 15 drink limit on beverage package - based on what we read here, we were not sure how they were handled. We too learned that they counted towards the 15 drink limit. We were also confused by our son's unlimited soda package - when he ordered soda at dinner, he was charged by the can as his soda package didnt apply to dining rooms??
  6. ya know, I did too but then I realize that each subpopulation of people is a microcosm of greater society so there will be examples of all types represented. I took three of those wonderful HAL beach towels they provide on a catamaran excursion - all HAL passengers by the way - and came back with only one. I guess it's our fault for leaving them unattended on the catamaran while snorkeling but we just assumed that the other HAL passengers realize that we would get charged for those towels if we didnt bring them back. Nope. Someone got to take 2 HAL towels home with them! Hope it was worth it.
  7. Blend is scheduled - we did it but wouldnt do it again. They could make it more of an experience if they had it staffed and allowed ad hoc tastings & blending. As for Blend, the only disappointment was that they cant properly cork the bottle - they just put a glass stopper in it which means you have to drink it within days unless you want to take home pricey vinegar 🙂
  8. yeah, crew doesnt remove anything. . . my son was in the pool so I had to be close by. I had a 2nd row lounger and had towles over my legs to block the sun (bad sunburn on day 1) - I was watching for space under the deck 10 overhang - in those nice chairs by the windows... but they were all occupied by books & shoes. I have NO IDEA who owned the stuff b/c there were only kids in the pool. I assume that those physically in the loungers also had the chairs. I was there for almost 2 hours and finalyl asked a crew member about it - he pointed at the books & shoes and simply said it was occupied...
  9. off the NS last week - chair hogging was the worse I've seen. I need shade, which is a rare find, and they were never available as they were being occupied by a magazine or flip flops. It is definitely frustrating when all loungers are "occupied" and there are but a dozen people in or around the pool. Our usual line, DCL, actively removes books, shoes, etc. from long-unoccupied loungers and the other guests are vehement about the "no saving" rule and will often move stuff themselves - like the lady who was sitting by my wife and I. We were reading, decided to cool off in the pool, and as soon as we did she starting moving our stuff!! it's a fine line - you should be able to leave your lounger to cool off in the pool, get a drink, etc. without having to guard it. But you shouldnt be able to save it all day while you go have lunch, play trivia, etc.
  10. Frankly, the entrees arent worth $10. As the OP said, portions were very small but could be so to accommodate the majority of the clientele who get full on a single carrot sliver. The first evening, our cruise mates - first time cruisers - ordered 2 entrees each. All it did was draw out an already slow dining experience. When I ordered two entrees for my son (he loves beef AND lamb), I just asked them to put some lamb on his main entree plate which they were happy to do and it did not effect the pace of dinner.
  11. remember, your jeans and sneakers effects the flavor of other peoples meals!! 🤣
  12. The bartenders in the casino were awesome! I think it has to do with cash being readily available to their patrons. I tipped in dollar chips 🙂
  13. I think this is a distinct possibility. Perhaps it was b/c it was a spring break sailing? Perhaps a high number of beverage packages were sold? Perhaps they simply ran low on their most popular brands? I noticed it on the popular brands like Tito's, Capt Morgan, & Bacardi. When I switched to something different, the flavor reappeared. This pretty much sums it up :) While it sounds as if I am alcohol addled lush, that is not the case. I'm good with taste- whether in food, wine, or spirits - so when something is off, I can recognize it (like getting a diet soda instead of regular, real truffle vs. artificial, a merlot instead of a cabernet - which happens a lot when ordering wine by the glass). At the minimum, at least it's an interesting topic different than most here . . .
  14. i thought the verandah cabin was incredibly tight for me, wife, and 8yo son. Cant even being to imagine four adults in that cabin...
  15. Just off the NS last week - had two gala nights. I think anyone can get away with wearing anything for gala nights. The first night seemed to "feel" more formal while the 2nd was less so - I wore full suit first night and just dark jeans, white shirt, black blazer for 2nd night - I didnt feel underdressed AT ALL.
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