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  1. We were on the Equinox April 13-20 and tendered to Cap Cana Marina in Punta Cana. We are glad we got to stop there - the Adventure Park was fun and one of the highlights of our trip!
  2. The vegetarian pizza was absolutely delicious!
  3. We just sailed on Equinox and it was our first cruise, so I have nothing to compare to, but I can't imagine a better breakfast selection than we had in the Oceanview Cafe. There was every type of breakfast food I can imagine, and many items I would never have expected to see at breakfast time. I especially enjoyed the omelet station and the carving station with canadian bacon. The only thing I found lacking was the cereal selection, but I managed to get my carb fix in other ways (most often the delicious croissants).
  4. SHIP: Equinox CABIN #: 6165 DECK #: 6 CLASS: AREA: BED NEAR: Balcony QUIET?: Mostly quiet (our neighbors were loud but no other noise) BALCONY VIEW: Obstructed, could see straight out to water but not down. Would book this again as obstruction didn't bother us. BALCONY SIZE: Standard WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Lots of storage space, great bathroom, beds were comfortable
  5. We just got off the Equinox. Didn't travel with a child so I'm not sure about the towel animals, but we overheard kids asking to go to the "Kids Club" and it sounded like they were having a great time. All the kids we encountered were fairly well behaved and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  6. After reading your review about the Scape Park excursion I'm not sure what to do. We were looking forward to this but I'm wondering if we would be better off heading straight to the beach. Long lines and missing activities doesn't sound fun! I wonder if your experience is the norm or if there were extenuating circumstances that day.
  7. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!
  8. Following, would like to see current soda prices...
  9. I went on cruise planner and canceled the excursion then rebooked to get the savings. It was quick for me. I'm using Google Chrome. Good luck!
  10. I saved $30 on an excursion! As far as I'm concerned every little bit counts! :)
  11. Have a great time! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!
  12. How much do you normally tip for room service?
  13. Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip - we are cruising for the first time on Equinox in April!
  14. I'm sure this topic has been addressed but I'm having trouble finding it at the moment. I'm wondering which drinks are free on Celebrity. I know there is a charge for sodas, but what about juices at breakfast, etc. And how do you identify which drinks are free of charge? We are new to cruising so I don't know how this works. Thanks in advance for your help!
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