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  1. Connecting staterooms !!! First a Stateroom for ONE will be an expense and at 15 he won’t be able to have his own place, but everyone will have a bed, two bathrooms. Find a 4th to go along. Grand mom would likely enjoy the trip.
  2. It’s starting to look like cruise lines are moving towards staying somewhere they completely control where you spend your money. Stopping at Private Islands and Resorts that they control is becoming the future. Island countries will need to attract vacationers that will fly in and stay a while. Cruising in the Far East or Mediterranean could hit a big snag in the future if politics involved.
  3. I say Considering the amount of time you might spend using a Cabana paying to use one is a waste of your money. But, there will always be someone who will pay the price.
  4. Will we find in Oasis Boardwalk Balcony Staterooms a “Cooler” or a “Mini-Fridge”? If a “Cooler” can a “Mini-Fridge” be requested and how big is one? ANYONE HAVE A MINI-FRIDGE PIC THEY WILL SHARE?
  5. Anyone willing to share what they recently paid for an “Ocean Lagoon Cabana” on Coco Cay.
  6. I purchase at a Sam’s Club a case of 32-16.9 oz bottles of Aquafina water for $3.98. That’s approximately 13 cents a bottle. What does RC charge for a bottle of water on a ship?
  7. We’ve sailed from Cape Liberty and the Atlantic can be rough. Just start taking some motion sickness medicine the day before and you’ll be fine compared to people who say they never get Sea Sick. We did a cruise in January and found the buffet empty at breakfast and it was great watching 30’ waves hit the ship. On one cruise the ship skirted a hurricane and I went up to the pool area to do some video and found people out in 60mph wind trying to smoke. Just be prepared and the weather won’t be a big problem.
  8. Oasis is supposed to go into dry dock September to October. RC must know what will be changed/added. I’m not interested in new bedding, painting, carpets. Why must it be a secret what will be done?
  9. On Oasis of the Seas who opens the Balcony divider between connecting staterooms and the connecting stateroom door? Is the divider and door always left open between staterooms?
  10. Is the “WoW Band” available on Oasis of the Seas?
  11. Are there Restrooms in the parking garage that’s next to the Royal Caribbean Terminal?
  12. Does a soda cup with a chip in it, from a previous cruise, work at a self serve machine?
  13. If people are so upset with the poor employees let them lobby to have the cruse ships registered in the USA and maybe they will get paid better and not used as faceless servents.
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