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  1. Where will I find “Smoothies” on Oasis of the Seas?
  2. Is this a real photo of Employee Housing on Coco Cay?
  3. You could find your reason to cancel not covered.
  4. Is it true that on Coco Cay if you don’t have a drink package you’re charged a 20% tip and a 12% tax? So, a $10 drink has a $2 tip and a $1.20 tax added making it $13.20.
  5. Get “Cancel Anytime, Cancel Any Reason” if possible. READ about what you’re purchasing carefully.
  6. Some RC ships have poolside movies and some have movies in other places. Will we find Popcorn anywhere?
  7. I watch ship arrivals and departures at different ports on PTZTV. Why are the Carnival ships always spewing black smoke into the air?
  8. What are your Non-Alcoholic drinks you suggest?
  9. With a “Refreshment Package” will our kids find canned soda available in many spots on Oasis?
  10. This is either a complaint or a rant, but I don’t know which one. I tried to find out from RC on the telephone, assuming I buy a “Refreshment Package”, whether I can get a milkshake at “Sugar Beach” on Oasis and if I would need to pay the cover charge at “Johnny Rockets” to get one. What was frustrating is getting someone representing RC that I can’t understand and doesn’t understand me. I’m wondering if RC gets there people who answer telephone calls from “Comcast”.
  11. On Oasis of the Seas, does the “Walk-Up Window” at Sugar Beach sell Milkshakes?
  12. I’ve seen pictures of ships anchored off Coco Cay. Other then a ship moored at the pier do other ships bring guests to Coco Cay and tender them ashore???
  13. 1/2 mile? Mile ??? How far is the walk on the pier at Coco Cay from the Ship to the Main Entrance?
  14. Is an 18% gratuity added to a food or beverage purchase at the Port Side BBQ or Playmakers?
  15. Are there different colors of “WoW Bands”? Other then using a marker how does a family keep an adult or child’s band marked?
  16. Do any Disney ships have a casino?
  17. Soy and almond milk aren’t tolerated by my grandson.
  18. Thank you, but I’m not sure they’re milk with the Lactose removed.
  19. Is it possible to Delete a post and are repeat or old posts ever removed? Some seem like they were submitted before the Vikings discovered North America.
  20. Will “Lactose Free Milk” be available in the Oasis Windjammer?
  21. It wouldn’t surprise me that after inquiring with RC about the “WoW Bands” someone would tell me ..... “But, there is Karaoke”.
  22. RC Cruise Planner has a $45 fee listed. I didn’t see much that was included for $45. Are the offerings almost all Extra?
  23. My call to RC I just made, 11/25/2019, got the response of “ No”.
  24. Someone currently on Oasis posted a picture of his “WoW Band”. So, Biker19 may be wrong about “WoW Bands” not being available on Oasis.
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