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  1. Thank you again, Northen Aurora! It'll be my first trip to Alaska so I booked a cruisetour. I didn't do much research before booking, so didn't know the location of Princess lodges is not good for self-guided tour. I do hope one day I can go back to Alaska and travel on my own to explore more.
  2. Thank you for sharing! Since I don't drive, I have to take a tour, though it means we can't make stops whenever we like. Your words assure me that the tour is worth the money and time:))
  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I think I'll do a tour with that comany:)
  4. Thank you for the useful info!
  5. I've bought the $59.99 voyage package and it says in the email that 'you may cancel 72 hours before your cruise for full refund'. I'm wondering if the refund policy also applies to shore excursion reservation? Thank you for your reply!
  6. Thank you!I'll check the Princess excursions first to see the possibility at different ports.
  7. Yes, the same thing on my cruise personalizer. $59.99 for 7-day cruise, which means $8-9 a day, not as much as 50% off as it says. Anyway, I think I'll buy one for us two as we can use it at different times.
  8. Hello guys! We will do a cruisetour in Alaska with Princess this coming July. It's our first trip there. On some days the excursions are included in the rate. But there is no excursion booked for our stay in Copper River and Kenai Princess Lodge. I'm not very interested in the excursions offered on the list, so I'm wondering about the possibility of doing self-guided tour near the lodges or booking a tour with other travel agencies. Also, I want to walk on a glacier. Is it possible to do that during our land tour or southbound cruise? I know there's shuttle service from Seward to Exit Glacier, but I don't think I can go to Seward from the Kenai lodge w/o a car. I'd appreciate it if you could give me any tip on the cruisetour.
  9. Hello there! I see you are from Fairbanks. I'm wondering if a Arctic Circle Fly/Drive tour is worthwhile in July. The morning departure costs $469. I'm not sure if the scenery from the air and on the highway is worth the price. Also, if I take that tour, I have to be at the gathering point around 5a.m. or earlier. Is it easy to get a Uber or Lyft before 5a.m.? Or should I book taxi service in advance? Thank you for your info!
  10. Oh....that's inconvenient - - no need to pay 'messaging fee' or something?
  11. Hi~ It's Royal Princess leaving from Anchorage on July.13.
  12. Thank you for your quick reply:) Btw, can i chat with my friend onboard on Princess@Sea app w/o a wifi plan?
  13. Hello guys! I'm a first-cruiser with Princess Cruises. It offers an onboard wifi plan at $59.99. I'm wondering if it's the best price. How much does it cost if I purchase it onboard? And it says 'prices are subject to change w/o notice'. Does it mean the price may go up or down before the cruise? Thank you guys for your info!
  14. It's OK. I guess most people like me have no idea. I ask it here in case someone may know:)
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