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  1. Thank you Budget Queen! We got smoky weather in Denali due to wildfires so we didn't do flightseeing. I still wanted to do a glacier walk so we did Glacier by Heli when we were in Juneau. It was quite fun and I do hope one day I can go back to Alaska to see more and experience more. Thank you again!!
  2. Thanks! I use the appWetalk, and the connection is sometimes not very good. Since I'm not a native speaker, sometimes I have difficulty understaning what the other party is speaking on the phone- - So usually I prefer email, though it is inefficient. Next time I'll try Skype and call 1800 numbers. Thank you again!
  3. I've been told I can't cancel or upgrade a tour coz it is too late. I know it's my fault to make a late decision about tour option coz I didn't know I could opt out of or upgrade an excursion included in a cruisetour. It's my first cruisetour and I have little experience in booking a cruise in the U.S. ================================================================== The following is just my experience which I want to share w/ some cruise newbies like me- - In the process of contacting Princess and my travel agent, I am totally confused about their cancellation policy. My cruisetour starts on July 5th. I called Princess first on July 1st, and was told I could cancel an exsursion at least 5 days prior to departure. But I still didn't want to give up coz I come a long way here from my hometown, I do want to see as much as possible, so I think even if I can't book Kantishna Experience by myself, maybe I can pay the price difference to upgrade Tundra Wilderness to Kantishna Experience. So I called Princess again on July 2nd, this time customer service didn't talk w/ me about the deadline to cancel/upgrade an excursion and just said I needed to contact my travel agent. I actually emailed my travel agent and he said a tour needs to be cancelled at least 14 days prior to departure. I was still thinking about upgrading. So yesterday I called Princess again- -. And this time the customer service told me the deadline is 4 days prior to depature. I was surprised. If cancellation/upgrade can be done 4 days instead of 5 days before depature, maybe I could have done it the first time I called Princess......... 5 days? 14 days? or 4 days? Anyway, the experience and your stories let me know 1)an excursion in a cruisetour can be cancelled/upgraded; 2)cancellation/upgarde should be done as earlier as possible.
  4. Thank you for recommendation. I'm wondering if the glacier walk includes a walk in the ice cave. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for recommendation. I'm wondering if the glacier walk includes a walk in the ice cave. Thank you!
  6. Yes it's An Alaskan cruisetour. My cruisetour is coming in 5 days, I have booked 3 excursions and they all can be cancelled 3 days prior to the tour day. For other excursions I'd prefer book directly with local tour operature coz this costs me less.
  7. That was an awful experience. I know I can update the shorter one to a longer one, but I want to drop the shorter one and book a longer one by myself coz Princess charges over $60 than the bus operator. Princess doesn't have email address to write to. So after I arrive in the U.S., I'll make a call to see if they can meet my requirement. Thank you for sharing:)
  8. All right. I'll check it out. Thank you mapleleaves:))
  9. Thank you again for the great idea of 'fly in & bus out'. Yes I know scenic flights are dependent on weather. I do hope to do flightseeing on a clear day, but it's like a gamble haha.. And I'm keen to do a glacier walk/trek. That's why I at first checked out flightseeing tours from Talkeetna since most air companies there offer glacier landing. Now I'm also thinking about doing a helicopter glacier trek in Juneau. I'll travel w/ my mom and I don't think she is fit enough to do a strenuous Mendenhall glacier trek. So I guess it's better for her to fly and land on glacier and start walk/trek from there. Have you done anything like this? If you've already shared some similar experience, would you pls give me a link? I really look forward to my first trip to Alaska and appreciate your help:))
  10. Hello guys. I've booked a Princess cruisetour. There are 2 excursions already included. The other day I browsed the Princess website and found a term saying 'You may also choose to opt out of the tour altogether. The price will be credited to your booking'. I didn't know that when booking. Since I've already paid full, I'm wondering if I can opt out of one excursion now and get a refund or they can refund the money as my shore excursion balance or on-board credits. Thank you for your reply:)
  11. Greetings, I'm considering booking kenai river scenic float with one of local companies directly, which means I need a ride from Kenai Princess Lodge. Is it close to the float trip? I searched online and found Wildmans taxi service in Copper Landing. I'm wondering if it's easy to get a taxi near the lodge. I know that lodge is remotely located, so I'm not sure if any taxi will wait there for guests. And does anyone who has used their taxi service know the estimated taxi fare from the lodge to the launch site of the float trip? Thank you!
  12. Thank you for your idea! I don't go to Anchorage this time so have to either decide between flying from Denali or leave the Denali flightseeing until next time.
  13. Thank you Jerry (or Patti?) I've checked out those photos, they again convince me that the flightseeing from Talkeent w/ glacier landing is worth every penny!! The flightseeing from Denali w/glacier landing is more expensive, and after reading "Money spent on departures from Denali National Park entrance area is money spent on flying over the flat lands getting to and from the Alaska Range", I'm hesitating. So I came here for suggestions. Anyway thank you again. I do hope one day I can go to Alaska again.
  14. Thank you! I learned about that shuttle on the website of Talkeetna Air Taxi, it says the shuttle is from McKinley Princess Lodge instead of Denali Princess lodge. I'll do a bus tour on the second day of my arrival. I have the whole afternoon at leisure on the arrval day, so I'm trying to work out something to do. I do want to do a flightseeing from Talkeetna, but this time it seems to be inpractical. If the flightseeing from Denali is not as spectacular as from Talkeetna (on a clear day if possible...), I then prefer to take free shuttle in the park and do some hiking by myself.
  15. Thank you Pepper0074 for additional info and the photos! Very helpful. The little Pikachu is so cuuuute!! I'll call the lodge to see if that excursion is kind of shuttle service they have from the lodge to Seward.
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