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  1. This may not be applicable to Oceania of course, but we took a cruise on a Ponant ship (Le Soleal) during the brief period last year when they were cruising French Polynesia. Nobody was asked to share tables at any meal unless they specifically requested it. That didn't create any logistical issues because there were only 47 passengers on board a ship with a capacity of 260. I would expect some adjustments to dining room seating arrangements for a while at least.
  2. Our T/A told us yesterday based on conversations with Celebrity that they are still planning a transatlantic crossing with passengers, but they've stopped selling new bookings for now because they don't know where they'll depart from or where they'll be able to disembark (or anything in between for that matter). We're booked on it too and are holding tight for now.
  3. On our cruise on Marina last year one of us purchased the premium beverage package, the other did not. No problem. They do know who's purchased packages and would charge one of us if we went to a bar together.
  4. Belatedly responding to the OP -- we were on board Le Soleal that day, which was on a 9 day PPT-PPT cruise. I believe that was actually a previously advertised Ponant cruise rather than a substitute for one on Paul Gauguin, although we and at least a few other passengers had switched after our October 3rd PG cruise was cancelled. That cruise went off as planned. Probably the last one for a while unfortunately.
  5. Apparently it was touch and go whether it would go at all, but Le Soleal did depart as scheduled on the 19th for its planned itinerary. There are about 47 passengers and 55 crew on board. No spa or salon services because no spa/salon crew and somewhat limited bar and food service, but everything is going well otherwise. Here's the ship in Raiatea yesterday anchored near Le Boreal:
  6. We've been in FP several days now. Within the last 24 hours we got word through our TA first that the cruise would probably be cancelled (because of the situation in metropolitan France!) then that it's a go. Looking forward to our third Covid test of the past week or so...
  7. I guess we'll be there regardless. Got our negative Covid PCR results within the 72 hour window and entry approval from the French Polynesia authorities, so now we just have to catch the flight. We were supposed to be on the Oct. 3 Paul Gauguin sailing with some time on land afterward, but I flipped a week vacation and got a better cabin on Soleal with some pre-cruise time on land. Any idea why Boreal is sailing for Papeete?
  8. Training cruise to nowhere? We're supposed to be on the Oct. 19th sailing provided we pass our Covid exams and if it actually sails. Ponant assures our TA that it will sail.
  9. We are booked on the October 3rd sailing. Any idea if it will go???
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