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  1. The app on my phone never worked I had better luck on an iPad so go figure??? Your medallion will work regardless how the app works. have fun!!!!
  2. How exciting! Lucky you. My medallions are just souvenirs 😢
  3. We just got off today. We had lunch in the dining room when we boarded. We had to ask the entrance since there was no card in our stateroom directing us where to go to dinner they said there should be a card but we didn’t have one
  4. Amazon bands worked perfectly. At airport now after a wonderful week on the regal. i was asked at least 10 times where I got my band.
  5. 17.99 for 4 maybe there are cheaper ones but these definitely work enjoy planning you cruise!!!
  6. Yes have to kinda stretch it to fit it in so it’s definitely not going anywhere. I wish princess let you select if you want a bracelet or lanyard. The 4 they sent me are going in the trash. I don’t like wearing the lanyard either. I was just going to put in my pocket. They bracelet even can be tightened enough for a 10 y.o
  7. Thanks sciteach11 read your message Tuesday and ordered and they are perfect leaving sunday!!!!
  8. This might be silly, but can I Super glue them to a Disney magic band?
  9. Is there anyway I can have twins pushed together have one drop down and a cot under that? That’s how they do it on ncl but I was told 2 twins on princess thanks!
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