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  1. Thanks kkquilts and others for all the info about this sail away cabin. Doesn’t look too bad but geez they’re small😱
  2. I’m on the bliss in February about same days out as you just put in Bid yesterday mill report back if I hear anything
  3. Day after I booked I got the bid offer I’m 97 days out. Maybe I’ll throw one in
  4. Is this really going to be my cabin or can it change! I did sail away ov and got 11100 on bliss. Any thoughts?
  5. Has anyone gotten the upgrade for minimum bid? I’m happy with the room I booked but.....
  6. Thanks! I wonder why they don’t offer transfers to the port for any other airports besides LaGuardia. Jetblue only has one flight that morning arriving at 1130am to LaGuardia vs many to Newark or jfk maybe I’ll look into a car service thanks everyone!!!
  7. Good thing I called was told I can only fly into LaGuardia but I can fly out of all three when purchasing a ncl transfer? Is this new
  8. What deck for sail away on bliss if the weather permits
  9. It’s it rocky until you get to Florida? flights to Fort Lauderdale are crazy expensive because it’s vacation week so I was wondering if leaving out of New York is ok during the winter
  10. Unfortunately no it’s February vacation thanks for the idea
  11. I wasn’t trying to cancel second room I was just thinking if first room was large enough we all sleep in the room but I also don’t mind sleeping separately
  12. Hello was pricing out 2/16 bliss cabins and it’s cheaper to get 2 cabins @$699 pp vs 1 cabin at first 2 $699 and 3/4th are $899. so basically $400 less for 2 cabins. my question if I put in a bid on an upgrade and it’s accepted can all 4 of us sleep in the bigger room? 2a 2c planning on 1 a 1c in each room
  13. The app on my phone never worked I had better luck on an iPad so go figure??? Your medallion will work regardless how the app works. have fun!!!!
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