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  1. Just trying to find a spot to swim but the water was beautiful though
  2. Go the dining room both open to 1:30 they staff will direct you to deck 16 don’t do it head down to 6
  3. We did blue lagoon which gets good reviews but they also oversold their beach to the 5 cruise ships in port. again not enough chairs everything “ reserved” For the bargain price if an additional $66 which included 2 chairs 2 drinks finally people were so disgusted they swarmed the reserved area and refused to leave👍
  4. Believe me we weren’t there long. Long enough to let my 11 yo swim in the beautiful water then we were back to ship and an empty elevator!
  5. No it was fine. I just think these big ships aren’t ideal if the boat is full. I’m on vacation with my kids so that’s pretty awesome. Yes Beatles did a show in bliss lounge first night followed by a night 6 fill in show in theatre because jersey boys got canceled and rescheduled to day 7 because of the rough seas. Comedians didn’t except for that welcome aboard preview performance. i guess my thinking is try to accommodate as many people as you can and stay out of the little venues.
  6. Ok home from the 2/16 sailing on bliss. I should start by saying this is my 11th cruise with ncl. My honeymoon was on the old ss Norway back in 1998. I’m gold latitudes and close to platinum. I’ve been a very loyal ncl customer but this cruise might have changed that. I think the Bliss can NOT handle 5000 passengers. It was soooo disorganized for starters check in took 2 hours in line at the ny port and probably would have taken longer had not a nice agent given us another boarding group. Nobody boarded until after noon so the early people were waiting too. I think people’s patience were fried because the welcome aboard lunch in buffet was a lot of pushing and yelling which was followed by life boat drill which lead to a cluster **** outside of the local waiting for elevators i knew enough to hang back can let the crazies go first. i think the lack of center elevator bank was not smart on the size of this ship. For the first 2 days at sea you could hardly get in one. I question why Norwegian build a ship this large and expect quaint rooms like cavern and social club to handle crowds? again this lest to upset people when only a few hundred can realistically see Beatles or comedians. Majority are turned away. @BirdTravels was so helpful saying to go early......but unless you were there 40 minutes prior you weren’t getting in so why aren’t these popular shows in a larger theatre where more people could enjoy. same with kids club. The room is same size as the dawn So kids were left to wait in line for another child to leave before they could come in. Ncl private island was a joke. No chairs even worse than usual. I had priority tender boarding yet everything was gone before I got there. excursions were poorly organized they started calling groups to line up before the gangway was even opened at Port Canaveral. the food was ok at best in MDR i really hate to complain because it’s better than having to cook and clean for myself but the quality of items has drastically declined. It’s quantity over quality big time. However, i think the local does an excellent job. I didn’t eat in specialty restaurants this trip. the shows 6 and jersey boys were wonderful. so will I return? probably but it would have to be a jewel class ship. Ncl just makes this extra large ships to make more money and doesn’t provide any extra planning or services. sorry ncl you were my go to but I’m going to take a little vacation from you.
  7. Any recent opinions? Atlantis or blue lagoon dolphin encounter thanks
  8. What are the chances they extend breakfast dining room hours past the 9/9:30?
  9. If I purchase the transfer, is getting off the ship any easier? I have a 1230 flight out of Newark?
  10. I don’t have an answer but wanted to wish your husband the best and yes you’ll have many more years of cruising!!!
  11. What cruise are you going on and are you coming from south Boston?
  12. What time should I head up to deck 20 for sail away to get pictures btw I saw your New York photos in your file and they were AMAZING!!!!
  13. Coming in day before and taking ne regional $49 pp thanks everyone for getting me to the pier ontime!
  14. I don’t want your review to end beautiful pictures
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