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  1. Thanks everyone, I'm working on plans to try and leave early. There is a FB group about this cruise and they have posted a few B&B's/Hotels that offer free parking and shuttle service for a few dollars more than just parking at the Pier would be, I'm lookin into those place. Paradise Beach sounds like it might be a better fit for us, both of us will have a drink or two thoughout the day, but i highly doubt we'll drink $100 worth of drinks between the two of us.
  2. Thank you everyone! Would love to get down a day early, but we have 3 kids we'll be dropping off for school in the morning. We had plans to leave right after dropping the last one off at 8:30. Is 2 hours really not enough of a buffer for a 5 hour trip? One more question, I know carry-on and checked luggage is recomended, but I've also read the one of the big mistakes is overpacking. My wife and I are pretty simple on packing, what is y'alls recomendation here? I was thinking 1 large suitcase with 2-3 sets of clothes each, electronics and then a smaller roller carry-on with drinks, toilitries, bathing suits, wallets/ID and 1 change of clothes. Are there size limits for the carry-on like the airport, or whatever I want to drag with me?
  3. Greetings all, great forum, I've been reading and learning a lot. I booked a "last minute" cruise a couple days ago and we leave on Valentines day. It won't be my first cruise, but it's my first time planning a cruise (it's been 20 years and I was 12). My wife(first cruise) and I are leaving on Carnival Fantasy out of Mobile and I've got a few questions I'm hoping you all can help with: Parking: I"m assuming the parking is pretty self-explanatory, I think I added it up to around $100 while we're gone, pre paid? Just put the 201 Water St. address in the GPS and I'll get there? Departure Time: This is my really dumb question, but since Mobile is Central time the 4:00 departure and 3:00 last board is CST too, right? We'll be leaving from Atlanta around 9:00est that morning, and it's a 5 hour drive, getting to Mobile around 2:00EST/1:00 Central. I've prechecked in and choose the latest checkin time (1:30-2:00), so the extra hour would give us a bit more buffer. Drinks: I'm going to bring a couple bottles of wine with me (and some cokes), Does Carnival have any restrictions on the wine glasses that we can bring (Glass vs plastic), or will they provide us some? Not saying I wouldn't drink from a dixie cup, but if I take a glass of wine to dinner I'd rather not. Mr Sanchos- Has anyone ever done this in Cozumel? Seems like a good deal, all inclusive for $50/person. I'm worried about the beach in February, getting to/from the beach without booking through Carnival, ect... Would your recommend this? Thanks all, surprising my wife with this trip, so I'm tring to get the little details taken care of and tell her as late as I can. 🙂
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