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  1. Thank you Art! And I hope all works out well for you too!
  2. Apologies for starting yet another thread, but I did not want to update you all under the older, and admittedly pejorative, thread title. I feel a positive update deserves a positive tag line! As I am sure many of you long-time Seabourn loyalists probably predicted all along, last night we received a call from a supervisor at Seabourn and they apologized for the lack of communication and response and explained that they are simply in triage mode at this point. She went on to offer us a full future cruise credit for our 3/14 Odyssey sailing. The terms are similar (although not identical) to what has been posted elsewhere on here. We cannot use the credit as a deposit, but are not restricted from combining it with other offers. We must apply the credit within one year and must travel by 12/31/21. All in all we are pleased with the outcome and appreciate the accommodation. It looks like we'll end up using this credit on a bucket list item . . . Alaska cruise next summer! Hope all the best and happy outcomes whatever your decision may be!
  3. My apologies. I misunderstood your original post. I admit I am a little off my game as I work though all this with Seabourn, but I remain hopeful that all will work out!
  4. UPDATE: "Pam" is not talking client calls anymore and "no one in the office has the ability to evaluate your request. Good night." I am speechless.
  5. Well, the poor customer service continued today . . . called this morning as I was told last night "Pam" would be available to discuss with me. Sure enough "Pam" is in meetings but cares about our concerns . . . can she call you back directly at 6 pm EDT? Sure, I say knowing full well, just like the 4 unreturned emails and the 6 unreturned phone calls the last 2 weeks, there was NO CHANCE she was actually going to return my call. Sure enough I wait until 6:30 and call them again . . . wouldn't you know it . . no one knows where "Pam" is! Still on hold. Amazing! On a related note, sent an email to the general Regent address today asking them what they could do for us (given our status with NCL in general). I received a response within 2 hours with various offers. We really want to cruise with Seabourn but, my God, this is beyond crazy.
  6. Many thanks for the insight. It is reassuring to know that others have the same take on it that we have. Speaking with Seabourn reps they leave you with the impression that you're crazy or hypersensitive and unreasonable. The same mypoic line over and over . . . "right now we are not experiencing any delays or issues in the Caribbean." First time I heard it a few weeks I said "fair enough." Second time they said it a week later I said, "yeah, funny they said the same thing yesterday in Italy and they went to an epidemic overnight." Now two weeks later and the entire country is shut down. Tonight when I got that line for the third time, I said "of really, then what happened today on the Odyssey?" Crickets on the other end. And if I have to explain one more time that, yes, I feel very fortunate that I am young enough and healthy enough that if I contract it I will, most likely, be fine. But that is not, and has never been, my issue. The issue is that Seabourn cannot guarantee me safe passage from embarkation through disembarkation and for that they should at least be offering us March cruises the same reasonable accommodation they are granting cruisers 4 days after our cruise is scheduled to disembark. I find their shortsightedness shocking, ill advised and, simply, bad business.
  7. So . . . here we are 5 days before we are scheduled to embark on the Odyssey for 2 weeks in the Caribbean. We booked this trip 20 months ago and, until about a month ago, had been looking forward to our first Seabourn experience having found, we believed, the right cruise line for our vacation dollars going forward. When final payment date was upon us . . . the only thing we had to worry about was the seasonal flu and perhaps the fickle weather we have up here in Boston in March. Fast forward to February and this corona virus starts to pop up. Like many others on here . . . we waited to see how things played out confident that, no matter the outcome, Seabourn would do the right thing. Well, it turns out we were apparently very wrong. It seems like for those of us with cruises this month, no accommodation will be made . . . cruise or lose your money. Seabourn's "generous" book with confidence program draws arbitrary and incoherent lines in the sand and exposes those of us forced to cruise this month with a potential quarantine (at worst) and significant diminution in value having to deal with this hanging over our heads for 2 weeks (at best). Not only is the policy objectively unreasonable it is far inferior to what other lines are offering . . . Regent offering 100% FCC with 48 hours notice to ALL existing reservations for travel on or before 12/31/22 . . . or even Viking offering 100% FCC with 24 hours notice to ALL existing reservations. I simply do not understand why those of us who were LEAST able to evaluate and respond to this crisis are being put in the WORST position. We've spent probably 10 hours on the phone with unhelpful associate after unhelpful associate reciting company scripts and refusing to forward our concerns to management (I do feel bad for them as Seabourn/Carnival's policy here is indefensible). In fact, we've been told now FIVE times that a manager would call to discuss further . . . nothing at all from Seabourn. We have not a single returned call and we embark in 5 days . . . amazing. Oh, and then there are the two emails that went without response. To clarify, all we are asking for here is the same relief granted to EVERYONE sailing 2 weeks after us an beyond . . . give us a FCC. The funny thing is . . . we've already decided what cruise we would take next year . . and it would have resulted in more cruise dollars for Seabourn as we would have gone with a signature suite rather than the owner's suite we have now. I also do not feel like our request is unreasonable . . . quarantines are popping up everywhere . . . we are (understandably) about 2 weeks behind this virus at every turn . . . cruise ships are particularly vulnerable and have resulted in terrible quarantines . . . the CDC says avoid cruise ships and now the State Dept says we're stupid to cruise and we're on our own if anything goes wrong. And I'm excluding the event on the Odyssey itself today! I can appreciate that as a couple in our 40s and of good health we are not "at risk" but that is not even close to the point. If we are forced to go . . . we will go and hope for the best, but no matter how great the crew are (and I am confident they are great based on everything I have read on here) it would be our first and last cruise with Seabourn. I appreciate that they have the right to set their policies, but I have the right to choose where I spend my cruise dollars. I'm sorry for the rant, but I guess I'm also asking if anyone else scheduled to cruise this month is experiencing the same issues we are? How are you dealing with Seabourn's stonewalling? Thank you!
  8. We have begun packing for our 2 week cruise on the Odyssey next month and am now thinking it might be worth mailing our luggage ahead! I understand that Seabourn has partnered with Luggage Forward and most of what I have read about Luggage Forward on here seems positive. I do, however, have some basic questions to which I cannot find answers. For any of you that have used the service: 1) Do you need to attach those pre-printed cruise specific tags that came with the final cruise docs or will the Luggage Forward label and a general luggage tag suffice? 2) Do you need to separately notify Seabourn of your use of Luggage Forward if you reserve directly online with the company? 3) Any specific experience using this service to/from Barbados? I would think each country/port might result in a different experience so anyone who has specific experience with the Port of Bridgetown is greatly appreciated. Many thanks for any and all insights!
  9. I do not have a large experience pool from which to draw (I'm heading out on my first Seabourn cruise next month), but we also received an offer about a month ago. We are currently in an Owner's Suite and we were offered, essentially, a 2 for 1 deal for an upgrade to a Signature Suite. We thought about it, but the idea of spending another 3K on top of what we already spent just seemed like a little too much. Apparently others did not feel that way as it looked like the next day the signature suites were showing sold out.
  10. I must say, I find reports to date a little disappointing. We'll be on our first Seabourn cruise on the Odyssey in March and we were looking forward to a more refined/relaxed experience then we've experienced on a mainline cruise line. Although we too are in our 40s, we've never been part of that "if it's included I want as much of it as possible as often as possible and who cares what my incessant monopolizing demand on people or resources means for others' enjoyment" crowd. It's why we stopped cruising a few years ago altogether. We were looking forward to a nice relaxing pre-/post-dinner cocktail in the Observation Bar or just people watching at the Sky Bar. I realize every cruise is different, but I'm guessing my 14day in March (spring break/family vacations) will be more like this cruise than it will be like the cruises in Jan/Feb. I'm sure the fact that they sell the cruises in 7 day segments doesn't help these demographics much either. Oh well, live and learn I guess.
  11. Thank you for the review. I must say, as a first time Seabourn cruiser on the Odyssey next March, I find this concerning. Some if these things are not at all what I would expect from a luxury line. Didn't the Odyssey just complete a dry dock this spring?
  12. Sorry forgot to add about the balconies . . . . no, you cannot get to the main balcony from the master bed . . you can only access the smaller side balcony. You'd need to go through the main room to access the larger front balcony.
  13. We've been in the DOS on both the Breakaway and the Escape. You are correct that the set up/layout is very different between the two. As between that suite and the H4, on the Escape, hands down, I would think the DOS would be the better option (I would NOT say that about the Breakaway class H2s). On the Escape, you do get the true full second bed and bath (which is not the case on Breakaway). You are correct that you get the 2.5 baths on the Escape. As for the noise, if you are on the port side (below the public sundeck) then yes, you will hear noise from time to time so in that regard the starboard side is the better option. Another benefit of the Escape DOS is they fixed the removable wall issue so you won't have to worry about noise from the adjoining owners suite. As for the curtain in the second bedroom . . . was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen . . . the only thing behind it is . . .. a wall. The curtains serve no purpose I guess other than to give people the impression that there is a window there when closed. I will say the bed in that room is a convertible couch so it's not a true bed . . . we never even opened it. But everything else you mentioned about the DOS is correct . . . included 3 bottles of alcohol, unlimited sodas and drinks. Again, on the Escape I think the DOS is certainly the superior suite for a family, but that is NOT the case on the Breakaway/Getaway. Hope this helps!
  14. FWIW, we are on this same cruise in March and we are signed up for the Fort James segway tour. I understand that after touring the fort the excursion stops for some beach time and refreshments.
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