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  1. Also did Montevido - Falkland Islands - South Georgia and we had calm sea all the way so it really depends but the stretch to South Georgia can also be rough at times - but it helps to be prepared for it just in case so it’s not That big of a surprise
  2. But then they also try to increase in the Australian market & european market with for example the NatGeo cruises since they also do a lot of US charter trips in the Antarctica they might have a different menu but that’s something I would expect since one of the appeals is the European lifestyle on board..and Sugar free desserts is something that won‘t be easy to find on most European restaurants aswell
  3. Have to agree cuisine wise - but then 21 days without restocking is also not easy but the quality of the desserts was not was I expected from a French ship - but the icecream & sorbet was always a good choice and tasteful (straight from France) sugar free desserts aren‘t common in Europe - cheese would be the option for that
  4. Actually Iceland has just 16 ICU beds and there are reports that The hospital system is reaching the tipping point a group of Israelis were flown out to Israel on a medical flight to free up ICU & hospital beds. https://www.ruv.is/frett/2021/08/17/astandid-skanar-ekki-naestu-tvaer-vikur
  5. No change since at least spring (I travelled in May and knew about the risk in case I tested positive) but there might have been an agreement for cruise ships in case of a positive case but I just can‘t see it be that much different to Iceland’s strict approach
  6. Iceland didn‘t change any rules about quarantine/isolation in the last months and also all other countries like Spain, Malta, Germany and so on are all having strict rules about isolation and quarantine- and most are not taxpayer funded
  7. Of course not since they are in isolation/ quarantine - nobody will step inside your room (unless medical is needed) in Iceland you would need to take change your bed cover on your own and place in plastic trashbags- same with your trash And you won‘t be allowed outside your room aswell
  8. Viking is telling them they can - who knows what Viking is reporting back to the officials nobody knows what Iceland’s regulations are for cruises - it’s hard to believe that those are totally different to those on a land base tour or for independent travelers.
  9. The risk might be higher at the moment then in July. cases are risking in the US rapidly aswell as in Iceland (for a post stay) and with travel there are more contacts, airport, transport, drinking & eating on a plane = no mask and so on
  10. I did found „You have come into contact with someone who turned out to be infected. “ no mention of the kind of contact Guest from a kayak group were sent into quarantine after someone serving breakfast in a guesthouse tested positive Just the question if Viking is to strict with the contact - before Delta it was common around Europe to stick to the 15 minute close contact (in the same room) rule - or if for example the tracking device is set up for a shorter distance and amount of time. but doesn‘t change the fact that you won‘t test positive if tested after someone tested positive in the morning - that’s just a too short window to be positive
  11. I would currently not travel to Iceland with those high numbers (specially over 50 % are fully vaccinated) but I do plan a cruise around Italy (fully aware of the risk of quarantine/isolation) but I also knew the risk when I did travelled to Iceland this spring that if I do test positive at departure I‘m stuck for 14 days (but then the risk was extremely low with close to zero contacts and just a handful of cases)
  12. As mention before the rules on land are different and didn‘t changed in the last months - so I don‘t understand why Viking think they can do it differently? Still with the bubble there are local contacts on a tour, a shop visit or even on the way back home with the airport & flight. nobody tests positive that quickly after a contact https://www.covid.is/categories/how-does-quarantine-work
  13. Iceland regulations are pretty clear - if you are classified as contact it’s 14 day quarantine or a test on Day 7 of that quarantine period. Testing negative the day or on the same day is simply not following the same rules as demand in Iceland
  14. But they have been a contact of someone who tested positive? that’s a Risk everyone who is traveling takes - even more during an ongoing wave.
  15. yes - and everyone can read the requirements on Covid.is - they are pretty clear that to expect
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