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  1. So you obviously did not read my post. But you're patronizing me over something you thought you read. I said out in 90° weather. We can social distance on Deck especially since they will not be sailing at capacity for a while. So before you reply to a response make sure you read it correctly. But we do have to start living again without masks that's not how human beings are supposed to live. Not to mention there's no telling what it's doing to our immune system not being exposed to anything. Using extremes of walking around naked and speeding 100 mph that's priceless.
  2. I'm absolutely baffled about all of this. The cruise industry is being treated so unfairly. And the whole anti mask thing...yeah I am when it comes to laying out in the sun in 90 degree weather. Pools here in the US aren't even doing that at this point. Come on CDC you are infringing on my right to pursue happiness!! You have already taken my liberty. I understood it temporarily, but it's time to get on with living! We are adult people, we can make our own decisions. CDC ,oh whoa ,whoa let our cruises go!!😝
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