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  1. Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful suggestions. We will continue the search. Pat and Lyn
  2. Please help. We are trying to order online. Way more choices than we expected. thanks so much, Ocalapat
  3. Thanks for the information.
  4. Can any one advise as to whether the sink and shower soaps are liquid. bar, or one of each? And if one of each, which is which? Thanks so much for your help. Just sorting out packing questions. Ocalapat
  5. Thank you. I never dreamed it was that simple. I assumed it was part of the changes. that's what I get for assuming! Thanks for the help.
  6. Computer and literally the banner is 1/3 of screen. Then there are about 4 lines of huge print and then you have to scroll. There is no way to get oriented on the page. This is terrible.
  7. Suddenly everything is huge. Only a few words fit on a page which makes this really unusable. HELP.
  8. Suddenly everything is huge. Only a few words fit on a page which makes this really unusable. HELP.
  9. We are sailing Queen Elizabeth next July 21 from Ft Lauderdale to Southampton plus the two subsequent cruises including a Baltic Highlights. We are very excited about the itinerary and look forward to all new ports including New York City which I have somehow never visited! Thanks everyone for the wonderful response. Smooth seas and happy sailing to you all, Pat and Lyn
  10. Does anyone use the Roll Calls to arrange private excursions on Cunard? I have seen that a lot on other lines and am not seeing any activity on my Cunard roll calls for next year. I guess it's possible it's too early. But my Princess Roll Calls for later cruises are active with people talking about excursions. What do you think? I am wondering if we will be on our own for planning excursions, or maybe there is another place Cunard cruisers use to connect? If so, can you tell me the secret handshake? Thanks, Pat and Lyn (first time Cunard Cruisers, obviously)
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