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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. Can any one advise as to whether the sink and shower soaps are liquid. bar, or one of each? And if one of each, which is which? Thanks so much for your help. Just sorting out packing questions. Ocalapat
  3. Thank you. I never dreamed it was that simple. I assumed it was part of the changes. that's what I get for assuming! Thanks for the help.
  4. Computer and literally the banner is 1/3 of screen. Then there are about 4 lines of huge print and then you have to scroll. There is no way to get oriented on the page. This is terrible.
  5. Suddenly everything is huge. Only a few words fit on a page which makes this really unusable. HELP.
  6. Suddenly everything is huge. Only a few words fit on a page which makes this really unusable. HELP.
  7. We are sailing Queen Elizabeth next July 21 from Ft Lauderdale to Southampton plus the two subsequent cruises including a Baltic Highlights. We are very excited about the itinerary and look forward to all new ports including New York City which I have somehow never visited! Thanks everyone for the wonderful response. Smooth seas and happy sailing to you all, Pat and Lyn
  8. Does anyone use the Roll Calls to arrange private excursions on Cunard? I have seen that a lot on other lines and am not seeing any activity on my Cunard roll calls for next year. I guess it's possible it's too early. But my Princess Roll Calls for later cruises are active with people talking about excursions. What do you think? I am wondering if we will be on our own for planning excursions, or maybe there is another place Cunard cruisers use to connect? If so, can you tell me the secret handshake? Thanks, Pat and Lyn (first time Cunard Cruisers, obviously)
  9. We will probably do very intensive private tours in St Petersburg and possibly Helsinki and pick one or two things at most to see in the other ports. Every one of my prior travel journals says: note to self: book less intensive tours and relax and enjoy some of the ports. We are not doing Berlin either, but might make it to Rostock.
  10. We are thinking we may skip a few port days next year. Our 42 day cruise was about 50/50 with the longest stretch of port days being 3 which was bearable. Next year we have one stretch of 7 ports in a row and one of 8! I think I'd better plan in rest days. We like sea days, but more important, we need sea days to recover!
  11. I wouldn't worry a bit, you must love cruising to even consider this cruise so go and have a wonderful time! We are in the early stages, way before final payment, planning for next summer. So far it is 6 btb cruises with a 4 night hotel stay in the middle. 79 nights total. We are worried about too many port days to wear us out, only 30 sea days. I guess we all have to worry about something! Our previous longest cruise was 42 days and we found we got into a routine, just like being at home with regard to eating, evening plans, sleeping, etc with the ports as the "outings." We read a lot of books, played board games, I kept a journal, we did quite a few cruise critic get-togethers, watched movies and TV. The days flew by. Maybe we are boring but that's okay. We are seeing the world, one piece at a time. Enjoy the planning. I find that is so much fun and I feel so prepared I don't worry at all once we get there. Ocalapat
  12. We are doing Cunard Queen Elizabeth- Baltic Highlights August 11, 2019. It is part of a longer trip for us and we are excited about St Petersburg and the other ports. Has anyone started thinking about excursions yet? Pat Ocala, FL
  13. I had the same problem. Is there any way to enlarge them?
  14. We so much enjoyed our day with Giovani of Rome in Limo. We were in port Civitavecchia in November 2016. Giovani met us at the ship, no searching required. He is a native of Rome and very much in love with his city. We felt this made for the perfect companion for the day. On the drive to the city he gave us wonderful commentary and information. Driving and parking being very tricky in Rome, most of our stops were made by him giving us detailed information and instructions and then staying with the van (or maybe moving it to stay out of trouble) We visited the Coliseum, Palatine Hills, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and more before lunch. For lunch he recommended a small place with a wonderful full meal including wine or other menu choices. In the afternoon we visited the Vatican with a guide arranged by Rome in Limo who was also excellent. After an amazing tour including the Sistine Chapel, St Peters Basilica and square and so much more our exhausted group walked a few blocks to meet our old friend Giovani who drove us back to the port with free wifi hotspot all the way. Other points to mention: the Mercedes minibus was new and very comfortable. We walked and visited inside and around all areas. This was not a drive by tour. All arrangements were made in advance by email and tickets were pre-purchased online for Vatican and Coliseum. It was all easy to accomplish and Rome in Limo was very responsive and gave excellent directions. We would definitely use Rome in Limo again and would ask for Giovani!
  15. If you are taking the Atlantic Adventurer this year and have not yet found your way over to the roll call board, please join us.
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