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  1. Reservations are highly recommended. They can be gotten at the box office on embark day or the next day.
  2. I was on the breakaway a month ago. The casino smoke didn't bother me and I am not a smoker. Muster drill was right at the noodle bar and ate there again mid cruise. The only time smoke bothered me at all was when I found myself in the cigar lounge coming in from the waterfront.
  3. This was actually my first cruise and I understand what the original poster was saying. While I did not see a waiter bring drinks to the thermal suite, I did see people bring drinks in with them. This caused a bit of an eyebrow raise and they were getting a bit loud for the thermal spa. The buffet, well the less said the better. I just figured it served its purpose of feeding the people who wanted quantity and kept people out of my way for the main dining rooms. Disembarkation was a mess. I don't know enough about normal procedures but I suspect the hold up was customs as other posters have suggested. We scheduled our reservations for specialty dinning 90 days in advance cause that is how we are so getting reservations were not a problem. The specialty dinning rooms did seem a little crowded but the food was great. Some sides were hit and miss but overall it was really good. We found the service in all the dining rooms to be wonderful. I will say that the crowd outside of Sid Norman's seemed to be always loud. We didn't spend enough time poolside to comment. The teenagers seemed to be constantly without adult supervision, especially after about 9 when their parents were presumably at the lounges. Having said all that, it was a great first experience and if this is the expectation of NCL going forward then I am fine with it. Is it perfect....no, was it overall relaxing and enjoyable, yes. Trying Celebrity in 2 years for the comparison.
  4. Nope. I am pretty sure that there is limit on how many rooms are returned on a call to keep from datamining that sort of thing.
  5. For our first cruise, wife and I have decided to split up the planning. I do the spreadsheets and she does the binder. Seems fair no?
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