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  1. Hi Cruisers: Just a little info on the new hand washing stations on ships on our last four cruises. I think it is a great idea but the only thing that bothered me after they wash their hand and pass the one or two washey, washey, singers several times there were no sanitizer offered or sprayed in hands. They go up to a buffet with clean hands ,and no germ killing sanitizer, and grab the serving utensil.
  2. Hi Cruisers: We have seven booked for this year and next April 27th and following May 25. Royal has not extended cash refund/1.25 FCC cancel past early April and I don't think they will until the last possible day as they would rather have you take the 100% FCC that has them keeping deposit and no cash return then having to fork over cash refund and nothing for future bookings locked in .
  3. We are going to e mail him today with their pictures from our cruise with them and hopefully they will be aboard. Will try to contact ship management a couple weeks before sailing.
  4. Just thought I would post this to show that the ship's staff remembers. We were on the Harmony in Sept & Oct 2019 and had my time dinning. We had such a great wait staff in Sept when we boarded in Oct (which turned out to be 11 days from hurricane) we got the same staff again. We parted ways after the cruise and have had no contact and have sailed three times since then on other vessels. This morning we received and e mail from India ,from our waiter, who is on his vacation home, saying hello and hoping that our 50th anniversary on Adventure in Jan went well. This really enforces that often how you treat the staff aboard later comes back to you. We will be on Harmony again in Nov. and hopefully we will look him up if we cannot connect for service. Bob & Nancy The Villages, Florida
  5. Hi John. Just wanted to thank you for your time & effort on getting the list together. Bob & Nancy
  6. The smaller the wording is for Diamond Plus the smaller the benefits get.
  7. 8 last year and seven booked in next 11 months. Bob & Nancy
  8. On Harmony you can get ice cream everyday in the windjammer for lunch. They have a stainless steel freezer permanent server on both port & starboard sides in the stern with usually with four flavors.He gave me a three scoop last visit.
  9. This is the exact wording on the compasses for Dec,19, Indy doing the Labedee ,Falmount five day. We leave sat on her doing this route. Where what you want. No shorts at dinner but that statement now is a joke. day 1 casual day 2 Formal day 3 Tropical day 4 casual Day 5 casual
  10. THese hotels and the ones in Fort lauderdale usually always say sold out until around 11 months out.In Fort lauderdal most hamptons saying same for feb. Going there for cruise next week and they will open for 21 in feb for my back to back in a few weeks. Bob
  11. Harmony has two stainless steel permanent bends on each side of windjammer in the stern and open for lunch daily. Usually four flavors.
  12. We had our November 14th ,7 day Indy cancelled also. Said our week had been Chartered. Got the same letter with 3 options. Didn't hurt my feelings as took a j4 junior on Harmony for November 15th. Option two and gave $400.00 o b c for switch along with additional $25.00 n from agent. Been sailing since 1991 and my first cancelled but look on line often and see a large number done on various lines.Bob
  13. We were on Adventure in Nov and on her again Sat. Cards in envelope on outside door . Bad thing could not get in Diamond lounge to wait around before cabin opening at 130. Had back to backers with card got in so we followed.. Cabin a few doors down from us people went to their cabin around 200pm and someone else had already got card outside opened door and made themselves comfortable by mistake.
  14. We got it also on Jan 4th Adventure. 2 lounge extension on Diamond lounge and Specialty coffee because of high number of Diamond, Dia. + , and Pinns. due to the time of year an ABC islands. Bob
  15. Hi fellow cruiser. Been quite a while since we used pier ten at Canaveral. Do you still go thru the garage to the surface lot and drop luggage a then u turn and park back in garage. We cruise a lot out of pier 1 but friend who in not on Critic is sailing out of ten. Have a nice Christmas and thanks for any info in advance. Bob & Nancy
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