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  1. Bob is correct AS ALWAYS. ha ha . On the Harmony twice in last few weeks and they stop all entry at 530. My time as stated is used in American Icon on 3 and 1st seating also and we had 645 reservations for my time and many tables were still occupied. Another bad idea.
  2. Can any recent cruiser advise if they have a My time Dinner suite checkin desk like on Harmony, Oasis and a few more. The white desk usually marked Pinnacle/suite checkin on Oasis class. Thanks in advance.
  3. ON Harmony twice in the last three weeks and My time does not start now until 630 pm in american Icon and they also use Icon for 1st seating dinner from 5 to 630, and also 1st on 4 & 5. Furniture worn and peeling but no problem with comfort. Many of the tables near windows have cloth type seats and in better shape. We had 645 my time reservations and many main seating early were still there finishing up. The new idea is a real cluster. Let Miguel,Matride. & Revelaro asst Matri. know thoughts. Breakfast and lunch Dinner only on 3 rd deck american Icon 630pm to 900
  4. We have been getting G&S in SEA CLASS the last 4 or 5 times on allure,oasis and Harmony. We get the G&S now in Sea class as have been over 340 for a while and just had it twice last month on Harmony. They give you the old Tube and thin soap on freedom class and others but have to remind them of points or see loyalty amb and will fix situation.
  5. On Harmony twice last month in a Jr. suite and bands on the bed. Black one,white , blue. Good for cabin but great in casino.leave sea pass secure and pass your band across sloth machine and activated. Waterproof as used in pool all day at coco.
  6. We like going to dinning room and go to waiter service side and after I order can get up and walk to center buffet and get some fruit choices or anything else to nibble on before order arrives.
  7. We just got off Harmony and went to lunch. Was in rear right corner or American Icon on a sea day. Two officers at ours, Loyalty ambassador , and Officer in charge of all repair s aboard. Had soup,shrimp ***** tail,steak, and dessert. Also offered fish dish. We had around 30 that attended. Diamond Plus 340 points before that sailing and above. Nancy & Bob
  8. American Icon for all breakfast , at sea lunches, and on Harmony they use it along with two other levels at dinner. That why My time doesn't start until 6pm on Harmony.
  9. Thanks so much for posting these. Maybe our paths will cross sometimes during our many travel. Bob & Nancy
  10. It's not that I can't get it tailored and we don't make and effort. We have cruised six times this year and have seven more booked including our 50th anniversary 8 day in Jan. making 76 cruises for us. Im with the one I love every day and don't need to put on my tuxedo to prove it or try to impress others. If you notice in my photo I can still wear it. Matter a fact the last time I had it on I had cruisers around me wearing shorts. If you want to dress formal or casual you can do so but don't get on these boards with your 7 or 8 posts and tell people to make and effort. Many cruiser that sail now don't wear suits or have one and many of our cruisers who FLY now have such tight luggage restrictions and pricing they leave the dress up home. If it bothers you about the dress I can give you a couple lines where it is mandatory for a coat & tie. Cruising the way we want to in Florida
  11. We are on 8 day Oct 26 on Adventure and menus are on appt. now.
  12. WE pulled in to garage at 950 , suite checkin and Diamond+ on Harmony and boarded suites at 1015 , three weeks ago, boarded suites at 1015 but Windjammer not open to 1110. Time is sometime 1130. Just got off Harmony yesterday and also boarded suites at around 1015 as soon as they had 0 count. Oasis usually 1100 last few months they were there.
  13. Hi Cruiser. Can you advise if you had to pay the service charge with the D+ bogo. We have two more of the old 2 night dinning package with service charge included, before they went with the Chops + 1 and raised the price. Will have to start with the Diamond + 2 for in Dec , Jan & Feb. Guess if they start charging service charge on bill comes out about the same as always leave tip. Thanks for info in advance Nancy& Bob
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