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  1. She is back at yard but not in drydock berthing as before. Show her this morning at town area terminal docked. No cranes,equipment etc at this area. Where ferries come in across from her.
  2. Royal,MSC and Disney are still booking all weeks in Sept out of Florida. Might see a couple ships of Royal doing Coco,Labidee etc in Sept. to see how operations goes.
  3. We sent our renewal in on certified mail and they received it March 5th. They received check and bank got notified on payment. Checked on line two or three times and says being processed. Also on their site said anything received after March 20th would be delayed. Ours there 15 days earlier and old ones sent, and nothing received. Goverment in action. Bob
  4. Hi cruisers. I received a fcc on my April 27th, Indy and my May 25th Mariner. Have not had any credit to my credit card for taxes. What is the time frame most have been experiencing? Thanks in advance
  5. Have used them appx. twenty times in last 6 years. Great service for airport & Cruise parking right outside gate on Eller drive. Have like 23 shuttles. Go on line and cheaper. If you join club (for free) free day every ten. Also if you cancel prompt refund to credit card. They are in appx five other states. Bob & Nancy Will be there in Sept,dec. and feb.
  6. We eat in the windjammer for lunch usually only when we have to on port days. Breakfast in the dinning room and lunch. I can remember when some offered lunch in dinning room at embarkation. Do a open seating lunch and Breakfast in all three dinning rooms starting at 700 to 1000 & lunch 1100 and run to 200 or so. Just put a few more offerings on menu. Can do a served by crew evening as not the demand in windjammer at night as lunch and breakfast. Bob & Nancy
  7. Posted Vickie Freed Statement on Buffet Royal Caribbean to Cut Traditional Buffet Once Cruises Resume Windjammer on Brilliance of the Seas May 15, 2020 Aaron Saunders Cruise Critic contributor (12:45 p.m. EDT) – The traditional cruise ship buffet is about to go overboard when sailings resume, according to Royal Caribbean executives. In a virtual Coffee Chat call with Royal Caribbean's senior vice president of sales and trade support & service, Vicki Freed, president and CEO Michael Bayley conceded that the hygiene changes that will go into effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic line will likely strike down the standard buffet offering, which has been a staple of cruising for decades. "I think in the beginning, there will not be a buffet…that's how I see it," said Bayley during the session. " We will utilize the space, we will utilize the Windjammer, but in all probability, it won't be a classical buffet. It will be something more akin to a restaurant." The news has generated significant buzz on Cruise Critic's message boards, with opinions from both buffet loyalist and those who are ready to move on. "Will be very disappointed if they do away with the [Windjammer, Royal Caribbean's onboard buffet offering]," writes Ashland. "Why can't they just use servers like they do when there's a Noro outbreak onboard?" "Oh man... that's the last plastic straw!" says Rocket3D. "What's next...no bars?" Others, however, say they won't miss the buffet experience. "I find the experience of eating at Windjammer restaurants and other buffets somewhat disgusting and only eat there reluctantly if there is absolutely no other choice," says LibertyBella. "Eating becomes a competition and a race instead of an experience to enjoy." "My thoughts — we will all be so glad to get back to cruising that whatever Royal comes up with will be accepted," writes Lady Hudson. "I am not a big Windjammer person so would not be a big loss for me. Unintended benefit — less noro[virus]?" While Royal Caribbean has not announced exact plans for the Windjammer buffet aboard its fleet, Bayley stated that any changes to the casual eatery would have to be made with the coronavirus pandemic in mind. "I think the key focus on dining is making sure that our guests have plenty of choices," said Bayley. "That choice has to be put through the lens of distancing, and safety and health." Royal Caribbean already had hand sanitizing stations on every vessel outside the Windjammer buffet, and some ships had full-service handwashing stations located at each entrance. During a sailing on Explorer of the Seas in early March, the line had employees stationed outside the Windjammer with large containers of sanitizer, making sure everyone used it before going in. These changes, however, are also mandated in part by the "No Sail" order issued in March by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which was extended in April to last for a period of no less than 100 days [July 24] as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Other changes to Royal Caribbean's sanitation and hygiene practices have not been revealed yet. Cruise Critic will report on these, when the line releases them.
  8. Just wanted to thank all again for taking your time and posting this infomation. We started on these boards in 2004 and changed info so now on March 2006. People like you are what makes these boards so great. Hopefully we may meet on one of our adventures on maybe we can furnish some info for one of the other cruisers. Nancy & Bob The Villages , Florida
  9. Parking at terminal A can you enter the garage and park and drop luggage in garage or wheel it down elevator to drop area. See in some post that circleing garage and going to drop area/pickup is sometimes conjusted and would like to park first if possible. Thanks for any info in advance. Bob & Nancy The Villages, Florida
  10. Thanks to all for your time and info. Last time we were in Miami for Royal the Soveign was sailing.
  11. Hi fellow Cruisers. Decided to ask for info a little early as boards are a little slow. We booked a Allure a couple days ago sailing out of Miami on 12-13. This will be our 80th cruise but have not sailed out of Miami in 20 years. We will be driving and hopefully find our way from turnpike ,thru the Tunnel ( that wasn't there) and park at terminal A. I have a couple questions. 1. Do you enter garage and drop off luggage before parking, or do you park and check luggage in garage before entering terminal? 2. We are in a Crown Loft Suite. In there a suite check in entrance at garage? Thanks in advance for any info you can give. Bob & Nancy The Villages , Florida
  12. 3,000+ Club January 6, 2008 4,777 posts Madrid/Marbella, Spain / Naples, FL Report post #362 Posted Sunday at 08:54 PM Finally a confirmation. It appears that Allure will be going to Cadiz sometime after May 20th for the needed drydock. I doubt we will get much confirmation soon of what they will be doing, but very happy they are moving forward.
  13. Royal Caribbean announced a massive enhancement and extension to its Cruise with Confidence program, which allows guests to cancel their cruises up to 48 hours before sailing. https://www.*****.com/sites/default/files/fb/cwc-1.jpg The "enhanced & extended Cruise with Confidence policy" was announced on Wednesday , where guests can cancel up to 48-hours prior to sailing in exchange for a 100% Future Cruise Credit on sailings through April 2022 for bookings made on-or-before August 1, 2020. In addition, Royal Caribbean announced "Lift & Shift", where guests can move their existing booking to next year, protecting their original price and promotion. Lift & Shift is available by selecting a future sailing on the same itinerary type, sailing length, stateroom category, and within the same 4-week period of their original cruise date same-time-next-year. It is not required that your client rebook on the same ship or ship class. Guests are eligible to rebook under the Lift & Shift guidelines between now and August 1, 2020. After this point, Lift & Shift expires and is no longer eligible. All pre-cruise purchases will be removed during the re-accommodation process and can be added to the future reservation, as desired, at prevailing rates. You can opt to Lift & Shift only one time. https://www.*****.com/sites/default/files/styles/500px/public/blog-images/RCI_AN_Aerials_Dec2015-016.jpg?itok=rlmQTspl Guests who take advantage of the Cruise with Confidence program can get a 100% Future Cruise Credit if they decide they would like to cancel their cruise vacation due to the current global situation. Non-Refundable Deposit bookings are eligible for Cruise with Confidence and follow the same guidelines. https://www.*****.com/sites/default/files/styles/500px/public/blog-images/RCI_PDC_062019_CC_AHendel_Ships_Drone_0206_RET_CMYK.jpg?itok=xnJ4LFq7 If you purchased a hotel or transfer, here is how it works: When electing for a Future Cruise Credit If you purchased hotel accommodations or transfers with Royal Caribbean, all charges will be automatically refunded. If you booked outside of Royal Caribbean, you will need to contact the company you booked through directly. When opting to Lift & Shift If you purchased hotel accommodations or transfers with Royal Caribbean, these will be removed during the re-accommodation process, but can be re-added, if desired, once confirmed on the future ship/sailing of choice at prevailing rates. If you booked outside of Royal Caribbean, you will need to contact the company you booked through directly. Lift & Shift blackout dates: Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year’s cruises are ineligible, unless you are currently confirmed on one of these sailings and wishes to take advantage of Lift & Shift to move to the same sailing next year (assuming all other qualifying criteria is met). Will you be more willing to book a cruise because of this enhanced policy? What do you think of the Lift & Shift offer? Share your thoughts in the comments! Comments
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