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  1. i used 3 $100 cards and got back one $300 card
  2. ~3/30: Carnival cancelled cruise scheduled for 5/2. 4/2: I requested full refund 5/7: Received Amex refund for just my prepaid room charges (water, massage) 5/22: Received remaining balance refund back to Amex. 5/22: Recieved a gift card in mail for what i paid with gift cards(via Fedex) Now i am curious as to when Amex will charge back for the $200 in promo credit they gave me.
  3. correct. but most cases people dont pay the full amount with gift cards. so for me i paid my cancelled cruise with $300 in gift cards and rest on my Amex. So i still opted for the full refund, because i want my Amex payment back which is much higher than the gift card.
  4. I just received a credit back to my credit card, today (5/7) for all my prepaid things on ship (massages and water for the room). I cancelled on 3/30 (via website) and my sail date was 5/3. Nothing on base fare or taxes yet. Hopefully they won't reverse the credit like they did to someone else earlier in this thread. Sucks to think that I should be on my 13 day Panama Canal cruise RIGHT NOW on the Legend. Today we would have been in Limon, Costa Rica. Probably just leaving the ship about now to go on some type of excursion, or maybe we would have decided to stay on board today (Limon didn't have a lot of things that i liked) and just got drunk at the pool.
  5. yeah i thought i was doing good on my last cruise when i upgraded to a standard balcony from an interior.
  6. cancelled 3/30, still no refund. cancelled via the website.
  7. usually caused by a worker cutting corners and not having proper fire watch on both sides of the bulkhead they are hot working on.
  8. for Legend it was supposed to leave Tampa on 5/3 and end in NYC on 5/16. stay in NYC for 1 month before heading to Europe. So my thought is Legend isnt leaving Tampa now since the 5/3 cruise was cancelled. Since Europe is on lockdown i think Legend will just stay in the US and that is why you dont see any bookings for Legend until November. Legend might be a ship without a home till then.
  9. Legend was arriving in NYC on May 16, after a Journey's cruise starting in Tampa. That was the cruise i was on. I think it stayed in NYC for 1 month and then headed to Europe. So since Europe is locked down for the Legend Summer sailinigs it appears Legend is without a home until November, when it would have returned from Europe.
  10. per the cancellation letter received today, through May 11. Radiance is also cancelled April 29, May 9, May 21, May 30, June 11.
  11. per the letter cancelling all cruises through May 11, Radiance was also cancelled April 29, May 9, May 21, May 30, June 11.
  12. per the cancellation letter i got today for all cruises cancelled through May 11. Radiance was also so cancelled April 29, May 9, May 21, May 30 and June 11.
  13. before my 5/2 cruise was cancelled, i was booked early saver and submitted a rate decrease request for a Casino Rate, and was denied twice. i submitted via the online form, but you might need to call to get it. i never did because i was 99% certain my cruise would be cancelled anyway
  14. we were supposed to be on the Legend Journeys Cruise out of Tampa on 5/2. It is now off the schedule, and i assume because the cruise was supposed to end in NYC. oh well, sucks for us, but what are you going to do.
  15. so if you are 70 years old, just tell them that you identify as a 30 year old healthy person. problem solved.
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