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  1. So just booked on the Adventure for June 19 cruise. This is my first RCCL cruise in over 15 years. So I see the deluxe drink package is $67/person + 18% gratuity. So for my cruise that would be $1107 for 2 people. Does Royal ever discount the drink packages or should I wait to buy it onboard? I figure for this cruise with 2 sea days and 2 days at CoCo Cay I will get my monies worth.
  2. just booked the June 19 cruise on Adventure. not grabbing travel insurance for this one. Between the Health Visa coverage, my work insurance which has international coverage, and my credit card coverage I think I am set since the cruise is only 45 days away.
  3. just booked the June 19 cruise. flying in on the 18th and staying at an Airbnb place about 2 blocks from the Hilton. Anyone know the going taxi rate from the airport to the Hilton? Also does anyone know when the cruise check ins will begin since the ship doesn't leave till real late?
  4. what is the going taxi rate from the airport to the Colonial Hilton?
  5. I am booked on a January 2022 Divina 12 day cruise that hits the ABC Islands, Cartegena, etc and also goes to Colon, Panama. So looks like the ship doesn't go into the Panama Canal like most ships and then turn around. So is my assumption correct that there will be excursions to book on smaller boats to take us through the locks and Lake Gatun. We are in Colon from 10am-6pm. I have never seen a cruise like this that the ship doesn't go in itself.
  6. current MahaHual is still more "authentic" than the Carnival cruise port hidden behind the security wall.
  7. they can absolutely dictate what the ship does at foreign ports by controlling the rules for the ship to return to the US port. oh, you want to come back to Miami? Well that will require a PCR test. Oh you don't want to PCR test everyone on board? Ok, you can come back without a test if you do x,y,z.
  8. wow these are 3 of our favorite ports to explore. Cozumel - go to the wild side for drinks, ocean, and no crowds. Costa Maya - go past the tourist cruise port, and head to Mahawual (the real mexican city) and walk the "board walk" and sit under an umbrella drinking beer. The ships used to port in Mahawhual or tender in, until Carnival built their own port to keep more money for themselves in the "authentic city of Costa Maya" 😉 Mahogany Bay - hire a private driver and go where ever we feel like going that day and just wing it. One trip we even stopped
  9. Pretty tough for Carnival, or any other cruise line, to make any decisions considering the CDC is driving the boat right now. If these type of "secondary" concerns are what will drive you to sail or not sail, then you will have to wait awhile and see how things shake out and policies stabilize, but I would assume for the next year or two policies will keep changing weekly. I think with RCCL for their first cruises out of Nassau and Bermuda the final policies for those June cruises wont be set until 2 weeks out.
  10. So per the deck plans, the only extended balcony that is not recessed, is on Deck 5 forward. But that would put you directly above the theater, so you would have to consider possible noise from that. If an extended balcony is your preference, I would go with the extended balconies on decks 7 or 8, in the "forward recess." That recess is a much longer row of rooms than the back recess, so if you get a room in the middle of that row, you still should have good site lines forward and aft, but you will still not be able to look straight down due to the lifeboats but honestly I don't think that
  11. yes it is nice to be able to lean out, on a regular balcony, and be able to look forward or aft at the water. But your comment about being able to see people in the extended balconies from the corner balcony really isnt true. At the end of the balcony there is a metal divider blocking the view, it is not open. You have to lean out pretty far in order to see around the divider and look back into the regular balconies. I had 6218 on Miracle a few years back and some friends had an extended balcony on Deck 5 aft of us, so when we wanted to check in and talk it was difficult.
  12. you can search on www.choiceair.com. looking at flights from the Washington DC area flights through RC are about $40/person cheaper than Kayak.com. but RC flights are fully refundable where Kayak isnt. I looked at flights for the 1st 2 cruises out of Nassau in June and about 3 weeks ago the price was about $310/person and now they are $600/person.
  13. Can only imagine all these execs high fiving and popping the champagne cork in December 2019, blissfully ignorant of January 2020. talk about bad timing.
  14. Biker19, feel free to NOT click on any link that has COVID in the title.
  15. wow, never knew that, had to go look it up. sure enough.
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