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  1. but why is John the gatekeeper?
  2. how do they do assignments? i always assumed a computer algorithm did it. Last cruise we were at a 6 top and had 2 newly wed couples, we were celebrating an anniversary, so i assumed that "wedding dates" was the common theme. I would assume age also plays a part?
  3. although i do prefer CocaCola over Pepsi, it isnt much of a big deal. but how people cannot tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi amazes me. they are soooo different.
  4. why is 4 days the magic number?
  5. wife and i are booked on Legend in May 2020 and are doing early dining. So is there anyway to request, ahead of time, to be sat at the 6 top tables which are around the perimeter of the room by the windows? or do we need to wait to see the Maitre d once we board?
  6. So i have a booking through Carnival PVP. Looks like price of bookings is only going up at this point, so if there was a TA that was offering additional OBC, could i transfer the booking to them and keep my existing rate?
  7. about 6 months out. i cant see any farther ahead schedule wise
  8. i just booked on the Legend, last week, for May 2020. I just put the deposit down and was able to immediatly select my dining time and bed preference.
  9. based on website the Legend arrives in NY on May16, 2020 (cruise i am on). then does 2 East Caribbean cruises in May and then is on to Europe for June and on.
  10. I have been on 1 NCL cruise and 1 Carnival cruise. Last years Carnival cruise was on Miracle, and the one we just booked is the Legend. Not the same exact ship but same class, but my wife and I loved the Spirit class ships since they are small and have the Serenity deck with a pool. So 2 cruises and basically the same ship.
  11. I am on a Journey cruise that starts in Tampa and then returns to NY on May 16, 2020, on the Legend. Where can i find which cruise terminal we will dock at? i looked over my itenerary in my Carnival account and cant find it. I have narrowed it down to Pier 90 in Manhattan or Brooklyn Terminal
  12. Deck 5 rooms below you are the obstructed view rooms. These the top of the life boats are even with your balcony rail, so you can see straight out and up, but not down. So you will be completely above the lifeboats but cant look straight down, which really isnt that big of a deal, you will be able to see water, maybe about 20 ft out from the boat. also on these rooms if the boats were not there and you looked down, you would see the Promenade deck anyway since your rooms are inset a little bit. Overall you will be fine and hardly notice.
  13. you will be able to look down more than Deck 5, but you will have some restriction. you will not be able to see straight down and see the hull/waterline.
  14. i see an aft extended balcony on the Legend. It is Deck 4, Rooom 4232, which is right above the dining room. any issues with noise? looking at aft balcony since it will be a Panama Canal partial transit and seems like aft balconies give a pretty good view all around.
  15. do you find that more people dress up on Formal nights on longer Journey's cruises? We are looking at the 13 day Panama canal cruise on the Legend in May. Do you think that certain decks have better views for transiting the Canal? ie is deck 7/8 better than Deck 4/5 in terms of what you can see? Also there are obstructed view balconies due to the life boats, would having the obstructed view, in which you cant look down, affect any of the experience while transiting?
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