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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys! Unfortunately my friend isn't going to make the trip, but fortunately my mom stepped in last minute and is taking her place. Had to book a couple last minute flights, and adjust to a completely different travel friend, but happy to have someone to go with. I have to give major props to Norwegian...despite their website that says that a change of passenger is considered a rebook, i called to change the 2nd passenger and was never asked for any money! No changes fees or anything! This has been the most stressful 24 hours. Ive never needed
  2. We've got all our fingers and toes crossed, but i just don't know. And I want to be prepared if she doesn't make it. I've traveled solo before and loved it (Amtrak trip across the US), but its different traveling solo when its a last minute cancellation like this versus a planned solo trip. Think ill pack an extra book now
  3. Were on the Dawn leaving 5/1. Stops in Nassau, GSC, and Key West
  4. My friend that is supposed to go with me on our cruise was in the ER last night with some awful version of strep that caused her to pass out. We are supposed to fly out tomorrow night for our cruise on Wednesday. Unfortunately no trip insurance, so were in a tough spot. I feel awful for her because there's a 98% chance she cant go and will loose all the money and the trip we've been so excited about, and i'm feeling pretty bummed myself that i'm now cruising alone. So: Any tips on cruising solo? I've researched a million things about this trip, but not anything about this. How do y
  5. Our schedule is Nassau to GSC to Key West. So we would be coming from Nassau. I just hadnt read about anyone that went to Key West overnight, so didnt know if it was even a possiblity. Im guessing we will just get a sea day, as we dont have any sea days in the current schedule. Either way, were on vacation so its all a win
  6. I'm trying to plan excursions for my cruise on the Dawn on May 1-5. Our schedule is Nassau, GSC, and Key West. I've read that GSC may get skipped, which looks possible based on current forecasts of winds up to 30 mph. I'm crossing my fingers that that changes in the next few weeks, but want to have an idea of what is most likely to happen if we do miss the private island. Would we go to Key West early? Go back to Nassau? Go somewhere else? Sea day? A lot of the message boards I've read said they went to Nassau early in the cases where they didnt make GSC, but in our i
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