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  1. We have hired through Rite Price rentals as they are close to the port in Tauranga.
  2. Thank you @Budget Queen. I am not sure we will have 3 hours with needing to pick up the car and allow for traffic. I will try and plan for as long a time there as I can.
  3. Thank you @IWantToLiveOverTheSea. You have certainly helped me as we may not have the 3 hours recommended. At least I know we will still be able to see a lot.
  4. Thank you @ozzandwitchy. I understand now why they say 3 hours.
  5. Hi, Newbie question - I am cruising on the Ruby Princess next month and wondered if I need to bring socket adaptors so I can plug in my chargers etc - assuming they are US style on the ship? TIA!
  6. Thank you @OzKiwiJJ. I read the website but thought three hours seemed a lot for the features listed. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi everyone. Just wondering if someone who has been to Wai-O-Tapu (near Tauranga) could advise how long it takes roughly to see everything? Just trying to plan out a day trip where we are hiring a car and driving there and trying to estimate how long we need at the park. Thanks in advance. Sara
  8. All sympathy to you and your fellow countrymen/women. What a dreadful event. What a curious approach for Celebrity to take. I am sure there are lots of Kiwis on board, and there was no way to prevent the news reaching passengers. A poor show not to offer an expression of sympathy.
  9. Thanks again @oskarNZ. Being a total newbie I hadn’t considered that re connecting cabins. Sigh. I appreciate the heads up though. 🙂
  10. Thank you @oskarNZ for your advice. I did not know about the Celebrity cruises or the Splendor potentially having cabins for 5. I will always compare the price of two cabins to the 5 person option (if available). My eldest child is only 13, so at this point it would need to be two adjoining cabins but still may be cheaper than the larger cabin options for 5. Does anyone know if there is a charge for having connected cabins? Sara
  11. Thank you @Kiwi_cruiser. I didn’t know that. Is that a P&O ship or from a different line?
  12. @Porky55 Thanks again. Probably TMI, but we are booked for our first cruise in Feb 2020 in a group of 18. My 13 year old (eldest) will be in a cabin with his uncle and cousin. So, cabin issues solved there. I am looking beyond to our next, and researching options, of course. RC have confirmed they do have cabins for 5 sailing from Australia, I just have to call to confirm availability. Princess has not responded yet and I can’t find a contact email for Carnival so will call when I am more firm on which cruise. And prob after our first to make sure everyone wants a sec
  13. Thank you @Chiliburn. I do think that the 3 connected rooms would be way out of my price range but good to know if extended family are travelling with us. @Porky55 Spot on as to my circumstances and likely budget. :)
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