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  1. We have hired through Rite Price rentals as they are close to the port in Tauranga.
  2. Thank you @Budget Queen. I am not sure we will have 3 hours with needing to pick up the car and allow for traffic. I will try and plan for as long a time there as I can.
  3. Thank you @IWantToLiveOverTheSea. You have certainly helped me as we may not have the 3 hours recommended. At least I know we will still be able to see a lot.
  4. Thank you @ozzandwitchy. I understand now why they say 3 hours.
  5. Hi, Newbie question - I am cruising on the Ruby Princess next month and wondered if I need to bring socket adaptors so I can plug in my chargers etc - assuming they are US style on the ship? TIA!
  6. Thank you @OzKiwiJJ. I read the website but thought three hours seemed a lot for the features listed. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi everyone. Just wondering if someone who has been to Wai-O-Tapu (near Tauranga) could advise how long it takes roughly to see everything? Just trying to plan out a day trip where we are hiring a car and driving there and trying to estimate how long we need at the park. Thanks in advance. Sara
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