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  1. That's their business plan ----- take it or leave it.
  2. How much ----- oh never mind.
  3. Viking likes to get interest free loans. And they get away with it.
  4. One of the pitches you always from a new car salesman is that you should think about buying now because there is a deal, blah, blah, blah, that expires soon. What they don't tell you is that there is always another deal.
  5. An aircraft crashes right on the Russia/China border. Where do you bury the survivors?
  6. You left out "What does a ship weigh before it leaves port?"
  7. If they don't know how to secure the boats properly they aren't Seamen.
  8. The Brittany American Cemetary should not be missed either. And you might want to consider the Hotel Montgomery in Pontorson, once home to the Dukes of Montgomery (one of whom had the distinction of accidentally killing the French King in a joust). Very historic and quaint. Bayeux was of no strategic value and it's many fine examples of classic Norman architechure are original. Absolutely charming town - don't forget the Bayeux Tapestry and be sure to sip some Calvados.
  9. I wonder about the St. Petersburg tours and if anyone here would chime in. We had planned on Alla Tours for the cruise we would be on as I type. Alla and a couple others are very highly recommended and regarded for the two days in St. Petes. On the re-book for about the same time next year however, we have a goodly amount of voucher credit to "use up" and switching to Viking offerings in St. Petes might be a good way. Anyone recommend alternatives to Alla that they found at least acceptable?
  10. "Vouchers and Shipboard Credits will be automatically applied to your purchases of excursions, beverage package, and prepaid gratuities. These must be used before your journey begins." Shipboard credits must be used before your journey begins?
  11. They figure, given the average age of their customers, that they already know how to dance 🙂.
  12. Still says the same thing.
  13. How does it go in the buffet/cafe? Does SSBP do you any good there?
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