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  1. I didn't realise how prolific captive dolphins were in the Caribbean, it's barbaric and unnecessary and only perpetuated by tourists paying for the experience. Dolphins travel 100's of miles a day in the ocean in large family groups. It should be illegal to keep captive Whales and Dolphins full stop. I swam in Madeira, in the ocean and if the dolphins wanted to approach they could and if not they didn't, they did approach and were curious but they had free choice to swim off again unlike those captured. It's shameful.
  2. Thanks, I did contact Stuarts cove but they pick up at 11.30am from the port so it's not open for me to do the afternoon dives, I might be able get a taxi and rush to the dive shop directly to make the 1.00pm but that would depend on how quickly I could get off the ship, so I will go diving in St Thomas instead. Thanks for the reply's.
  3. Brilliant thanks, I couldn't find anything about diving but maybe had I searched St Thomas I may have lol.
  4. If you can swim with them on a planned excursion chances are they are captive, irrespective of how big the 'pool' is. You can swim with free, wild dolphins in the Azores or Madeira.
  5. I have booked a first time Caribbean cruise in May next year, MSC Seaside which visits San Juan, Charlotte Amilie in the virgin isles , Nassau and then the MSC Ocean cay island. Is there any diving in the Virgin isles ? I have read up about Nassau and would love to do the shark dive but we don't arrive until Noon , leaving at 8pm so I think I will be pushing it to meet the dive trips. I have no idea what Ocean cay area is like or if there are dive excursions. Thanks.
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