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  1. Thanks, I did contact Stuarts cove but they pick up at 11.30am from the port so it's not open for me to do the afternoon dives, I might be able get a taxi and rush to the dive shop directly to make the 1.00pm but that would depend on how quickly I could get off the ship, so I will go diving in St Thomas instead. Thanks for the reply's.
  2. Brilliant thanks, I couldn't find anything about diving but maybe had I searched St Thomas I may have lol.
  3. If you can swim with them on a planned excursion chances are they are captive, irrespective of how big the 'pool' is. You can swim with free, wild dolphins in the Azores or Madeira.
  4. I have booked a first time Caribbean cruise in May next year, MSC Seaside which visits San Juan, Charlotte Amilie in the virgin isles , Nassau and then the MSC Ocean cay island. Is there any diving in the Virgin isles ? I have read up about Nassau and would love to do the shark dive but we don't arrive until Noon , leaving at 8pm so I think I will be pushing it to meet the dive trips. I have no idea what Ocean cay area is like or if there are dive excursions. Thanks.
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