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  1. I'm convinced! Thank you for the feedback. I can't wait!
  2. We are lucky enough to be booked in a corner family cabin (2 adults, 2 teens) on our Summit sailing. I have read on here that these are the most desirable balconies on the ship next to the penthouse and I'm really excited. Has anyone sailed in these and been bothered by the closed wall below railing/limited ability to see out when seated in the lounge chairs? I'm wondering which is better the corner or the one next to it with open glass below the railing. I'm sure both are amazing, I just envision sitting in the lounge chair and watching the sail away and can't decide if I could see anything when seated in the corner balcony. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. We were on Summit in April and Infinity in August. The printed menus in the dining seemed the same, but several evenings on Infinity there were chef's specials that were very good - we tried the chicken teriyaki and butter chicken. We were not informed of any specials on Summit - not sure if they existed or not for sure.
  4. You can buy travel size bottles that are 3 oz and can be packed in your carryon.
  5. I was on this sailing as well. Another important thing to point out in addition to the round trip cost comparison is that many taxis will refuse the $10 fare into town - they are hoping to take passengers on a tour or more expensive journey to a beach and will refuse the lower fare. We heard others complain that they had difficulty and felt the drivers were rude when they tried to get a ride just into town. We had a pick up for a private excursion in the morning and had no trouble finding a taxi to bring us back to the ship from old town close to the on board time when the chance of higher fares was slim.
  6. Did the email pretty much confirm everything already listed here or did you learn anything new? We would be interested in the kitchen tour, I didn’t know that was included as one of the perks, were instructions for how to sign up for that in the email? Thanks.
  7. Please help, I’ve done a lot of research and trying to make the final decision on which cruise to book for our family (kids are 11 and 13). We have decided on a one way from Vancouver ending in Anchorage so we can do a few days to Denali at the end (on our own not through a CL). Have narrowed it down to Island Princess or Westerdam/Noordam on HAL. It seems both lines offer good naturalist programs which we would find very interesting. The Princess cruise goes to Icy Straight Point and College Fjords and HAL goes through the Inside Passage and to Ketchikan. Everything else on the itinerary is the same. Is one a big advantage over the other? Is either a clear winner in food quality (especially Alaskan specialty offerings) or entertainment offerings? Does either have a covered pool (that isn’t adults only)? Our kids probably wouldn’t use a kids/teen club and would be with us so things for the whole family are more important than quality of the kids club offerings. We could also consider RC Radience of the Seas if that is way better for families, but it goes to Hubbard instead of Glacier Bay and I have read that Glacier Bay is a “must see”. I don’t anticipate getting to go back so trying to decide on the best fit for our one chance to experience Alaska. Thanks for any insight!
  8. I called X concerned because our cabin that we have booked on a Summit cruise shows as being a double on the new Milllenium deck plan. I was also told that it will stay a triple on Summit. I hope they are correct but I’m a little nervous too. I did see on another post that someone posted a chart and it showed that M is losing more triples than Summit. I believe it was on the big Millenium Revolution post.
  9. I saw something on the website that it is subject to a corkage fee. Is this only if you bring it to the dining room? You can enjoy in your stateroom with no fee, correct?
  10. I was able to get through tonight and they told me that our stateroom (8185) will still be able to accommodate 3 people. I hope this is true. They did say there are around 400 staterooms that changed capacity but they claimed those went from 4 to 3. That seems different than what others are reporting here, so not sure what to believe.
  11. We are on the Summit for the same sailing. On the updated Millenium deck plan it looks like the cabin we have booked is changing from a 3 person to a 2 person. Did you find that when you logged onto Celebrity and went to “manage your reservation” that was where you saw the change? As of right now ours still says capacity of 3. We are booked in one of the C1 aft cabins for the first time and I will be very disappointed if that isn’t available for our family anymore. I’ll call tomorrow. Did you find they were very accommodating? And more informed now than a few days ago? Thanks for any advice.
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