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  1. We were on board in May for 2 weeks first cruise so really didn't know what to do P&O had just introduced drinks package so we really didn't know what to do. We had purchased the wine package so we had a bottle each evening but we also had a bottle of procecco on a afternoon on sea days you have a book of vouchers and you can use them whenever and wherever you want to. We didn't scrimp with drinks so we had a mixture of coffee, cocktails, g&t and other drinks and some for friends and our bill for two weeks was about £500 so much less than drinks package. Hope this helps.
  2. Maybe this wouldn't have even made the news if the reporter hadn't been on board? Also not sure what the link was between patriotic party and black tie night. My guess is that most folks wouldn't have known what was happening, and you know how the story grows with each telling. I think a large pinch of salt is required. Also I have heard really inappropraite comments from people who really should know better usually when in lifts and they were quite sober at this point, so unpleasant things happening is not always drink related.
  3. We have just returned from Britannia and both wine packages were available, we had the captains choice which had a decent selection. Please be aware that you can't use wine packages in The Glasshouse, and if you want them in the Limelight club you may have to ask in advance for the wine you have as the wine waiters will have to fetch the wine from store/bar.It was useful but would get one next time we cruise.Overall we felt the drinks package was expensive. We drank what we wanted beers,wine G&T, cook tails, and it was much cheaper than drinks package.
  4. Whilst the seas were not particularly rough the weather report stated Britannia was sailing in to a strong head wind, and this delayed our progress.We were due to dock at 6.00am and didn't dock until 8.30 we got off the ship at around 12.15, cleared car park by 1.00 pm travelled back to Yorkshire, home by 5.00 pm. I can understand people's frustration, but these things happen, and I am sure that everyone is doing there best to resolve the problems.
  5. What time did Britannia get into port and then finally sail today. I feel for people who are going on holiday, but also feel for the staff who have to make sure everything is ready, in a short space of time,it will be a really long day for them.
  6. We purchased a combined hop on/off bus tickets and a skip the queue entrance and up the tower for 77€ for two but you do need to book early on.We still had to queue to go through security, but we didn't have to wait to get in the building.Whatever you do sagrada familia is amazing.Enjoy
  7. Hi Caravan37 Dreary in MDR food or company?
  8. yes realized that was Aussie rules .... Different in rugby and cruising thanks for all the help
  9. Gosh I cannot believe that such a broad spectrum of people that come from what is in effect is a random sample of ages, backgrounds etc can be so judge mental. We are going on our first cruise, it has cost us in comparison to our various other holidays, what we consider quite a lot of money. We both come from professional backgrounds of education and environmental engineering but it feels like because we are going with P and O we are slumming it and by the way we come from Yorkshire
  10. Question about soft drinks - just read that you cannot take plastic bottles of soft drinks\ water on board only cans is this correct?
  11. Thanks Andy I do tend to take the critical comments with a hefty pinch of salt🍾
  12. We are 58 and 63 and Britannia in May will be our first ever proper cruise we have Narrowboat and cruise on that but it's not quite the same. Really excited 3 weeks to go😎
  13. Thanks Hansol I'm so glad I put this on here as if not I wouldn't have had a clue, checked our passports on the link you suggested and we do need to renew. CAn you image turning up on that day only to be told you can't sail. We have spent the morning renewing on line using premium service as we sail in 4 weeks, cost an eye watering £177. 00 each and a trip to Durham passport office to collect on Friday. CHeck you dates
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