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  1. Yes. We cancelled about 20 days out from our March 29 cruise. Got about 60% back on cc and the balance as FCC. Our TA looked after all of it.
  2. We replaced our April 10 day Panama cruise on Zuiderdam with a 7 day Mexico cruise on KDam in October. The FCC covers the cost as we got about 60% refunded. I am hoping the cruise will be able to happen. We booked as a use-it-or-lose-it on FCC.
  3. I can't see it anywhere. It kicks me out when I go to make a payment. It must know it is already paid for. (Sailing hopefully in 20 days) Would love to find it!
  4. Our cruise is March 29th. As long as Westjet will take me to / from Fort Lau, we are going on the cruise. If flights get cancelled - game changer.
  5. I got right through using 1 800 541 1576. I canceled my cabana as I THINK I should be able to find a prime deck chair starting March 29. And check your gmail junk folder. HAL sent out emails to everyone but lots went to junk. I read mine today but it was sent days ago. It fully explains what their plan is.
  6. Bottomless mimosas sounds great. I didn't see it mentioned on their menu. Is it offered every day? Like the original poster, our flight is after 2 so we have a few hours to kill. And since FLL airport doesn't have an airport lounge, I too am looking for a place to lounge a few hours with luggage.
  7. I spent a pre-cruise night here in Nov 2019. It was okay for the price, and for only one night. I used the airport shuttle to hotel, and Uber to port. Rooms are very dated. The outside pool area was busy in the evening and during breakfast. For my upcoming (hopefully not being cancelled!) March 29 cruise, my pre cruise hotel is a Wyndham Garden property in Dania Beach that I got a great rate off Expedia, and I expect it to be much nicer.
  8. I have a similar one booked with Gio Tours in April. Hope I am just as pleased. Care to share the stops you liked best?
  9. It shows up on HALs already booked page. I am going to buy it once on board using an OBC. It includes water too so I am going to get a couple and bring back to the ship. And it is only good on HMC.
  10. Any idea if other 'Dam ships will follow? I am on Zuiderdam the end of March and this would be excellent for me!
  11. I got a lot of info from this thread:
  12. I have a cabana booked for my 10 day Panama cruise in April and I am debating cancelling it. Did you use it most days? Was it usually windy by the cabanas? Were most of them booked? Can you recommend a non-family one to choose if I keep it? Was a glass of champagne served each day? Thank you.
  13. Please post if you do get around to writing a review. I am on her for 10 days starting March 29 and hungry for info!
  14. Thank you very much! Blue Bay it will be.
  15. Continuing my search for a beach visit. I think Mambo looks too busy. Blue Bay - maybe. I have found mention of the 2 beaches in my subject line. Are they far from the port? Easy to get to via taxi? Is one better than the other? Prices? I don't want to go on a 4 - 7 hour tour. Just want a couple hours at a nice beach, then wander around what ever is walkable from the port at Willemstad. Any info / advice is appreciated.
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