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  1. No! I wouldn’t find it enjoyable not one bit. If Royal paid me to go on a cruise with masks & social distancing, I still wouldn’t go. How the hell could you enjoy that experience?! Imagine if an outbreak occurred! No chance whatsoever of feeling safe & relaxed. I’ll wait for the vaccine.......... thank you very much.
  2. It’s not the passengers that the cruise lines are really worried about...... it’s their crew members!
  3. We prefer inside cabins for the complete darkness. Also, we only ever use our cabin for sleeping & showering etc. Way too many areas on the ship to be explored, experienced, discovered & enjoyed having a drink or mingling etc. We are never in bed before 11PM. We always get the deluxe drink package. We always get the unlimited dining package. We never use the overpriced spa services. We budget to spend $100 a night in the casino. We always do our own tours/excursions. Last year we did the exact same tour & route as offered by Royal in Rome, but, we used Rick Steves audio guide. We took the shuttle bus, train & did the same walking tour. Our cost $20 each, Royal wanted $350 per person! Whilst we were enjoying our lunch, we saw the frustration of all the tour groups walking behind the leaders holding their paddle numbers up - that’s not for me on holidays! Sipping my beer watching them was a real pleasure though. Our thoughts are once we get on the ship, we don’t want to think about money, we’re here to have a great time & create wonderful memories. Finally, on the last cruise we did get the Key & made great use of all the inclusions, especially jumping the queue on the tender ports. I’m not sure if I’m frugal, but, I do want value for money. However, with COVID we’ll definitely not be cruising for the first 3-4 months once cruising is given the green light to sail, we’ll let the die hard cruisers be the guinea pigs.
  4. That makes sense. You’ve got plenty of time for cost analysis & planning. That’s how I do things also. Only wish my adult children would do the same. While l’m not retired just financially independent, the real way I make money is by meticulous analysis & planning. Wifey always says to me “how much have you saved on this”.😂
  5. Not in Australia. Retired: receiving tax free income/pension usually over 65 years old. Financially independent: living off investments & still paying tax.
  6. No. Don’t forget to take into account how much you’ll save on food, energy, water, fuel etc. whilst being on the ship rather than living your normal life. 😉
  7. Qantas Australia has just cancelled all international flights until March 2021, except for New Zealand. Everybody on these boards agrees with one thing..... flights will resume well ahead of cruising.
  8. In Australia the Victorian Premier just announced a full 6 weeks lockdown as the second wave of the virus hits that state. The state of Victoria is finding 100 plus new community transmissions each day. When pressed on whether the BLM rally had any impact, he claimed only 4 cases have been linked to the rally. He did say, the image of people roaming the streets without masks & social distancing sent the wrong message to the broader community & hence, we now have outbreaks all over. Based on the governments reaction to a 100 new cases it seems certain cruising out of Australia won’t happen for a long long time. The USA is in a 1000 times worse position!
  9. Most enjoyable! Love that red hat!! The Intercontinental at Miami is where we stayed before our first ever cruise on our honeymoon in 1993 on the Carnival Ecstasy. Thanks for the memories. Cheers 🍹🥂🍻
  10. Australia’s CMO just announced that it will be highly unlikely that international travellers will be allowed into the country until a vaccine becomes available (excluding New Zealand & Pacific Islands). The governments priority is to protect the countries most vulnerable residents. CMO is increasingly optimistic a vaccine will be available in the near future...... if not, the government will have to re-evaluate the situation. The Prime Minister & Cabinet have today made it compulsory for returning travellers to have a Covid 19 test at the start of & on the 14th day of the hotel quarantine. Interestingly, social distancing reduced to 1 person per 2 square metres for indoor venues.
  11. I’m hoping for a circumnavigation of Australia cruise. All we need is a company to send a ship down under!
  12. Qantas Australia’s largest airline has just sacked 6,000 workers & announced significant international travel most likely not going to start until after July 2021. Unlikely to see international cruises starting before the airlines.
  13. Sorry GM1999, but, your money has been used to pay for someone else’s refund. Not mine as I’m still waiting for refunds & FCC’s about 50 days now & counting. The sooner Royal gives me my refunds & FCC’s the quicker I can get off this RC CC board as it is very depressing. Unfortunately, the FCC ties me into Royal, so I feel compelled to book one more cruise with them.
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