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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like we can save the money on the rain pants, so that’s good. Don’t think we’ll go crazy on the shoes either. Our North Face & LL Bean 3-in1 jackets should be perfect though. Those get good use over here in New England as it is in spring/fall, so should be good there. 2 more weeks! Can’t wait!
  2. Has anyone really needed rain pants or waterproof shoes while on their cruise? We’re trying to not go crazy with what we are buying and packing. We all have nice 3-in-1 rain coats. Just curious what others have found necessary while up there. In Juneau doing a private whale watch tour, walk around Mendenhall and walk around town a little. In Skagway renting a Jeep. Thanks!
  3. what/where is the popcorn factory in Skagway? Also heard there is a place to eat in Carcross? Did you see anything there?
  4. drusiermd....glad to hear Green Jeep tours was good! We have one reserved in August. I saw on their website that they now offer picnic lunches and iPads for tour guide info with the Jeeps. Can you confirm that? Or maybe just with new reservations.
  5. The photo packages finally showed up on the cruise planner for our August cruise in Alaska on Ovation. $199 for 20 photos, or $249 for all photos. Do these packages ever have discounts like all the other items in the cruise planner, or should I expect this to be the cheapest it gets? And how many photos would someone expect to have taken on a 7-night cruise?
  6. I purchased The Key for our Alaska cruise on Ovation in August, and as we know, one of the perks is lunch at Chops Grille (although I am now seeing you can also choose from a couple other restaurants as well.). I’m getting nervous seeing some of the paired down menus for the embarkation lunch at Chops, some only having a few options for entree’s. My wife doesn’t eat red meats, so these limited menus won’t be very exciting for her. Hoping to see if anyone on the upcoming cruises can verify what the Key lunch menus will look like on Ovation. Also, our two kids eat like a good majority of young kids. Does anyone know if Chops will have a kids menu for the embarkation lunch, or if we could request basic kids items (chicken tenders, grilled cheese, etc.)? Thank you!
  7. I have been wondering the same thing.
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