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  1. That's got nothing to do with this topic. If your cruise is affected due to weather or other reasons while you are at sea that is out of our control and I would accept this.
  2. Why are so many people jumping on the band wagon: This post was started for the people it affects and are not happy with the change in berth. So if your happy with the changes made to the berth have a good cruise. Also abstract from response from P&O Further to your recent telephone conversations with our Contact Centre, I am sorry for any disappointment caused due to Ventura's berth in Amsterdam being changed. like i have said previously if the port would have been into IJmuiden i most defiantly would not of booked this cruise.
  3. Sorry for missing some of your posts, but from what I can see is you won't see a bad word said against p&o. If your happy to wait in a que for a coach with a possible 3k other passengers for a 40 + minutes transfer each way and not be able to get on and of the ship when you want thats not what I booked this trip for.
  4. I know its all cruises that are affected but i'm only booked on one of them!! (are you booked on one), As for the change is better for some that maybe the case but looking at the comments i cant see anyone agreeing, only the ones who where affected due to high winds previously. Like i said this is the only reason i booked this cruise was the overnight in Amsterdam being able to walk back to ship when i wanted to.
  5. Sandra i got my response within 2 days, you can see it in my other posts! Think ill stick with RC in future
  6. I can see by some of the comments that this change of port doesn't affect you, as you are probably not even booked on this cruise. Well i am, and the only reason that i booked it was the stop over in Amsterdam. Which was clearly stated when i booked it in July 2018. To be told of the change of berth 59 days before i travel and surprisingly P&O cut off to make changes to your booking is 60 days before travel. So yes i am well upset over this. This is my first cruise with P&O and is not going down too well, if any port etc has to be altered during the cruise i can except that. I have logged my complaint with ABTA
  7. Hi all Has anyone started a complaint with ABTA or looked into legal action yet
  8. Had this response from them Further to your recent telephone conversations with our Contact Centre, I am sorry for any disappointment caused due to Ventura's berth in Amsterdam being changed. I would like to advise that we have extended Ventura's stay in Amsterdam to factor in the travelling times. Therefore, you will still have the same amount of time in central Amsterdam and we will be running complimentary shuttle buses for the duration of our time in the port of call. The times of the shuttle buses will be confirmed on board and the service will be running throughout the day and night. The last shuttle bus will arrive back to the ship approximately 30 minutes prior to Ventura's scheduled departure on 15 April. The shuttle buses will be operating once Ventura has docked into IJmuiden and once clearance has been granted by the port authority. The pickup and drop off point will be at the Museum Square underground parking lot in Amsterdam. The shuttle buses will be running frequently throughout the day and the times during the overnight call may differ slightly. However, as mentioned above the times will be confirmed to you on board. We do mention in our booking conditions that we reserve the right to amend the berth arrangements and itineraries should this be necessary for any reason. Although we naturally avoid making such changes, I am so sorry that this condition has become so relevant in your case. P&O Cruises does not consider the change of the berth to be a significant alteration, therefore no gestures of compensation are being offered. I do hope the above information has assisted with your concerns and we do look forward to welcoming you on board soon. Kind Regards Emily Cole Guest Relations Representative
  9. Just rang them, As its not a significant change this paragraph doesn't count.
  10. Nice one docco I'm going to ring them now to see if I can get through to the complaints dep't,
  11. Not sure but will call them again tomorrow.... I will also be on to my insurance company if i can cancel due to the change.
  12. Found this https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/a-change-was-made-to-my-cruise-itinerary-can-i-get-a-refund
  13. P&O I should of guessed, this is our first time with them ... not getting of to a good start.
  14. What are the cruise companies you have booked with.
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