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  1. 9 hours ago, crystalspin said:

    I am not an NCL fan, but I know they do have solo rooms and a solo lounge on at least some of their ships.


    Find the time to sail from Bayonne and enjoy those extra days of cruising (if at all possible). A 5 or even 7 day cruise is not a similar experience to a 10-11 day one.


    That's one of the main reasons I was looking at NCL - I heard from others that it was solo friendly.


    My job freaks out if I take off 2 weeks. I'm trying to find itineraries that leave on a Thursday and return the following Sunday or Monday on the next week. Obviously with Bayonne, there are more sea days so if I have to fly somewhere I guess I will. I live in NJ and Bayonne is sooo convenient.

  2. So I sailed on RCL's Anthem of the Seas for a 10 day cruise to the Western Carribbean/Bermuda but now I want to cruise to Eastern Caribbean. I found the Norwegian Gem, that offers an intinerary I like but I'm hoping this forum can assist with the following:


    1. The biggest issue unfortunately..I came back from my cruise and got diagnosed with a rare form of strep! I had terrible fever for days. Is NCL good about cleanliness? I literally used hand sanitizer every 5 mins and was happy it was all over the ship...but still got sick.


    2. The Gem's rooms are SMALL. A "mini suite" was the size of my balcony room on Anthem. Do many of you suck it up on fees to get a larger room?


    3. I have dietary restrictions. Anthem was phenomenal and met with me every evening to figure out my dinner the following evening. How is NCL with these issues?


    4. The Anthem had way too many people and a lot of kids! I know the Gem is half that size but I'm worried there aren't as many activites to keep busy on sea days ??


    5. I am a solo traveler! Anthem didn't really cater to me in that regard..they were more interested in mutli generational families. I'm looking for a cruise that is a bit friendlier to us solos.


    6. Finally...I'm mostly leaning towards the Gem as it goes out of Bayonne. However, due to work restrictions on time allowed off, I'd be open to flying to Miami and doing like a 5-7 day cruise instead of 11 days like it would require if embarking from Bayonne.


    Thanks for your help!! If you guys think of another cruise that can suit my needs better than Gem, let me know your thoughts! Happy New Year!! 

  3. RCCL via Facebook told me that fans are prohibited but I can ask for a fan from a stateroom attendant when I arrive. However, I sail tomorrow 5/23 and I need a guaranteed fan for sleep. White noise apps don't do the trick. I have a small 6 inch desk fan, powered by USB. I read on these boards that people have brought even 12 inch fans without them being confiscated. I don't want to risk mine being taken. I have already emailed special needs and will call when they open shortly. Does customs confiscate or who is the "prohibited items" police, so to speak? I mean they allow curling irons but not a small fan?? I think the fan is less of a fire hazard than the curling iron!! tia


    EDIT: Special needs told me to just bring the fan, it probably won't get confiscated in checked luggage. However, she told me extension cords are not allowed, even without the surge protector! I bought one that was "cruise approved" it literally has no switch.

  4. 36 minutes ago, resjes said:

    My Setsail pass for an Anthem cruise next week doesn't show the Key logo on it. My understanding was that you got a sticker on the SEAPASS upon boarding? Should I call RCCL to correct the Setsail pass?

    it won't allow me to edit. just got a response from RCCL - see below.


  5. On 5/26/2018 at 2:20 PM, KMagz said:

    Had the same disconnect issue on Harmony. Until I checked off the WiFi option to “connect automatically” to the network. Worked flawlessly from then on out.

    I have a gut feeling this was the OP's issue. A lot of people don't do this on their phones. For my phone, it is automatically checked off.

  6. hello..sailing in a couple weeks on Anthem. I know the fitness schedule/costs will be posted when we get on the ship. any recommendations/costs/time slots that anyone can share from past sailings? is the gym open 24 hours? also, noticed you can "pre-pay" X amount of classes on the cruise planner - worth it???  I'm mostly interested in yoga and Pilates..but don't want to pay a fortune for the classes. i'm also asking for recommendations for people with back issues (like ME!)...for example, I'm not running or doing TRX. tia!

  7. I asked RCI about WiFi and they said it is NOT available at Labadee (my exact question was I have the Key with VROOM package, does that extend to Labadee as it is owned by RCI?? and the operator said NO). San Juan is US territory so that will be fine. I'm told a lot of ports offer free Wi-Fi so at least you can do emails there, but I wouldn't recommend banking on public wifi.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Pratique said:

    The stateroom attendant will (usually) replace the towels with fresh ones in equal numbers to those left in the cabin (if you bring the wet/used ones back to the cabin with you). I sometimes use/take towels from the suite sundeck to avoid the hassle when they insist on swiping the card at the towel station, or just take the blue towels from the suite, or ask the attendant for some. I don't know why my experience with the towels has been inconsistent.

    So the towels in the state room are large enough in size to use on a deck chair? (Sorry, first time cruiser)

  9. 2 minutes ago, Host Clarea said:


    If your SeaPass card was swiped when you obtained the towels, you should go back to the same place and return the towels so they can take them off your onboard account.

    OK so that means I am not allowed to leave them in the room to be collected by staff? I suppose they only allow people in suites to do that for a reason.

  10. 19 hours ago, zelker said:


    Yes, I read that too. Is anyone else worried about anti-vaxxers on the cruises? I'm supposedly immune to MMR because I had the vaccine in the 90s (per infectious disease doctor). I'm sailing at the end of the month and I hope there are no other crazy outbreaks...

  11. 4 hours ago, Nic6318 said:



    I agree with the thought that in most cases you will not likely be needing a map. 


    Have you researched what you are going to be doing?  You are only in port for a handful of hours. Most of the time you would be going someplace specific... for those situations you get in a taxi or bus and they bring you there. If you are on a tour you don't even have to think that hard. If you were to walk around town, lets say in Old San Juan for instance, you can't get lost (believe me). If you really feel you need it, most places like San Juan will have tourist booths that will give you an area map. The same would be true for Philipsburg in St. Maarten, any of the towns in Bermuda, and while I haven't been, I believe you don't want to walk around anywhere in Haiti by yourself. There is always the old way of doing things, if you think you are lost, you can ask someone for directions. 


    Spend some time looking at the port of call threads on this site, so that you understand what you will want to do on each island. Once you have done that, I am sure you will realize that getting lost is unlikely.


    hope this helps


    For Old San Juan - just the forts..It appears there is a walking path along the beach to and from all the forts? St. Maarten/Phillipsburg will be walking around mostly, but I want to go to Marigot as well. Is it difficult to get from the French to the Dutch side and vice versa? I suppose it is easier to just take a taxi. And yes, no walking in Haiti as we are just going to be at the Labadee port owned by RCI.

  12. 25 minutes ago, mets123 said:

    Bermuda is different. Some of their excursions will end in the town of St. George's or Hamilton, and you have to arrange your own transportation back. This is so you can shop there. To get back, just take a ferry back to the Dockyard. It is not a problem. Time is about 60 minutes from St. George's and 25 from Hamilton. Labadee is a non issue. It's no more than a 10 - 15 walk from anywhere on the island.


    I am doing the excursion to the zoo, which apparently has a boat ride to the museum/zoo. According to maps, it is a 44 minute drive back to the port. I hope I'm not expected to get back on my own.

  13. sorry if this has been asked before...I tried the search function and too many things pop up with the word "cruise" in it, obviously, and "excursion." I have an excursion in Bermuda booked and a parasail excursion in Labadee. The description says that a boat takes me to these areas, but nothing about how I am supposed to return to the cruise. Does the same boat return me to the port or am I expected to find my way back??


    **edit, both were booked thru RCI cruise planner. Although the cruise planner says the parasail excursion was vetted through a third party.

  14. 34 minutes ago, thinfool said:

    You might also research Verizon's $10/day plan as I don't think you have it quite right.  From your itnerary it would seem that the extra Verizon charges would be $30. for your trip.


    Just spoke to Verizon. They told me I am stuck paying $10/day..except Puerto Rico which, as they said "should work" as normal with USA plan. I have a 9 day cruise, last day is just at USA port. However, I have Whatsapp, and will use that to communicate while connected to WiFi. That offers free calls/text.

  15. Just now, AshleyDillo said:

    Room service is $7.95 for the delivery fee.  You can order as much as you like for this fee.  They will also add 18% gratuity to that fee meaning your onboard account will be charged $9.42 each time you order.  The pre-paid gratuities do not include the room service fees and tips.


    There are some breakfast items that you can order in the morning at no charge, but it does not include any cooked to order items..mostly cold items such as fruit, pastries, continental breakfast spread.


    If you are in a grand suite or above room category, then room service does not cost anything.

    Thank you so much for the info!! What is "Above room" category? I am not in a suite.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Flatbush Flyer said:

    You certainly can access maps w/o wifi. 

    For example, with Google Maps, you can search an area and, using your home wifi, download offline maps prior to your trip (search a location and create the offline map for later access).

    You can also use offline apps like Maplets, which has a large library of downloadable maps which the app can open even w/o wifi.


    BTW, are you aware that an iPhone's GPS works even when it's set to Airplane Mode? For example, if I download one of the stock maps from Maplets (which is GPS enabled [some are/some aren't]), and use it while on Airplane Mode, my GPS position will show on the opened map.


    Thanks, I didn't know I could get google maps to work on airplane mode. I do NOT have an iPhone though.

  17. 3 minutes ago, navybankerteacher said:

    In those ports Google maps really are not all that necessary. Bermuda is a straightforward fairly narrow island with perhaps three east/west roads and numerous north/intersecting. Puerto Rico - if you are renting a car and exploring outside of San Juan - would be more complex, but as you note it is US territory. St. Maarten/Martin is pretty straightforward as well - main road follows coast around the island - getting you pretty much anywhere you want to go. In Haiti you will be restricted to Labadee facility and can see the entire area accessible to you as soon as you get off. I’d suggest you visit your local library and  copy maps in travel books to get advance feel.


    Thanks for the info. I have an excursion at Bermuda so most likely not going to need maps but good to know it is easy to navigate. I am mostly concern about PR because I am going to explore the forts, and will walk to them, but don't want to get lost and not get back on the ship. I assume I won't need a data plan as it is US territory. I would like to go to the other side of St. Maarten (Marigot), that was the other place of concern, getting to there and back.

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