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  1. Sorry if this is not in the right area..I presume the moderator will move it if not.. So an interesting topic was brought up on my cruise's Facebook page. What vaccinations are required? I know that the cruise line can't force anyone to get a vaccination. However, with all these anti-vaxxer parents out there, should we be worried about them bringing children who are not vaccinated?? Does the cruise have contingencies in place for such breakouts? I've read horror stories about people being quarantined to their cabins (for stomach viruses, etc). It is not as simple as bringing flu shots on board when it comes to things like meningitis, etc. Does anyone have any statistics on how frequently the cruises get plagued with viruses/etc? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that ships that embark from a USA port probably have fewer occurrences? If this is too political, please feel free to delete.
  2. Ok so I have the Key. 🔑 Anthem of the Seas. It says I can drop off 2 carry on bags to a designated area, according to the cruise planner. The RCI FAQ for the Key says the maximum weight for each one is 25 lbs (RCI cruise planner says nothing about weight limits?). Checked baggage is different, correct? Where does checked luggage get dropped off? I know at least one of my suitcases will be at least 40+ lbs. I want to be sure they don't flip out over luggage and carry on bags??
  3. So far I have cancelled the ride to San Juan Mall of Americas and Amiga Island. I'm interested in the forts of San Juan. How far of a walk are they from the port? As of now, the only excursions I am doing are the St. Maarten Beach Rendezvous as it includes the beach chair cost and a lunch (I've noticed most excursions charge extra for a beach chair!), Bermuda's zoo/aquarium sightseeing tour, and finally the Labadee parasail. You have all pointed out that it is cheaper to do excursions not with the cruise line. However, as one person pointed out, this is my first cruise so I'm not comfortable going off the beaten path...do the excursions NOT available thru the cruise have tour guides/etc standing there when you come to port so you can sign up? I'd prefer not to sign up now as I don't know what I will feel like doing until I actually arrive at the port. Thanks for everyone's input!!
  4. $38 .. So i picked it cause i thought hey a narrated tour to avoid the hilly terrain lol. I think I will cancel this one. I heard the forts are better anyway.
  5. It is called "San Juan City and the Mall of San Juan" . it is supposed to give you a narrated tour on your way to the mall. The activity ends about 12 pm..I think they give you 1.5 hours of shopping. Should I cancel?? I didn't see very many excursions that I was interested in...but just saw sale tax is very high there so I don't know if I want to do the mall anymore.
  6. Thanks everyone. I forgot to ask..in the details for the excursion to the mall, it is a guided driving tour..but it says at the bottom "shopping before you make your way back to the pier." Am I expected to get a taxi back to port from the mall?
  7. I CANCELLED THE AMIGA ISLAND..saw some of the warnings on the "more information" that I didn't pay attention to...also, I tried to edit my first post but it wouldn't allow me. 😞
  8. If that was a title of a book, what would you input to the book? I am going a cruise for the first time since a Disney cruise when I was 5 years old...long time ago. I will be alone..as is why I am posting here. I've been reading through the posts about horrid experiences as a solo traveler when dining...I never even thought about that when booking. I am pretty flexible with most people..the cruise has me marked down as "disabled" for calling Special Needs about my food allergies..don't know if that will impact anything. I want my most bang for my buck..not just with activities but costs..for example, I didn't buy the beverage package because I'm not going to drink $50 worth of booze a day! So I bought wine through the Royal Gifts section to be delivered to my room... I am going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in May due to the convenience with scheduling/location/etc...I've been reading that Princess or Norwegian cruises are better for solo travelers? Can anyone can tell me about their experiences on Royal's cruises as a solo traveler? Thanks in advance!
  9. I am going on a Royal cruise too. However, when I selected "my dining" times for the free buffets, it did not give me any table options. Also a solo traveler...I didn't even think about dining and how the seating was arranged...following this topic for more info!
  10. I am on the May 23-June 1 Anthem of the Seas cruise! Yay! I am a first time cruiser..so I am totally new to the cruise planner and excursions etc... In Bermuda, I am doing the sightseeing cruise that takes you to the aquarium/zoo...but I have some free time afterwards so any recommendations appreciated. St. Maarten - doing the beach rendezvous...will this get cancelled if the weather is bad? Also, I want to go to the shops but they close at 5! My beach thing ends at 5:30 but I'm wondering if I should do a beach thing at another island?? I don't want to use up all the time at the beach at St. Maarten if it is not the best one on the list of ports..you know what I mean? I want to buy some jewelry on this trip so I thought St. Maarten would be the best place to do it? Any thoughts? They close before I get back from the beach trip?? In San Juan - doing a tour then going to the Mall of San Juan. This is USD so not expecting much savings but I'm more interested in the socio-political stuff here so I'm more inclined to do tour things..if I am wrong, let me know... Finally, for Labadee...doing Amiga Island then parasailing. Parasailing ends at 4 and departure is at 5 pm. The parasailing activity takes 45 minutes to "arrive at destination" so I'm concerned I won't make it back to the ship?? It is planned thru the cruise planner so I assume it is ok? Any tips or tricks appreciated. I read somewhere that the excursions aren't worth the money but the ones I picked seemed to be reasonably priced...anyone with ideas please let me know. I want to get the best/most affordable experience out of this at the ports. I have never been to any of these ports so I don't know a thing about them!! Thank you!!
  11. Good to know. No salads! And bring bug spray
  12. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/situation-in-haiti.html This was just posted 2/20/19. "Due to widespread, violent, and unpredictable demonstrations throughout Haiti, the Department of State advises U.S. citizens to defer all non-essential travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest. " I understand Labadee is owned by RCI - but it's still Haiti! I hope it stays safe!
  13. Thanks all for the info. It is very helpful!
  14. I don't drink hard liquor. I see they have a deal today for like 20% off liquor drink package. I don't feel like paying the money for just wine. I see if you buy alcohol on board you have to collect for it after disembarkment. The Royal Gifts section has some wine, $36 for a bottle..not really feeling that either. How much does bottom shelf wine cost by the glass if I can't get wine bottles on board? And yes I am already bring 2 bottles of wine on board. Is a corkscrew allowed or does the cruise consider it a weapon?
  15. I am going on an RCI cruise, Anthem of the Seas in May. I am concerned about the violence (I know Labadee is nowhere near Port-au-Prince) and if RCI does change the port, how much notice do they give you? I posted this in the general area as I'm curious to hear other perspectives.
  16. 9 day Bermuda and Caribbean cruise So I am doing Amiga Island(finishes at 1:50) and parasail at Labadee, Haiti. It says the boat ride to the parasail activity is 45-60 mins, is that 1 way? My concern is that it is in my cruise planner for 3 pm finishing at 4 pm and departure from Haiti is 5 pm. I am doing the San Juan City / Americas Mall and it says "you have 1.5 hrs to shop before making your way back to the pier". Are these stores cheaper than in the USA? Are we expected to take a taxi back to port or does RC provide transportation? On another note, do a lot of stores close by 6 at St. Maarten? I see we depart at 8 but I finish with a rendezvous around 530. I did look at a few stores and it said they close at 5:45. I'm interested in purchasing jewelry - is it better to buy in PR or St. Maarten? I know Bermuda is very expensive. Thanks all
  17. Sorry I keep adding to this. I am doing the San Juan City / Americas Mall and it says "you have 1.5 hrs to shop before making your way back to the pier". Are we expected to take a taxi back to port or do they provide transportation? On another note, do a lot of stores close by 6 at St. Maarten? I see we depart at 8 but I finish with a rendezvous around 530.
  18. Thank you everyone. So I am doing Amiga Island and parasail at Labadee Haiti. It says the boat ride to the parasail is 45-60 mins, is that 1 way? My concern is that it is in cruise planner for 3-4 and departure is 5 pm.
  19. I note St. Maarten has two sides. Are you allowed to cross to the French side to get to Marigot from the side you port on in Phillipsburg ?
  20. Sorry people..first time on this and have a thousand things I keep thinking of. I did a sightseeing ship on Bermuda to the aquarium. 1 is it like a tender port 2 can you get off and go into the acquarium or is this a stay inside the ship only thing? It is only 2 hours
  21. ONE LAST QUESTION - how is the A/C in the room? can you set your own temperature?
  22. My apologies. I was referring to the port destinations. How much time do you have if the cruise departs at like 8 pm? 10, 20, 30 mins?
  23. Thanks, everyone! Is there a "grace period" from the departure at the port to when you actually need to be there? For example, I think one of them is like a departure at 4 pm. If I get there at 4:05, will the cruise be gone? Asking because I just missed a train .. only a minute late. Also, what is the weather like on this particular route? I was advised that it will be HOT in the Caribbean at the end of May. Is there a high chance for rain? Not only have I not been on a cruise since I was a kid..but I've never left the country before so sorry for all the questions. Finally, did anyone buy insurance (they wanted me to purchase a $200 insurance policy at checkout)? I did not purchase it as I had someone look at the NJ policy and was told it wasn't worth it because the catastrophic events were too narrow? P.S. I purchased the flat fee gratuity at checkout. I guess there is no going back now but I'm hoping others did the same/is it cost effective?!
  24. Thanks! I am getting an Uber to the port. It says departure is 4 pm and i bought the Key. I have not received a packet yet with info on when to arrive. Will they tell me when the liquor gets delivered so it won't get stolen ? Also i ordered 2 cases of water b/c I am dehydrated a lot of the time so I don't want that stolen as it was like $80 a case. What is the cheapest way to drink alcohol? I don't drink hard alcohol anyway. I emailed them about the allergies.
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