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  1. I normally don't drink wine so that's good to know. My friend packed her own. DH and I drink beer. Last cruise we started the cruise with 2-6packs. When we got off we had almost 2 cases (western Caribbean) because we hit Mega for unique European beers and in Grand Cayman we always hit CayBrew and we usually bring a case back on the ship with us. And no security does not stop us. We also found out in St. Thomas this past cruise that you can bring filled Growlers back onto the ship with you which was great because the brewery in the port ran out of cans.
  2. The information is still helpful if someone else reads it.
  3. To clarify the wifi further - you do not need to purchase a package to use the Navigator app, the wifi for the app is free. Load it onto your phone at home in advance. You can now book excursions and dinners on the app and it has a cool countdown clock. You need to purchase (and sign up for your free 50mb) to check emails, facebook etc. Personally I bring an older laptop that I can shut down all updates and only check email. I can usually get by with the 50 free. Once you exhaust the free 50 you will need to choose a package and pay for it (it gets charged to your room). The beer mugs are great and yes we have seen people bring them back on board. When you are on the pool deck you get plastic mugs, and glass at the other bars. The addition of the token system a few years ago was great and saves you from having to carry the mug all over the place. We have been on the Fantasy 8 times, 6 in the last 3.5 years and I have never seen a 2 for 1 at the Cove. I have heard rumors of a happy hour special on Castaway Cay but again have never experienced it for myself. I will also warn you that Schmoo's picture of Serenity bay may not be accurate for what you'll see. Since the hurricane the beach has suffered erosion. I am sorry I forgot to take a photo of it when we were there a few weeks ago but they lost a lot of sand. We were there as the tide was coming in and I had to walk in the water because the beach was completely taken up by chairs. If you don't mind walking down the beach there was more room further out. Everyone seemed to want to crowd closer to the entrance which made it seem crowded. If you are there during low tied it may be better. The TVs have on demand movies that are included for no additional charge. They are of course Disney movies but they have Cartoons, Pixar, Live action which includes a few Marvel movies and more adult movies - it is not all kid stuff. in April we cruised with friends and tried to keep in touch with the wave phones. We gave up after 2 days and just made prearranged times/locations to meet. Last thing I want to mention is you can bring your own beer and wine on board. One 6 pack of beer per person or 2 750ml bottles of wine per person. And this is at every port, not just embarkation day. There is no fee or charge. The only charge will be if you bring the wine to dinner they charge a corkage fee of $25 (and I believe if you take it to a bar to open it) So if you bring wine, put a cork screw in your checked luggage.
  4. Try booking the character breakfast for only part of your party. DH and I wanted to go and try it (no kids) and I had to book it at 9:40 and then I had to book him at 9:50. When we showed up we told them we would like to sit together. LOL You may only be able to book it for one of you and one grand child, then when you get on board you can see if they might be able to accommodate the rest of the party.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll make a note so I remember on our next cruise next year.
  6. There are Florida Resident Rates, Military rates and Canadian Resident Discounts. Book a Guaranteed room rather than picking your room. That can save you several hundred dollars. Book early. Disney cruises tend to only go up in price with the exception of the discounts I listed, but most of those are offered closer to sailing time. Some cruises don't have much of a price difference from opening day to sailing week, but more popular, or unique cruises (different itineraries than normal) can do up dramatically. We have a cruise booked for next year that we book a couple months after opening day. We paid $200 more than the price was on opening day, and currently with over to go for the cruise the price of our room has gone up another $500. The PP said don't drink on board. You can BYO beer and wine with Disney. And this is not just at embarkation day, but every port. You can bring two 750 ml bottles of wine or one six pack of beer (12 oz) per person in your cabin. This is to consume in your room, they do not want you bringing your personal drinks around the ship. However if you bring a Yeti style cup... Also look at the Cash Back sites for ways to buy discounted Gift cards. I was able to buy DGC at 12%+ off by combing my CC cash back, buying Walmart gift cards on Raise and got cash cash back to apply to future purchases (and I used it to buy another walmart gift card at a discount), getting cash back for the transaction through Retailmenot, then bought discounted Disney gift cards at Sams online, paid with the Walmart Gift card and used a link through Rakuten. I bought $1000 worth of Disney Gift Cards for $970 and then had over $125 in cash back on top of that discount.
  7. If we go back we will do some more exploring. We both thought we wo DH was looking for a watch so that took up a good portion of the day. Our server told us about a woman who makes fabulous Jamaican food so we found her and enjoyed some great Jerk chicken and we found the liquors we were searching for so all was not lost.
  8. We stayed within the port for the day, and stopped at the bar and found Virgin Islands beer. They were good, easy drinking. Then we read the label closer... they are brewed in partnership with someone 20 minutes from my house in Florida. 😂 We had much better luck in St. Thomas.
  9. I will keep an eye out for the Cooper beer, and Pusser's sounds like a great place to stop. I also need one of those signature drinks... Painkillers or something like that? We will have all day to wander. Maybe we will find a store and buy some bottles or cans of beer to bring back with us on the ship. (we sail Disney - and they let you bring beer/wine to your room at every port 😄 )
  10. DH and I are not beach people (well, he isn't one to sit all day). We LOVE to wander and explore in new ports and we also LOVE local craft beer. Can anyone recommend someplace near the port that we can grab some local (smaller island brewery - not Red Stripe) beers? Thanks!
  11. Thank you everyone for the quick responses. @c-leg5 the like was very helpful and I never came across is on my searches.
  12. We have friends who are cruising on a different ship but will be in port the same day we are on our cruise. They suggested meeting here for the day. When I go to Paradise's website the map shows them located North of Punta Langusta pier where NCL docks, near all the shopping and within walking distance, which doesn't make sense. When I use Google maps it shows it about 8-10 miles south passed the international pier and Puerta Maya pier and that seems much more accurate to me. Can anyone confirm where it is for me? Any idea how much it costs to get there from Punta Langusta? How easy will it be to get a cab back? Are they available throughout the day if we want to leave early and go back to town to shop or can they call a cab for us? Also DH does not like pools or beaches, but we want to see our friends. Do they have a bar he can sit at that isn't in the pool or an area that is shaded he can sit and relax? Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. Thank you everyone for the great information. DH and I will check the budget and come up with our numbers to give it a try.
  14. Thank you for your help. So they need the credit card to hold the bid, and they only charge you if you win; is that correct? We have a sailaway inside and don't have a big budget for this cruise but where thinking about trying for a balcony. I know what we can swing isn't a lot and it's a gamble but why not try right? Do they ever award you a bid for less than the amount you entered (you bid 300 pp and they award you the room for 250pp? or do they just say yes, we like that offer and take it) And I don't know if you know the answer but what if our current room goes on sale for less than we paid. Do they honor the lower price? And if we put a bid on the room does it negate the bid? Sorry for so many questions.... we are used to Disney where you pay the price, and never get discounts after you book your room. This is all new to us. (And kind of fun!)
  15. Question. If you booked thru a TA does your agent have to bid or can you bid yourself? Who do you pay? And how long does it take for you to know if you are successful? We got the email and our TA is away for a couple days. Not sure how "urgent" it is to jump on this or do we have time? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  16. We are taking our first NCL cruise in 2020. We are Platinum with Disney and usually purchase their placeholder which is $250, and have enjoyed getting 10% off future cruises, and up until recently OBC of $100 -$200. Their program is 100% refundable, and if not used after 2 years your money is returned. I have read the information at the above link, am I understanding it correctly that all you get with NCL is the on board credit for your current cruise? Do they give any other perks for when you actually book the cruise like the 10% discount? Also, if you don't use the certificate in 4 years, do you get the money back or do you loose it? Being our first cruise we of course aren't positive we will want to sail NCL again, but I am hopeful we will have a great time and I'm just trying to plan ahead to see how much extra we might want to budget for certificates. Thank you in advance for your help.
  17. Thank you. We like to eat late so I was thinking about choosing an 8:30 dining time since we have the option to make the reservation.
  18. @newmexicoNita Do you have a recommendation for newbie on which MDR to try on the first night? I recall you recommending lunch on embarkation day you like O'Sheehan's.
  19. Thanks for a quick response. That is what I thought... Corkage fee sounds better than service charge. When/where do they charge you the fee, at the port? And how do you pay, credit card or does it go on your ship account? DH and I bring beer onto Disney because he doesn't like wine. But since that is not an option on NCL I was debating bringing wine on to try and save a little money since I will drink wine, but with the corkage fee I am really not saving anything so I may not even bother.
  20. Is it a corkage fee, or just a fee they are charging you to deter you from carrying it on and calling it a corkage? (so you drink at the bars instead) What if you bring a bottle with a screw top, will they still charge you? On Disney my friend packed a small travel cork screw in her checked bag, no need to pay the fee.
  21. Thank you, that is good news! We have zero promos for this cruise, we book a sailaway inside. We had no intentions of cruising because we already have 2 upcoming with Disney over the next year. But the price was too good to pass up, and we have been wanting to try NCL because no matter how much we love Disney, the cost is stopping us from cruising as much as we want. This was our way of "break(ing)away" from the norm and giving NCL a try and still staying without breaking our budget.
  22. Do you have to purchase the internet package to use the app? Or only if you want access to emails, websites etc? I will be sailing on the Breakaway next year. Thank you.
  23. I'm following. DH and I just booked our first NCL cruise for 2020. We are Platinum Disney Cruisers, this will be our first cruise outside of Disney and I am an little overwhelmed, but very excited. I have a full page typed of questions that I have, and and using the FAQ and these boards to try and get as many answers as I can. We will be on the Breakaway - Do I have to purchase an internet package to use the app or is the wifi for the app free? Disney gives you free wifi access but it only works for the app, if you want anything else you pay. I saw information the texting and calling via the app were at a charge, but it doesn't say anything about a charge or no-charge to use the app to see the daily activities. TY
  24. DH and I brought back a case from Caybrew in Grand Cayman when we were there in May. We had 2 cooler bags to fill. We love their beers and Disney is cool with you bringing the beer back on board. As for the Growler I doubt it, but will check with Disney just in case. We even brought a small collapsible hand truck in our checked luggage to help carry it off the ship.
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