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  1. AT&T told me I could use my phone in Alaska ports whenever I had a signal (phone calls only not data) without a roaming fee. Did they misinform me? Wouldn’t be the first time.
  2. To late now. Pre-sale is longer available, it’s within 72 hrs. of sailing. I argued with myself for hours before cancelling, knowing I would regret whatever choice I decided. Cancelled 73 hours before departure, with the option to buy the first day. I didn’t think cancelling the second day was an option if it was slow but still running. I should have asked. I live and learn. 😎
  3. I cancelled for June 12 sailing. If it’s usable I might repurchase first day( it’ll be $10 more). If I’m online I’ll post the speeds.
  4. Has anyone taken the bus (Quick Shuttle) from Bellingham to Vancouver? I’ll be staying with a friend in Everett and can get a ride to Bellingham or Seattle. The cruise leaves at 4:30. The fare to Vancouver is $30pp cheaper($59-$29)from Bellingham. I’m worried that the bus will be full from Seattle and bypass Bellingham. The company says that can’t/won’t happen. Still I’d like to hear from someone who’s taken the bus to Canada Place Pier. Thank you
  5. MsSoCalCruiser Thank you for posting the link. For the Ultimate Balcony Dining, Can someone tell me the difference between the $100 and $125 dinner? Besides the cost. 🙂
  6. I should have said I’ve already preordered. Knowing that she would LOVE the colors I preordered the “Mixed Tropical Arrangement” around three months ago. Not thinking (Yes, I’m dense at times) I didn’t realize there could be other options to have flowers in the room. Over the weekend did a search on CruiseCritic’s forum and found several options. One being to have her choose an arrangement onboard. I’m also having second thoughts about buying a “tropical” arrangement local to Vancouver. I know little to nothing about flowers that are local to different regions of the world or available to Princess. A relative will be driving us across the boarder to Vancouver the morning of the cruise otherwise buying in Bellingham would have been an option. I was mostly wondering what would be available to purchase onboard that could not be preordered. We’ll also have flowers from the Ultimate Balcony Dinner on the second day of the cruise. Looking at the Assorted Lilly Arrangement too. From the early replies I’ll probably stay with my original choice. None weeks to decide. 🤔
  7. Will be on the Coral Princess, Alaska, mid June. We’ve never cruised before. Should I pre-order flowers and surprise my better half or wait and have her purchase onboard. All suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
  8. Edit Sorry it’s $59.99 for the week.
  9. Hi ErLee If you haven’t ordered yet, I was able to call Princess today(4/2) and order Medallion.net $59 for the cruise. They were surprised that it wasn’t available online(iPhone anyway). See you onboard and the excursion to Misty Fjords. Alan
  10. What SHOULD you receive in Club Class with its “Upgraded terry shawl bathrobe” Or is it no longer included? Club Class Mini-Suites feature a host of upgraded services and amenities including: • Premium stateroom location • Exclusive Club Class Dining • Priority embarkation & disembarkation at the beginning and end of your cruise • The Princess Luxury Bed • Complimentary one-time wine set-up on embarkation day, 1/2 bottle of red and 1/2 bottle of white • Priority specialty dining reservations • Complimentary premium evening canapés upon request • Upgraded terry shawl bathrobe
  11. Thank you. I’m sure it’ll work(manual download) in Alaskan ports, still I’ll leave it home. I’ll check with my heart center. One less devise to carry.
  12. BIGADORF I’ve had a “loop recorder” about 15 months. I’ll use it on a cruise for the first time in July(Alaska)I’ll carry it on. I’m planning on manually downloading the data to my beside monitor while in port and then uploading to my local heart center. A tech can show you how to manually download. If there is a cellular signal I don’t know how there will be a roaming fee since it’s not connected to your cellular account. Best to call Medtronic. Phone number is available on the bedside monitor, devise manual, website or from your cardiologist’s tech. Hope this helps.
  13. Talking to NorthStar direct, they offered me options that were sold out on their website. Their phone number 907-790-4530 or toll free at 866-590-4530.
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