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  1. I usually found highs/lows on the ocean concierge. I never noticed sunrise and sunset times on concierge though.
  2. Sadly it has been a physically taxing cruise for me. I didn’t explore the ship much. Didn’t go forward of the IC. I am on Caribe near the rear elevators. Luckily most of my meals were in Horizon or Allegro. Went to Concerto twice and Alfredo’s once. My son and DIL went to Alfredo’s three times. I should be at Salt Lake Airport just after 3 PM MST. I’m sure our cat will be happy to see us . He will be love starved.
  3. They won’t fix my ankle. I’m diabetic and they won’t touch me.
  4. It’s worth the cost. I just hate getting logged off if I lay my iPad down for 5 minutes.
  5. Looks like most of you are having more fun than me. I’ve had a dead leg all week. I don’t go very many places. I was so looking forward to this. Bad time for a physical breakdown. If I ever cruise again, I had better settle for a Grand Class ship. Too much walking on this ship for me. I havetolean on walls, handrails, chairs, etc.to get around.
  6. The 22 oz porterhouse hit the spot. I could hardly eat anything else and couldn’t even finish the seven layer s’mores cake. Crown Grill was great. Cooked to perfection. My waiter and my steak chef earned my absolute gratefulness.
  7. Everyone on our transfer bus said our oohs and aah’s when we saw the ship. Wow she’s big. Wish the elevators were a little bigger.
  8. Just a few hiccups today. We got to the pier. Our bus was asked for how many wheelchairs. We were the only ones who spoke up. Two were brought and were immediately occupied by some ladies who hadn’t spoke up. The chair in the vista lounge I sat in was uncomfortable for muster drill. I discovered that our room had 2 bunk beds. We are switching from queen configuration to two single beds so we don’t have to crawl on the bed at the foot and climb like a monkey to lie down. That was my fault. I didn’t properly research the room. No problems with stateroom account. Cross my fingers and hope I don’t jinx myself.
  9. Plus I didn’t use a TA for booking, etc. I paid OBC Thru Princess, my excursions thru Princess. Lotus spa and crown grill thru Princess. It’s all listed in my travel summary on the Princess website. If their guest services fail me, Princess Cruise website and Customer service reps at their headquarters will have to take the blame.
  10. Your travel summary as listed online in the Princess cruise personalizes would show if there are cancellations and are up to date. They may disbelieve the printouts, but they shouldn’t be able to deny what you have on Princess.com
  11. I didn’t use a TA and I purchased my own onboard credit. They can’t take anything away from me.
  12. Berth 93 is where the Ruby docks. Royal is about 100 feet longer than Ruby. Royal won’t fit in 93. That’s why we are using 92.
  13. We did Alaska in 2014 aboard the Golden and 2017 aboard the Ruby. Golden was Great, but I absolutely loved the Ruby. That’s been my favorite ship so far. Crown to Mexican Riviera had a rearbelevator out We are looking forward to Royal for a couple of months and I am going to enjoy herrear elevator out. I’ve been teling DS and DIL that they will be spoiled more than they have ever been. My eyesight is bad and I am not very ambulatory, but I’m still going to have a blast.
  14. I think they’ll be parked near the USS Iowa. The ship will have to back out into the ocean before turning around.
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