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  1. I'm pretty sure the date on the revolution schedule is the date the ship returns to service as a revolutionized ship. Ie., the April 4, 2021 sailing out of Melbourne is the first sailing for Eclipse as a revolutionized ship. It would then be ferried from the renovation dock to Melbourne in the days up to April 4, perhaps/probably from Singapore. Interestingly, this change isn't reflected in the travel agent material yet: http://thecelebritycommitment.com/Revolution.html (The Best Ships In The World -> Revolution Timeline).
  2. And so it resumes... Once again I have an unannounced/unpromoted sale in my Cruise Planner for our December 1, 2019 Edge sailing. This time the discount varies from excursion to excursion. Eg. the Inside Access Backstage Tour has a 5% discount, while some excursions have 20-25% discount. As always, spa treatments and specialty dining are not discounted. This is the third time within 3½ months I have had a CP sale for our cruise. They really want us to go on excursions when in port, I suppose???
  3. I suppose this would still be applicable in December 2019 as well then...
  4. When was this? We cruised on Equinox in January, and this matches the available channels quite well. Was your cruise more recent than January? I remember Food Network literally showing the same 3-4 episodes of The Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America, Guy's Grocery Games and Trisha's Southern Kitchen and a few other series throughout the day, so a movie from time to time would be a nice alternative.
  5. In general you'll not get a price reduction after final payment, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to contact Celebrity and ask for the additional perk, since it's marketed as being free. But I wouldn't get my hopes too high. Please report back with your result.
  6. And just to clarify my previous post, if you end up with Select Plus you can pre-book the individual days' dining slots in Cruise Planner, which is also where I suppose you were looking for the reservation system in your original post. There will be a text bar at the top of the Specialty Dining page, which tells you to "click here" to start your resevations. The MDRs will show up as complimentary in the list of restaurants.
  7. If you currently have the late seating on your reservation, you need to contact whoever you booked your sailing with (Celebrity/TA) and ask them to change you/waitlist you (if it's currrently "sold out" for your sailing) to Select Plus dining. This is at no additional charge, and this means that you have the full choice of all four MDRs every day, at the time that pleases you (AFAIK between 5.30pm and 9pm). You CAN, however, book a specific dining time slot (:00 or :30) in a specific MDR on a given day; you can book a slot for some days, all days or none. If you don't book a slot in advance for a given day, you can simply show up at the MDR of your choice on that day, and you will be seated at the soonest possible time.
  8. You need to choose "Select Plus" dining when making the sailing reservation, or contact Celebrity/your TA afterwards to have it changed to SP. If you're on Traditional "early" or "late" seating, you can't choose restaurant and dining time yourself, you are restricted to 6pm/8.30pm in the restaurant you have been assigned.
  9. That's what my "ridiculously low prices" in my original post referred to - I reckoned it was an IT error, since the prices were really "non-profitably" low. But they have fixed it now - good for you (and on Celebrity) to have the lower price honored!
  10. I believe Celebrity had made an error on my mock bookings, giving more discount than supposed. The prices are now more in line with the normal promotion, but of course still with an additional perk.
  11. Celebrity launched a 2-week promotion today, running September 5-18, 2019: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/weekend-cruise-sale (official website promotion info) / http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CEL_The_BIG_Deal_Offer_September_Update.pdf (TA-oriented info). Essentially, you get a free perk on "Sail" (ie. 1 perk total) and "Sail Plus" (3 perks total) and up to 400$ stateroom savings - the promotion is not applicable to Suites and "Sail All Included". Seems to actually be a "real" offer, giving a free additional perk without increasing the price. Just made a few mock bookings, and the stateroom prices with three perks are ridiculously low, when comparing to the normal running promotion.
  12. We changed in MUC from a MIA-MUC flight to a MUC-CPH flight (both Lufthansa) this January, our layover was 50 minutes. We made it with over fifteen minutes to spare - and if you booked is as one ticket, Lufthansa would automatically remove any impossibly short layovers (and be responsible for rebooking in case of delay on first flight, causing you to miss the connection). But as I said, a 50 minutes layover was more than sufficient for us. We are European citizens, however, so we could use the EU passport-scan booths. But I reckon it wouldn't prolong your passport control that much, having to go through a manned checkpoint if you're not an EU citizen..
  13. I believe this can only be booked onboard, and reports have been that it's been sold out VERY shortly after embarkation, ie. in minutes or perhaps an hour.
  14. Also discussed in this thread: Seems to be a broad sale, sailing-wise.
  15. Still no banners or any promotion about the sale for me - but select excursions still show up with discounts up to 25%.
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