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  1. That is correct. And you'll receive the Classic package, but can upgrade to the Premium in your Cruise Planner or when onboard. Currently some users seem to have a 10% discount on upgrades in their CP, so might be worth checking out, if you plan on upgrading to the Premium package.
  2. No, but active or former military personnel gets an additional discount on the cruise fare. The promotion is open to everyone.
  3. No, you must change anything via your TA. But you got a whole week to get it fixed, although, of course, the fare may increase at any time. But Celebrity won't/can't help you on a TA-booked reservation.
  4. Just tried booking the same cruise. The "Offers" page definitely looks weird for that sailing, and I don't get the Veterans Day offer either. As I said to another user earlier - try again in a couple of hours, or perhaps tomorrow. The sailing is listed in the "eligible sailings", so the promotion should be active. But try again later or tomorrow. The promotion is good for a week, luckily it's not just 1-day promotion.
  5. Try again in a few hours - seriously. Whenever a new promotion launches, Celebrity's IT really struggles to keep up. Seeing that this is just the early business hours in Eastern USA, they probably haven't updated everything yet, and to avoid showing erroneously low fares (which has been seen before, eg. this promotion on the cruise-only fare), they probably just temporarily show "sold out", until that specific sailing has been updated. EDIT: Just tried the April 12 Edge sailing (random deluxe inside stateroom), everything's fine all the way through to the final page in the booking flow. As I wrote, try again in half an hour or so.
  6. This is an ACTUAL sale/promotion! Get all four perks (Sail All Included) for the normal price of two perks (Sail Plus)! Valid for almost any 2020 sailing, 4 nights or longer - but only paired with non-refundable deposit (sadly not vaild for 2021 salings, when we have a sailing booked), and for ALL stateroom types. And you ALSO receive the bonus 100$ OBC for the basic November promotion, ie. 250$ OBC per person. I did 4-5 mock bookings for various sailings next year, and it actually gives you all four perks for the normal 140$ price increase to add two perks (excluding beverage package) for a 7-night sailing. Also, this is not a sale with inflated base prices, at least not on the five sailing is mock-booked, which al had the "normal" base prices they had weeks ago! More info here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/special-event-cruise-offer.
  7. On Equinox this January, the gluten free bread was all pre-packaged from a US or Canadian industry bakery, I don't remember the company name. My wife said it was VERY good though, especially comparing to other gluten-free bread brands that are available here in Europe (Schär ao.). The pasta and pizza bases are made (fresh?) onboard, from what I remember. Both the pasta and the pizzas were excellent, according to my wife.
  8. You can actually add guests from another room directly when reserving the seating - and any other reservation in Cruise Planner (shore excursion, spa treatments etc.). You do, however, need to know their reservation# and the last name of the first passenger on that reservation.
  9. This is correct, but when checking out your basket in CP, the gratuities are still shown separately from the "actual" upgrade, ie. for a 7-night cruise it shows 70$ for the upgrade and 14$ for gratuities = 84$ total. Seems to be a very recent change in CP.
  10. It sounds like a 10% discount off the normal 12$pp including gratuities.
  11. All excursions for our December 1 Edge sailing were back up to standard price Monday and Tuesday, but I now again have discount prices on almost all excursions. Not as hefty discounts as last week (which for me were up to ~45-50% off), but still around 25% off on many excursions at the moment. Might be worth checking your Cruise Planner, if you have a sailing within the next 3-5 months.
  12. I am having the same problem, but for me it's BLL (Billund, Denmark) not showing up. Copenhagen shows up instantly, but BLL simply doesn't come up as a suggestion, neither when writing BLL or Billund. If I go to www.choiceair.com instead, BLL shows up like it should, and I believe Choice Air and Flights By Celebrity use the same backend (FBC is Celebrity's brand-specific version, Choice Air is RCI's "general" version, which is why it puzzles me that FBC can't find BLL. I'm not currently trying to book an actual flight, just comparing FBC's prices to the general price level.
  13. They aren't. They also don't have interlining/codeshare agreements with any other airline, but there are talks of an upcoming interlining agreement with JetBlue, which would allow checked-in luggage to be checked through both airlines from A via B to C (ie. A being a JetBlue departure airport, B being a JetBlue arrival airport AND a Norwegian departure airport - the luggage "hand-over" would happen at B, and C being a Norwegian arrival airport), but still with no codeshare between the airlines.
  14. And here we go again.... FOURTH sale for our December 1, 2019 Edge sailing within two months, this time with some VERY high discounts, up around 45-50% for some excursions, and others around 10-20%! Celebrity must be getting very desperate selling the last spots on those excursions. Our April 2021 Apex cruise has standard prices for all excursions that have been put for sale thus far out. An example is the "San Juan Evening Drive", which is normally $34,00pp, but currently down to $19,13pp, a 43% discount. Likewise, the "Maho Airplane Experience" is normally $54,00pp, but currently down to $27,57pp, a 49% discount! The "Inside Access Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour" is down from $99,00pp to $75,24pp, a 24% discount. Strangely, other excursions also appear to be "on sale", but have changed their standard price upwards. Our post-cruise Everglades tour used to be $59,00pp standard price, but the sale price is now $61,95pp with a standard price of $79,00pp. So don't just book any excursion because it has an "odd" cent amount. A little tip to find the excursion's standard price: If you don't know the standard price of a certain excursion, try copying the full title of the excursion from your CP, and paste it in Google Search followed by royal caribbean, eg. "San Juan Evening Drive royal caribbean". Choose the result with the excursion title followed by a four-digit/letter code (should be one of the very first results). This will lead you to RC's own website with the excursions description and the standard price to the left (or rarely just below the excursion title). This seems to work for almost all excursions, as RC and Celebrity share the same excursions offers and excursion codes. If you want to make completely sure you're looking at the same excursion, the four-digit/letter code will be at the end of Celebrity's excursion description as well. All dining and beverage packages are full price, likewise with spa treatments. REMEMBER - if you have an excursion in your CP that you already booked at full or a higher price than the current price, you can cancel your existing excursion reservation, get refunded the paid amount and re-book it at the sale price!
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