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  1. Were were on Edge in December 2019, and we simply weren't satisfied enough with any single MDR to leave a tip. We were, however, only once in each MDR (plus one night in each of LPC, Fine Cut and OCV). I made a review of our sailing after we returned home, and I described our MDR experiences there:
  2. The stateroom colors are not Edge, I can say that much. Most probably Equinox, I don't believe any other Celebrity ships than EG and EQ currently sail out of Port Everglades.
  3. We're sailing on Apex on April 24, 2021. Our MDRs opened for reservations in Cruise Planner just around Christmas Day 2019, i.e. almost exactly 16 months out. So they should be available for you, if sailing about 1 year from now. You can try using another browser or incognito/private mode, this sometimes helps with the numerous various errors people are experiencing on Celebrity's website.
  4. NCL really aren't making comparison with other lines (in our case Celebrity, but Carnival and Royal Caribbean have also already released) for a November/December 2021 Caribbean itinerary/price out of Tampa/Port Canaveral. Celebrity has a fantastic promotion during these weeks, and I suppose NCL's promotion is in the "better half", but it's hard when there are no itineraries and prices to compare with! Should we expect itineraries and prices to be somewhat the same as Nov/Dec 2020, specifically we're looking at Escape Western Caribbean from PC (or whichever ship will be sailing from PC in late 2021).
  5. Yes, it will be back next week again. From tomorrow, a week with "double discount", and from Thursday next week back to 4 perks for the price of 2. http://thecelebritycommitment.com/2019_WAVE.html
  6. Fruit punch would be correct then, I guess. It was VERY sweet, and with a very low fruit juice content.
  7. This should be accurate, or perhaps the rates have gone up about 5$ with the change of year (this info sheet is from June 2019): http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/16049912_CEL_Xcelerate_Trade_Flyer.pdf If you have reciprocal status from RCCL, you would be Elite on Celebrity. This gives you a 30% discount on the above prices. You also get 90 free minutes, but I don't know if you can combine the discount and the free minutes. Someone who is Elite or above could probably answer that. All other Elite benefits can be seen here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/captains-club-tiers-and-benefits-chart.pdf.
  8. This e-mail should be able to help you out: special_needs@celebrity.com Simply tell them your needs, and they will do what they can to accommodate. Otherwise, have a read here, it might be of use to you: https://www.celebritycruises.com/special-needs.
  9. You must always pay gratuity for 3rd and 4th guests separately, from your onboard account coupled to your credit card, no matter if they are children or adults. Without the perk, you would obviously pay for all guests in the stateroom. "Tap" water (filtered and cleaned sea water, tastes OK) is always free and available 24/7 in the Oceanview Cafe drinks station and in all MDRs during dinner. Fruit drink (I believe it's called squash in the US), tea and coffee are also available 24/7 for free in the OVC drinks station. All recent promotions from Celebrity seem to have been only available if booking with a NRD.
  10. REMEMBER: All perks are only for the first two passengers in the stateroom! Persons 3 and four are NOT included in any of the perks! I don't believe there's been any on-board discount onboard, not mentioned here on CC at least. Half-way through the cruise, they might open for an internet package for the rest of the cruise at half price, but that's not really a discount, if you count it out on cost per day.
  11. The normal upgrade price from "Sail" with zero perks (currently one perk from the promotion) to "Sail Plus" with two perks (currently all four perks from the promotion) has been 20$pppd since Celebrity changed from Go Big Better Best to Sail-Sail Plus-Sail All Included. I don't believe it has been changed to a fixed amount independently from the cruise length. 140$pp for a 7-night cruise, 200$pp for a 10-night cruise etc. Remember, with the current promotion you actually only pay for the normal two perks, but you get all four.
  12. Depends on the ship and the different pedicures. On Edge in December, my wife got a "Fire and Ice Pedicure" in the afternoon of embarkation day, for 49$ + 18% service charge. So under 60$ total. On sea days, it would have been ~10$ more. We used OBC to pay for the treatment, so no money out of pocket. Those are some very high prices, compared to my example above. Was this on a non-Edge ship with Canyon Ranch?
  13. And to make it even worse, categories 8, 7 and 6 are actually Oceanview cabins... 😉 Insides are categories 12 through 9, with 12 being lowest category, and I believe cat. 12 is not eligible for the Captain's Club complimentary upgrade.
  14. Okay, then as mentioned by other users, your only hope would be to be able to upgrade to a higher stateroom category at an upcharge of at least 1$, thus being moved to the current promotion. You MIGHT be able to receive the current promotion and still keep you current stateroom, but such an upgrade is very rare, and would be based solely on goodwill by the customer service agent.
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