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  1. Is there a charge or a discount on the price line? If it's blank, it may just be a sorting code, but if there's an amount on the line, it would clearly be related to a charge or a discount. Is the cruise booked through a UK TA or a non-UK TA? That may also play a role.
  2. Did you use the "Lift & Shift" offer to move your cruise a year forward? I suppose it could be related to that; you did a L&S in the Edge Class, but BC - hmm? "Base/Best Charge", related to the "Best Price/Best Offer" promotion? Or "Something Cancellation", related to refundable deposit (which I think is NOT standard in UK)? The other codes should be quite straightforward; CDP and CDP gratuites (included in the fare) and prepaid gratuities for a 10-night cruise.
  3. Can you copy the text verbatim or make a screnshot of the promotions part of your invoice? It may be easier to "decipher" if seen combined with the other codes.
  4. Yes, Celebrity were late this time. It's live now, though. Exactly my point in the original post. This may be the future of the OBC perk - or it may not. Perhaps Celebrity will be testing it out during the next months; XX$ OBC pppd on the 2-perk option, or the fixed 150$ pp on the 4-perk option, to see how it sells, and how many will choose 4 perks instead of 2.
  5. Honestly, I don't know. I do know, however, that the Nordic countries will be having a similar offer in the same period, however that offer consists of Classic Beverage Package, unlimited wifi and 300$ OBC per stateroom. In other words, that offer is more like the "old" three perks offer Celebrity used to have in the US as well. This may be a worldwide promotion, but as you can see the local offer may vary slightly. For example, in AUS/NZ gratuities can never be a perk, since they are included in the cruise fare. So they can instead choose additional 150$ pp as a perk (so 600$ total for the stateroom). Remember, the offer doesn't start until tomorrow, May 28. I wouldn't either, but I just thought it was an interesting change compared to the usual offer of 150$ OBC fixed per person. I guess we'll have to wait and see over the next months.
  6. Celebrity will be having a "flash sale" starting tomorrow, May 28, and lasting until Monday, June 1. Applicable for "select" (in other words nearly all) sailings 4 days or longer, departing between October 3, 2020 and May 4, 2022. The offer consists of the Classic Beverage Package, prepaid gratuities, 10$ OBC per person per day and 50% off the 3./4. guest in the stateroom. The offer can be combined with the Captain's Club savings and the May savings offer (and also FCCs), but the terms mentions that the offer is only applicable for "new bookings". However, I guess it could be worth contacting your TA/Celebrity to check if your existing booking is eligible, if the offer is better than that on your current booking. If you're looking at booking a new cruise, eg. with your FCC, it might be worth waiting until tomorrow, to use this promotion. It's the first time I have seen them give OBC on a per person per day basis. Usually, it's 150$ pp no matter the sailing length. Perhaps this will be the future of the OBC perk; XX$ per person per day, as opposed to a fixed amount? I guess it makes sense, as on a 4-day cruise you only pay 80$ per person to get two perks, one of which could be the OBC. Celebrity loses a lot more on this, a opposed to eg. a 14-day cruise, which costs 280$ pp for the two perks. In other words, the OBC are almost "free" for Celebrity to give out on such a cruise. If this is the new way they deal with OBC, in the future a 4-day cruise would mean 40$ pp, and a 10-day cruise would mean 100$ pp. You would have to go all the way up to 14-day cruises to even get close to the current rate of 150$pp. Thus, making the OBC perk a less desirable choice for shorter cruises. Interestingly, and probably as an incentive to get people to book suites, suite guests still receive the fixed 150$pp during this promotion (and of course the other three perks, as per usual), even on 4-night cruises. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_5Day_Flash_Sale.pdf
  7. The Memorial Day offer consists of the Classic beverage package included in the "Sail" price, which is normally called "cruise-only". It is not for the add-on purchase in the Cruise Planner. The offer is live on new bookings on celebrity.com. Concurrently there is a Cruise Planner sale with up to 20% discount, but it's only for 2020 sailings. Several users have reported that the banner shows up for their 2021/2022 sailings, but the promotion material clearly states that the sale is only for "select" 2020 sailings.
  8. A free Classic beverage package on the "Sail" cruise rate: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_Book_Now_Bonus.pdf Combinable with other running promotions; FCC, May savings and Captain's Club loyalty discount. Apparently not applicable as third free perk on the "Sail Plus" rate.
  9. Jeg kan godt se at beskedfunktionen ikke virker - mærkeligt. Børnepakken er blevet diskuteret i en anden tråd her - det er vist groft set premium non-alcoholic pakken til en lavere pris, så den kan sagtens være interessant for din søn, hvis han også gerne vil have smoothies. Andre melder at pakken kan købes til personer op til og med 17 år - og jeg ved ikke hvor gammel din søn er, men det skal du lige have in mente. Ellers kan Celebrity i hvert fald helt sikkert svare på det ved en opringning eller ved at skrive til dem via chatfunktionen i din Cruise Planner (den dukker lidt tilfældigt og usystematisk op i nederste høje hjørne af skærmen).
  10. I'll answer in Danish: Så skal du have fat i Premium Non-Alcoholic pakken til 22$ + 20% service charge pr. dag. Iste er ikke med i Classic Non-Alcoholic til 18$ + 20% SC pr. dag. https://www.celebritycruises.com/blog/cruise-drink-packages#nonalcoholic eller http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/BEVERAGE_PACKAGE_FLYERS-SALES.pdf (nederst i pdf-filen kan du se hvad der er med i hhv. Classic og Premium Non-alcoholic). I premiumpakken er der desuden Red Bull, Vitamin Water (lidt ala Powerade, dvs. vand med smag og stort sukkerindhold), premium-kildevand (Evian mfl.) og smoothies. Disse er ikke med i Classic-pakken. Alt efter hvor mange flaske iste han drikker om dagen, kan det muligvis bedre svare sig at betale pr. flaske fremfor en pakke. Jeg mener Arizona Ice Tea koster 4$ pr. flaske (kvaliteten er over Nestea/Fuze iste i Danmark, med langt flere smagsvarianter), så det er alligevel over seks flasker han skal drikke, før pakken kan svare sig, hvis han vitterligt ikke drikker andet (cola, energidrik osv.). Skriv gerne en besked direkte til min bruger, hvis du vil have yderligere info om Celebrity. 🙂
  11. This is an international promotion. I live in Denmark, and received the e-mail this afternoon local time. It stated the current Danish/Scandinavian promotion and that I was eligible for the discount, since I was a Classic member. Tried a mock booking on celebrity.com (both a US$ and a DKK booking) and my preferred online US TA, the discount also reflects in the price here. We have a booking for Apex in April 2021, made with an online US TA back in October 2021. We booked during the Black Friday sale, so we got 3 perks (grats, beverage package and 300$ OBC), PLUS an additional 200$ OBC from Celebrity, for the normal price of two perks (Sail Plus). If I called tomorrow and asked for a repricing with the loyalty discount (which seems to be literally cents or a few dollars in my case), would I 1) keep my 3 perks AND my bonus OBC, 2) lose only the bonus OBC and keep the 3 perks, or 3) be moved to the current promotion, which is just the standard choice of 2 perks? Results from others in the thread seem to have varied. Thanks in advance or your replies.
  12. Probably due to this campaign: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_MAY_PCP_FLASH_SALE.pdf If you have a sailing in 2020, it might be worth checking if your booked excursions or other pruchases have been discounted. It is possible (and allowed) to cancel the existing booking, and re-book with the discounted price.
  13. When are you sailing? We were on Edge in December 2019, and we were on the Everglades Airboat tour with MIA drop-off. It worked very well, but be aware that they only guarantee your flight connection for domestic flights leaving from 3pm and later (and 4.30pm for international flights). We are going on Apex in April 2021, and the post-cruise tours haven't been loaded yet (I guess Celebrity has lots of other stuff to take care of in these times....), but I'm almost certain the Everglades tour will be available for us at some point - and for you as well. I say that, because if you go and "sneak peek" on a sailing in December 2020 or January 2021, most excursions in all ports have been loaded - far more excursions than what is available to book for us for our April sailing. I can strongly recommend the Everglades tour, I think standard price is 59$pp, but there may be occasional sales in your Cruise Planner ranging from 5-30% discount, which we were able to use for our last sailing, ending out on ~44$pp for the airboat tour - you can barely even get an airport transfer/Uber from Port Everglades to MIA for 88$, and here you even get to try the airboats as well! Another bonus is the expedited debarkation when you have a post-cruise tour booked directly with Celebrity, and your lugage is kept safely in the bus during the tour. Compare this Edge December 13 sailing: https://www.celebritycruises.com/excursion-brochure/celebrity/excursions.php?ship=EG&date=2020-12-13&currency=USD#December-20 (many different post-cruise tours and lots of port excursions - and currently varying discount on many excursions) to this Edge April 4 sailing: https://www.celebritycruises.com/excursion-brochure/celebrity/excursions.php?ship=EG&date=2021-04-04&currency=USD#April-11 (no post-cruise tours, and not as many excursions in the other ports either, eg. none at all in Key West)
  14. The last couple of years, the "2-years-from-now" Summer/Fall/Winter itineraries have generally been released mid-November or early December. So it would probably take a while yet. Covid-19 might change the release schedule, perhaps they will release the 2022 Summer/Fall/Winter itineraries early, hoping to generate some cash flow from deposits.
  15. The European website still shows 632 cruises available on the front page, as it has done for a week, BUT when I choose detailed search criteria (specifically sailings Nov '21-Jan '22 from Port Canaveral), the actual cruises show up. They didn't yesterday! My preferred US online TA still doesn't show these new PC cruises, so they have probably literally JUST been released on NCL's own website.
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