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  1. Fair enough. I thought debarkation transfers could be booked before the cruise online, but I don't know if OBC can be use there or only if booking transfer while onboard.
  2. You could add Flights By Celebrity and pre-/post-cruise accommodation via Celebrity's website to the exceptions as well, I am pretty sure you can't use OBC for these services, which are although related directly to Celebrity and their website.
  3. Thanks, good to know. I thought all add-on services were not eligible.
  4. Thanks, hadn't seen that. Maybe this will be the case for all future webinars as well.
  5. There's absolutely no way Celebrity would be able to track if anyone views the webinar on that Youtube link, there isn't even a link to a form that one would have to fill out or anything like that. The 50 points must be given to you based solely on your (rightful) claim that you tried watching it live, but experienced freezing. So unfortunately this is not a "hack" for anyone else who may not receive their PUP for viewing the webinar due to freeing/fallout/etc. They would have to write Celebrity as well, but would probably get the same standard answer and receive the 50 PUP as well.
  6. I believe OBC can be used for any pre-cruise and onboard purchase, except accommodation, flights and transfers.
  7. So far, the sound is MUCH better than the previous webinars.
  8. Apex Summer 2021 itineraries: CEL_Apex_Greece_New_Sailings_Deployment_146250.pdf Apex Summer 2021 press release: Celebrity_Apex_Makes_World_Debut-Greece_Press_Release_3-25-21.pdf
  9. I wouldn't count on it, seeing that OP's sailing is a holiday sailing, which may limit the amount of available shore excursions. Furthermore, in my experience the shore excursions shown on the specific sailing page are placeholders or rather "suggestions", they may not all be available for that sailing, even if they show on the sailing page. The Shore Excursions brochure is always updated to the specific sailing, in my experience.
  10. As always, thanks to everyone who posts the links, for those of us who never receive the invite mails.
  11. Thanks, for some reason the upload form didn't show up on my first attempt, I just had the page with T&C.
  12. Any shore excursions that are available for booking can be found here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/excursion-brochure/celebrity/ For your specific sailing, assuming it's the December 22, 2021 Infinity sailing, I do not see any currently bookable excursions.
  13. Would anyone happen to have the direct link to the upload page?
  14. As always, thanks for the links for both the survey and the info sites!
  15. Ah, that makes sense, the screenshots are for an April 2022 Apex cruise. It would make sense with a soft rollout by date and/or ship.
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