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  1. We are just back from Amsterdam mini cruise and having done a very similar cruise on the same ship 3 years ago which docked in the city centre we noticed a big difference in the convenience and the time we spent in Amsterdam. We were lucky and got into the city on both days, other people we spoke to didn’t get in at all on the first day. It took us 30 mins to disembark, 25 mins in queue for shuttle, 10 mins to load the coach and a 40 min drive. Ironically we were dropped off very close to where we should have docked originally. When we got off the ship there were about 300 people queuing and 8-10 shuttle buses waiting. P & O officials insisted on loading one coach at a time which meant many of the coaches waited empty for up to an hour. Surely they could have just walked down the line counting people into groups of 50 and loaded several coaches simultaneously thus substantially reducing the coaches turnaround time. We were in Amsterdam at the weekend and it was packed very difficult to get into any of the bars and cafes for a drink and sit down, not a problem last time with the ship just 10 minutes away you could pop back refuel, freshen up and stroll into town for the evening. Many people just went back to the ship early and like us couldn’t face doing it all again in the evening. We made the most of it and enjoyed Amsterdam but it didn’t come close to the convenience of docking in the city in our opinion.
  2. Just for information P & O have confirmed that the drop off and pick up point for the shuttle buses for the 22nd March cruise have been changed to De Ruijterkade-Oost which is located near to Amsterdam’s Central Station.
  3. Really well put our sentiments exactly we are on the same cruise and have done it before on Azura. The only people not understanding the major impact of this change are P & O.
  4. We are on a cruise that leaves on 22nd March, the only stop is two days in Amsterdam so the entire cruise is affected. We have already paid the balance in full. We have spoken to P & O on several occasions and taken advice from ABTA but time is too short to go down any legal routes before we sail. We have been advised to go on the cruise and try and claim compensation on our return is anyone else in this position?
  5. We too are going to keep on fighting. How can a decision that has angered so many people not be ‘significant’ P & O have been completely indifferent to the opinions of its customers.
  6. Getting back to the reason for the change of Terminal. We have spoken to P & O again and they have agreed to detail the reasons for their decision in an email for submission to ABTA with our claim. It will be interesting to see what they say.
  7. We did a very similar cruise on this ship 3yrs ago, one highlight was the 2-3hr sail through the canals from Ijmuiden to Amsterdam it was amazing going through the locks and the canals on a ship of that size, we will miss that due to the change. When docked in the city it was a pleasant level 10 minute stroll to the station or a short 5 min taxi ride. For passengers unable to manage an hour and a half round trip on a busy shuttle bus a taxi from Imjuiden to Amsterdam is 75 - 100 euros each way depending on traffic. P & O are still insisting this is not a ‘significant’ change to the itinerary. If like me you consider this a very significant change to the itinerary, please register your complaint with P & O.
  8. We have a cruise booked which leaves in a month and only calls at Amsterdam. We have complained to P & O about the change and are getting nowhere. Having contacted ABTA they say in our case there is not enough time to go through legal channels to cancel and get a refund. They recommend advising P & O that you are accepting the change under protest and then claim compensation through ABTA when you get back. Obviously the more people who complain to P & O the more likely they are to face up to their responsibilities.
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