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  1. Crossing fingers here. We also had a sailing on April 5th but have not received any refund yet.
  2. Same here. Many years ago we did do a one night cruise to nowhere on NCL bc it was in our home port of Long Beach and we treated it more like a night away to have a good meal, go to the casino, etc. It was a lot of fun, we probably stayed up almost all night, but the next day we felt kind of bummed out that it was over so quickly. I would maybe do a cruise to nowhere for 2-3 nights to be sort of like a Vegas weekender to gamble, eat, relax poolside, but that's it. I'd rather do a longer cruise to see new places.
  3. Interesting! to each his own I guess. My family and I went up daily and used those interactive boards! We also looked through a lot of the books, had coffee or other drinks, played checkers, or just sat and looked out the windows. It was one of our favorite spots to visit each day. Although now in a post COVID world I would give pause to using the interactive board or reading the books and playing games for quite some time!
  4. Yes I got the same email today as well for our HAL canceled 4/5 cruise that I requested refund for after the March 13th email. I though the same thing when I got the email today reminding me that I could still request FCC instead of my refund. Then I got a sales ad a few hours later. The email today coupled with layoffs worries me that I will never see my money!
  5. I agree. I am in my 40s and although I am a book lover, the thought of touching books with lots germs in a post-COVID world is not enticing. Same with a buffet, while I love the Lido changes need to be made to feel comfortable... The current thing I love on HAL are the elegance of the ships, the traditional style, Billboard Music venues and BB King, afternoon tea service and some of the restaurant options such as Pinnacle Grill, the Dutch Cafe, and Tamarind. I'd be willing to pay a little more if i knew I was getting a more upscale product, excellent service, better food, some entertainment by the pool (not a hairy leg contest but a live band would be nice), and more production shows but in smaller venue on small - mid sized ships.
  6. Of course, I was just waiting for someone to reply with a snarky remark about money... didn’t take long. 🙄 Thanks Dave Ramsey! Luckily I’m still working & being paid, but I do have compassion for folks who are not & need their money back ASAP. I’m guessing some retirees are also stressed about $ since the stock market tanked.
  7. Many of us who are waiting for refunds are not wealthy. Some may have saved up for years, or were making monthly payments in increments over time, or maybe chose a vacation over other purchases. Some maybe were working & now have lost their job & need those extra funds to get by to pay the rent. It’s not outrageous to expect some basic communication from any company that is holding onto your $.
  8. I actually really don’t know which it is... 60 after cancellation paperwork or sail date and seeing that nobody on CC has really gotten their refund yet it’s a guess!
  9. We submitted our refund paperwork on 3/20 for our HAL canceled 4/5 cruise. Our TA confirmed with HAL on 4/1 that paperwork was received. A follow up call was made yesterday to our TA and he now says he is hearing 90-180 days for refunds from HAL. I'm just hoping against hope that this is for the more recently canceled cruises and the initial wave of 30 day cruising pause is still held to the 60 day refund. I guess I will find out as we are coming up on the 60 days in another 2 weeks.
  10. We submitted our online form with HAL on 3/20 for our 4/5 cruise that was canceled by HAL. Our TA followed up with HAL on 4/1 confirming the cancellation. My husband followed up with the TA yesterday and our TA said that he is now hearing 90-180 turn around for refunds from HAL and 90 days for our insurance from Allianz to be refunded. I don't think we can dispute with our CC because unfortunately we paid with our VISA Debit card tied to our checking account. I know, I know, bad choice. So I guess we will have to wait.
  11. I live in Orange County, CA about 5 miles from Disneyland. Disneyland announced their closure on March 12th and I knew at that point it was serious. My older son is an employee there and is now furloughed. On March 13th, the school that I teach kindergarten at in the Los Angeles Unified School District announced it was our last day and we were going to be off for 2 weeks. We are now on week 6 of remote learning. Everything is closed except for essential businesses which includes take out food. Masks are now required at all essential businesses like grocery stores. Small groups of people have begun protesting in Ca to reopen the economy, however it seems to be a small group. Many I speak to say even if things reopen they will be cautious and avoid gathering. There is a lot of uncertainty on behalf of teachers on now schools can remain safe as they are normally germ hotbeds. I have been using instacart delivery for groceries and getting restaurant take out about once a week trying to support our small businesses. Trying to teach online and manage my own child's remote learning has been challenging. We were suppose to be on a Spring Break cruise on the Pacific Coast on April 5th which was cancelled in March. We have not yet received a refund. Daydreaming about one day being back at sea!!!
  12. Not interested in cruising until there is a vaccine. I will stick to land based vacations for the next few years because I go on a vaccation to relax and worrying about getting sick or getting stuck on the ship, canceled ports, is the opposite of relaxing.
  13. Sadly filled out the online form today for our canceled April 5th cruise. Chose to get the refund because it seemed like the responsible thing to do given the shaky economy, possible future layoffs, and unknowns of how long the cruise industry is going to be affected by this. Hoping life will be back to normal by the end of the year and if so we can book another trip. Wondering though... is it really taking 60 days to get a refund once you fill out the online form?
  14. We are on this sailing too. Not looking good.
  15. Great thank you! And wow great prices compared to Starbucks :) Going to treat myself all week to lattes and mochas (usually only have once a week if that during the work week, usually have coffee from home)
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