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  1. Hi everyone, I'm sure this has been asked before, but not recently, that I can tell from a quick search. Do people usually play bridge on Carnival ships. Not necessarily organized bridge, but a daily casual game in a card room or lounge or something? (I'd play spades or board games too.) I've only been on one cruise and it was a Holland America cruise, which as we all know tends to skew to an older crowd, and of course bridge does too.. I currently have a trip planned on the Mariner of the Seas but I'm thinking of maybe switching to a cruise on the Carnival Liberty. Oddly the thought of people playing games such as cards or board games would sway me. (I have no idea what this says about me, but there we are!)
  2. I had to cancel due to work conflicts and will sail on the Mariner on February 28, 2020 instead. Absolutely stoked. I think I'll do two days at Disney World before the cruise.
  3. We're doing a cruise tour. They fly us into alaska. After disembarking in Vancouver they take us to Seattle airport by motor coach.
  4. I hope I'm not sidetracking this conversation. I'm traveling in June with my uncle. In anticipation he opted to get a passport card in lieu of a passport. The state department is fine with this as long as he doesn't fly. However, when talking to HAL they tell me they will not let him board with a passport card. (One of my concerns is will there be a problem based on whoever is at the dock's understanding?) He insists he doesn't need the passport. I'm really paranoid about spending all that money and them not letting him go.
  5. I am going on my second cruise on Carnival Liberty next January 17th. I haven't actually been on the first yet. Thats going to be in June with a family member. In January I'm going to Nassau. I don't actually have much interest in Nassau, but I will be happy to escape the New York winter. I hope I won't be bored or feel awkward wandering the boat alone.
  6. I am booked for a ten day cruise tour that begins on June 13. I've bought beverage packages, dining packages and all excursions. I bought new luggage, luggage tags and a rain coat. I'm shopping for a dress for the second gala night. All that's not actually what makes me worry. I dream about the cruise every night, and it seems like all night. Every time I wake up I've been dreaming about it again. It feels like it may be a long three months. Is this normal?
  7. Debbborra

    Domed train

    I think things being what they are, I am just going to try to make the best of it. If you can't change it, I guess that's the only option.
  8. Debbborra

    Domed train

    Happily we did book the white pass railway in Skagway. My uncle who has always wanted to see Alaska seems satisfied. The good thing is they are handling all the logistics, so the portion of time we would have spent wrestling luggage is taken care of. And yhe cost of flying in and out of Seattle was very reasonable.
  9. Debbborra

    Domed train

    We start in Seattle on June 13 and get on the boat on 6/16. The thing about rebooking or things really are first you lose the deposit and second right now the cheapest interior cabin by itself is more than I paid for a partial ocean view with the tour. It's a Holland America cruise tour.
  10. Debbborra

    Domed train

    Yeah, sadly I can't. I paid in full, had a hard time coordinating with work and actually getting time off. I'm completely locked in. We're arriving in Seattle on the thirteenth and embarking on the 16th. Wow, it's less than a full day! Sheesh!
  11. Debbborra

    Domed train

    We are doing a 10 day cruise tour that gives us only one full day in Denali. Really only one day where we have discretionary time and excursions are available. The upgrade to travel by train is not available. The domed train is the thing I most looked forward to. I know there is a train station somewhere outside the park. Is it possible to make my own one day trip in a domed train (clearly round trip) to anywhere for my Denali day?
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