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  1. Does anyone have or know where to view a picture of a Viking French balcony room with a twin bed configuration? I know the space is limited but visuals always are helpful😉.
  2. Thank you laverendrye, hostjazzbau & notamermaid for the information. The European waterways map is great, Notamermaid. I filed it away for future reference. My husband & I are going on the Danube with the Oberammergau play addition; so I do not want to repeat the Danube. The Christmas market cruise is with a girlfriend so I will look closer at the Rhine Cruise.
  3. Would a Christmas Market Cruise on the Rhine be any different weather/daylight hours?
  4. Tauck has added a new Christmas cruise from Brussels to Amsterdam or reverse. Is anyone familiar with the area and what river/rivers would it travel?
  5. Glad I came across this thread....we are on Viking Homelands Cruise 8/25/2019. Great information!
  6. After boarding can one buy a single silver spirits if one in the cabin does not drink alcohol or is the both in cabin must buy a bottom line rule?
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