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  1. Thank you, however, I believe that was referring to the Celebrity Apex not the Celebrity Beyond
  2. I know they bounce around from ship to ship, but generally speaking, does Celebrity put their newest crew members on the oldest ships? Seems like when we were on the Edge we encountered a lot more experienced crew members.
  3. Anyone hear rumors on where Celebrity Beyond will be deployed when it's ready. I'm assuming a TA to the Caribbean since its schedule to come out in the fall.
  4. Any idea when the bookings will open up?
  5. are there any details on what the promotion will be?
  6. Does anyone know if the future cruise desk is generally open on embarkation day?
  7. What is the reduced deposit amount for a suite when you book onboard?
  8. Is it safe to assume that menu 1 is served on the 1st night of each sailing? Or could it change?
  9. Is AQ worth $300pp more than inside cabin? Jw if its worth the value. Don't see any regular veranda available on the sailing I'm looking at
  10. Don't see a sale for any of my sailings yet
  11. When is your sailing? When this happened to me I had to wait a few days before they updated online
  12. Here is a link to one of those threads
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