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  1. Mostly Allure. I'm on HM late Sept b2b. It's been too long!
  2. Donna, Why don't you come up to the Suite Lounge when you're ready to meet and we'll figure out what to do from there.
  3. Donna, I'm b2b Aug 19 and 26. Where do you want to meet when you board? Suite Lounge? When?
  4. I have not plans for Empress now that all the sailings include Cuba, so I didn't even check. You're right, though, she is NE!
  5. Donna, One of the good things about you coming out of retirement is that we can correct little errors without feeling sorry that we found any mistakes. So, having said that, I will say you dropped MA from you're edited list, and, as a personal pet peeve, Indy is ID - not IN which was Celebrity Infinity! BTW, I agree that the list of old CDs should be attached to the updated lists. Thanks, again, for coming back!
  6. Keith was on a medical leave, but has been cleared to return. I don't know yet where or when.
  7. You've got it backwards. 1 Euro is more than $1USD. You made money on the deal.
  8. Capt Dustin has been on JW since this cruise started on the 25th.
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