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  1. I just saw this. We are not staying in a Suite, so we don't have access to the suite lounge. Is there another place you can think of? Probably 2pm would be good because we're not sure how early we'll be onboard.



    Why don't you come up to the Suite Lounge when you're ready to meet and we'll figure out what to do from there.

  2. LOL - my list-keeping skills are still rusty! Please let me know of any errors you come across so I can fix them. I'll update the list with the corrections.


    (I thought you were going to tell me that Empress is NE for Nordic Empress, and not EM.)


    I have not plans for Empress now that all the sailings include Cuba, so I didn't even check. You're right, though, she is NE!

  3. Donna,


    One of the good things about you coming out of retirement is that we can correct little errors without feeling sorry that we found any mistakes.


    So, having said that, I will say you dropped MA from you're edited list, and, as a personal pet peeve, Indy is ID - not IN which was Celebrity Infinity!


    BTW, I agree that the list of old CDs should be attached to the updated lists.


    Thanks, again, for coming back!

  4. On our cruise in Sept. we ate in Chops. Not worth the extra money. Wife's shrimp appetizer tasted like old hard shrimp. My lamb chops were grisly & tough. Desserts were the same as served in the MDR. Even though we had a BOGO it wasn't worth it.

    I didn't know that Chops had lamb chops. Must go there next trip!! Thanks for the updated info.

  5. The "First Night Done Right" offer can work for many people if they want to try the more expensive restaurants.




    I was on AL b2b 9/03 and 9/10 and they did not allow FNDR at the top venues, only Sabor, Giovanni's, and Johnny Rockets. When I learned that, I cancelled and my $ was refunded. Later I heard that you could use FNDR with an upcharge based on the difference between what you wanted and what they allowed, but I didn't follow up on that so I don't know the details.

  6. Beth - we have only seen rain from a distance in the early morning. Even now, the sun is up and the sky is blue with very few clouds. Really nice seas. Could not ask for anything better. Hope your cruises in September are the same.


    We've been getting the mid-afternoon bands of rain. You would have had trouble driving home yesterday. Today is better and tomorrow even more so. Good luck!

  7. Beth, I was finally able to see Silvia Ghigo, the current Hotel Director. He should be on board at least through your first cruise. If all goes according to plan then Adrian Gheorge (not sure of the spelling) should be returning. So you may have both of them.


    Thanks, Bette. I don't think I ever met Silvio, but I've heard very good reports about him. Also glad to see Adrian again.


    Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Hope you're not get the heavy downpours where you are.

  8. Kay - if we do not get an answer - I will know on Sunday. Dexter went on vacation in June and was scheduled to return on the 13th. And as long as my computer works on the Allure (I have had issues on both the Empress and Oasis) I will post either Sunday or Monday.


    Hi, Bette,


    I'll be on AL Sept 03 and 10. Please let me know who the Hotel Director is.


    Have a great time!

  9. That will likely depend on construction progress and probably won't be known until fairly close to the end (maybe 2-3 months out?). I'm sure RCI won't miss an opportunity to make more money on their newest ship.


    Biker, who wonders why no one started a 2019-2020 thread.


    I just checked my records. I was on a ship in Oct 2014 when the 2 short cruises were added to May 2015 prior to what was to be the beginning of the HM deployment. I actually booked both of them before they were officially announced. That was almost 7 months before those cruises were to take place.


    Of course it's important for the ship to be ready. I just hope this time they vet passengers so there is not a known spy for another cruise line sending exaggerated reports to BBC. I didn't literally look for trouble, but I saw nothing which was reported!

  10. Captain Marek should be back if I counted correctly



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    Capt Marek had a slightly shorter vacation when he joined on May 22.



    Because of that, his vacation will be slightly longer. He told me he was returning for the Galveston repo on Oct. 23. Of course, always subject to change.

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