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  1. Im really nervous about booking outside of Carnival. I cant get stranded in Mexico! 😂 I wish Carnival had a credit line or card or something where i could make payments on excursions. lol
  2. We are taking the Carnival Fantasy to Costa Maya and Cozumel out of Mobile. First- if we choose not to book an excursion at one/both of those places is there plenty to explore at port on foot? Beaches to access? What do people do? It’s an arm and a leg for excursions! (There’s 7 of us, 5 count as adults) Give me ideas of what you recommend to do! I cannot for the life of me find anywhere what drinks are included if I dont do a drink package. I pretty much only drink water with lemon, coffee, and alcohol. I’m not sure that the alcohol package would be worth it for me though because I dont drink very much- though I would More if I was paying $50 a day for it. 😂 How much so pictures cost? Will I really want 5 prints and a canvas? lol Or do people usually just buy one or two? I’ll be taking my own photos as well. Help! I’m sure I have lots more questions and the FAQs on line hasn’t helped. lol Thanks in advance!
  3. We are sailing on the fantasy and am worried about the same thing. You think as long as get the more expensive internet package we can use WiFi calls? I was Join to Facetime, but from what I understand That won't work?
  4. If you do the alcohol or drink packages will it be free for those items for room service as well?
  5. Thank you so much!! That was very helpful! I’ve been reading through the forums and trying to gather as much I formation as possible! This message board is awesome!
  6. My family is take the Western Caribbean cruise with the Carnival Fantasy in July. Our kids are 8, 11, 14, and two 15 year olds, plus my husband and myself. Its pretty much everyone's first time on a real cruise. Help! I have so many questions! I need help deciding on excursions- or if we even need excursions!?!?! I was thinking Ruins and dolphins, but those are expensive for 7. (Costa Maya and Cozumel) We were assigned late dinner- is that still early/late enough that we can catch shows/game shows/etc? Is there a place I can find show times/game times for our cruise? I've looked with no luck. Whats the easiest way for the kids to be able to communicate with the ex's? Skype? Nothing includes Facetime. There's no way I want to pack "dressy" for all seven of us- are we really missing out? My aspergers child only wears basketball shorts and tshirts, the "casual" dress says no to this- is that enforced? Any other help or advice would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I booked I immediately felt over whelmed. lol Thank you in advance for supporting my crazy. lol
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