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  1. I think the whole "Amex isn't widely accepted overseas" thing is a bit of a holdover myth at this point. I use Amex as my main credit card and travel outside of the country frequently. I have a Visa as a backup in case but its pretty rare at this point that I cant use the Amex.
  2. My biggest concern wouldn't be outside or inside so much as that on a transat you'll be very high up on the ship and forward. QM2 is a very stable ship, much more than most, but you'll feel anything if the sea starts to act up from where you are.
  3. As long as your'e walking off I think theres plenty of buffer there to make it work. When I fly out of HPN a handfull of times a year its on the company's plane so don't have any experience in the commercial terminal there but it looks like its small and TSA should be quick.
  4. You should just use UberWAV-- they have it in LA and its all wheelchair accessible vehicles with specially trained drivers.
  5. Do they though? Cunard is an American company with Bermuda flagged ships.
  6. I get the impression that the P&O decision was more money driven than safety driven-- if theres an impression that an area is unsafe (even if it would be perfectly safe to operate a ship there), there will be less paying customers willing to go there. Thats a big commercial gamble to try and fill a ship several times over given the uncertainty in the region. Even if it were for safety reasons, QM2 is going to sail through once vs operate there for an extended period. If you drive your nice car through a bad area of town once there is a very small chance you would get into trouble vs commuting through that same part of town everyday at regular intervals.
  7. She's also one of the fastest commercial ships out there so theres that. Pirates go after cargo/tanker ships with low slung decks that are slow and have as little crew/passengers onboard as possible. QM2's nearest accessible deck to the water is prohibitively high, she's extremely fast for a girl her size, and she's full of thousands of people-- not really a good target. Hostile foreign governments, in all likelihood, wouldn't fire on a passenger ship like that because it would start a war. Firing on lightly crewed tankers doesn't warrant the same response.
  8. I'm in and out of HPN a few times a year for work and always use Uber from there without any issues. Uber Black, because of the distance can be a little pricey-- will only use with clients to NYC. UberX is generally less than what a taxi or dispatch service will charge.
  9. You might have answered your own question with Motel 6. Charleston isn't a wildly expensive city by east coast standards but from my time there I would say you would be very hard pressed to find something for less than $100 a night in the city proper (and a lot of the nice stuff is in the $300-500 range). On the way to and surrounding the airport (on Rt 26) there are a bunch of hotels/motels that I would imagine would be the cheapest you can get in the area.
  10. HPN is a popular airport for private jets for people who live in the area (Greenwich, White Plaines, Tarrytown etc) as well as having a smaller amount of commercial traffic. It's about an hours drive to midtown Manhattan-- will be a little more to get to Brooklyn and a bit longer to get to Cape Liberty. Then again, JFK can take an hour or more to get to Midtown as well, depending on the time of day. It's sort of a toss up-- geographically if you are sailing out of Cape Liberty EWR is by far the closest and HPN is most likely not worth the hassle. If you are headed into Manhattan, HPN might not be that bad for the right flight at the right price. Otherwise the other NYC airports will most likely be a little easier/less expensive/faster.
  11. I would second staying on the SS Rotterdam. A ton of history and character. A few dining outlets, the old Ocean Bar. The rooms have been nicely renovated to make them modern but still have some of the older feel.
  12. Theres nothing wrong with it per se-- just nothing to see or do. Its an industrial port surrounded by a so so residential area. No where to walk-- we felt very boxed in the night we stayed at the Doubletree. I sort of look at it this way-- Im going to spend money on an Uber from the airport to the pier anyway. Santa Monica is pretty close to the airport so the fare is nearly the same and is on the beach with a ton of fun restaurants and nightlife. Just would rather be there than in an industrial port town.
  13. You'll be fine-- when we sail out of Manhattan we usually go over around 12:30-- a little after the people who show up first thing but a little bit before the crush. We sailed to Bermuda on Oceania Insignia this past August with NCLs big ship next to us. Even with two ships there congestion wasn't bad getting to the pier-- most of the NCL passengers were arriving by busses so it cut down on a lot of cars being there and the Midtown Manhattan is generally pretty quiet on a weekend.
  14. I'm not a great person to ask because personally I wouldn't stay in San Pedro again-- would most likely book a room in either Santa Monica or Beverly Hills and Uber down to the pier the next day since theres so much time. That being said, we did stay at the Doubletree one time and it was fine, but wouldn't do it again.
  15. It is-- if only they still made ships that look like Normandie. You'll also get a very good view of USS Intrepid and British Airways Concorde Alpha Delta. There is still vintage Cunard signage on 92 you can see from the ship looking back towards the city. You'll also be able to see the remnants of Pier 54 (just a steel gantry these days) as you sail out.
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